Saturday, October 22, 2005

How To Get Popular at the Post Office

If you have ordered a cd, it is now on it's way to you! ( you , too, Mistress Mousey, remember , you sent us Fairy Skirts! ) It has been quite a morning here. Got up early and packed up all the little guys, with a complete case of Zombie Gig Head, and off I went to town and the post office.

Seems it's Homecoming Day here. Far as I can tell that means roads are closed and hundreds of people walk across the street Really Sloooowwly. Not to worry, thinks I, I have nearly half an hour until it closes.

Forgot wallet. Back to the country. Get wallet. Get to post office. Four minutes before it closes on a Saturday.

With several hundred cd's .

NOW I am popular. The only thing to do in that situation is to get REALLY entertaining really quickly. ( I have a new hit song called " Jean is the coolest Postperson ever! " )

But all's well that ends well, thank the gods I live in a small town..

And thanks to everyone who came down to the club last night for a CD! It was lovely seeing you, and in some cases meeting you. I have to say tho, it is not my favorite place to play. Nice bar and nice people, but the way it is laid out, people can't really see and interact with the band, except for a table or two, so we are kind of background music, and I really like the talk and banter that goes on in a more intimate setting.

I will say this for them, they had the ever present big TV, but instead of a Sport on, they had the Travel Channel, so I got to watch some shows which I imagine were called " Haunted Houses and the Things That Haunt Them " and " Graveyards of the World and Things We Have Dug Up In Them " and " Really Weird Fish "

Hopefully tonight will be the same. Or some of you will be at that front couple of tables, and we can exchange witty banter on, Irish Music, Haunted Houses and the best beer to fill up your glass with.

I'll be there all night, and early, very early, tomorrow, I'm off to take some cd's to our Malena. I hope she likes them.

And you do too!

Love and Haunted Houses, Lorraine

Friday, October 21, 2005

CD Heaven..

Yeah! Miss Fabulous just picked up the CD's. Of course, we were on the phone screaming as they loaded them into the truck. Lorraine will be gigging tonight as usual. Lots of people will be partying without me this evening! Ohhh what's a dark Diva to do? I will be getting our stuff ready for the signing at Dark Delicacies. We have lots of surprises and fun stuff planned so stop by if you are in LA. And of course, WE will be dressed up in the Halloween spirit and extend the invitation to you! So put on your bat wings and flap on over! The first 30 people will receive a very special treat....VERY SPECIAL! More details soon!!
Music and Magic,

Picking up the CD's!

Just heard from Noiseland and it seems the cd is in Packaging right now. They say I will be able to pick them up before my gig tonight but they are not sure what time, so I may not be able to get them to Dreamhaven today, but I will run some over tomorrow for sure, before my show tomorrow night, so they will be there by the end of day Saturday.

I , fingers crossed and all going well, will have them at the show tonight!

And of course, if you have ordered them , they will be going out in the mail Saturday morning.


Love and muisc, Lorraine

Thursday, October 20, 2005

CD Tomorrow!

Just heard from Noiseland that we are on track for CD delivery tomorrow!!!!

( I feel like a proud father announcing that his wife has just gone into labour and it won't be long now...)

I may cry, I am so excited. Or do little dances. Or howl at the moon.

I know I'll be calling Malena.

24 hours and counting....

Love, Lorraine

PS In keeping with the October Spirit of Xmas that has reared it's ugly head here, shoudl I mention that they make great little stocking stuffers??? Never to early....

Decorating for Halloween with Nocturna

Malena, our full on awake little Creature of the Night, decided late last night as we were talking ( ME: well, I guess I'll go to sleep now HER: Ok, look at this, here's the link , Check this out. ME: I think I am asleep: HER: OK NOW!!!!!! ) decided to decorate the site for Halloween, which is a lovely idea and I am all for it, tho perhaps I was wishing the time zones had been reversed. She found a site called , and downloaded most of it.

It's on our front page , , and I told her she should change it ever couple of hours. I think there are bats flying thru the moon with a dropping spider and a bunch of flashy things at the bottom up there now.

I asked her what we were going to do for Xmas ( apparently it's never to early to start thinking about it ) and she said, she would dress up in high heels and somthing red and slinky with bells on. ( which bodes well for the site )

As long as we can keep the bats.

Tomorrow is cd release day!!!!! More on that as I get confirmation, and I'll let you know when and where the cd will be, if you are in town and want to save shipping. I made all the envelopes ready last night with labels and address'es , so if you have ordered one, it's ready to go except for the cd.....

Full moon's and music, Lorraine

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fine Music and Evil Wal Mart

Last night's show was really really fun. I love playing with Adam and Johnny, they are SO good and I need to work to keep up with them, I don't know most of thier songs either so it is quite a challange to learn then on the fly. We had some wonderful Jams, too, with Adam and I trading lead breaks between guitar and fiddle. One of the best was when I asked them " What the heck happened to the lilting irish songs from the old country, we are MEANT to be playing Irish " and they said, go for it, play something lilting.

So I started Dueling Banjos, of course, knowing Adam would follow, then into Old Joe Clark. Lilting will never be the same.

Malloy's shows are never dull. One doesn't have to work as hard either, they, and the audience , seem to be just as content to banter, and tell jokes, as they do to play or listen to music.

( and I thought the studio got bad!!!! Blushed a few times I did !)

Adam, Johnny told me , had News, and so I was rather excited going in, thinking it Surely Must have something to do with one of his new novels ( Singer of Souls or Pay the Piper ) but it turns out he won a Poker Tournament. Oh. Great. Says I. How nice for you. Then he told me he won $20,000 in it. OH! SAYS! HOW VERY NICE FOR YOU!!!!

We played Lorraine a' malena cd during the set breaks and the response was wonderful! People seemed to really enjoy it, and many said they were coming to the Liffey on Friday to pick up a copy, I'll have them there.

So here is my rant for today...I went to Wal mart ( yes, I know, I don't like them either, they are evil, but I needed a LOT of cd mailers, go figure, and Wal Mart is it for them in this town ) and I thought I would go back to their Halloween Town section to get a few goodies for the week to come, only to find it was GONE. A few things left in carts on clearence, and the entire section had been transformed into CHRISTMAS WORLD!


I asked one employee if it didn't feel a little surreal to be dismantleing the Halloween section two weeks before Halloween in order to put up Christmas things , months before Xmas, and indeed not even winter yet and she said, That's Retail.

What's retail? What do they think, a customer ( ME! ) is going to walk in the week before Halloween for some Spooky Gear and finding it gone are going to say to themselves " oh, look, good, Xmas things, may as well get that tree up early"


It looks like next week is going to be some fine fun. Apparently I am getting some new clothes, and will be playing dress up every day. I must admit I have never been called a " sexy fiddleing Rainbow Brite " before. I like that. We will keep you posted with pics and blogs.( -I- want to water the courtyard in high heels and a corset! THAT picture will be on the site for CERTAIN )

She scares me.

I love that feeling.

Love and Spooky, Lorraine

Pin you in and lace you up!

Lorraine is in for a real treat this trip. I have decided to use my Goth Betty skills and make her a dress or two. I can just see it..."Hey Fabulous! Take your dress off and let me measure that seam!"
"Ahhhhhh, okkkk I guess you know what you're doing Malena"....snip snip pin sew...
Hey, you create your own glamour honey...I've been known to water the courtyard in high heels and a corset. We are planning to share as much of this CD release trip with our LaMies as possible. We'll be posting photos and talking on the webcam. Of course, my 3 ft. tall witch hat won't fit on the screen, but you'll get the idea. Lorraine doesn't know it yet, but she will be decked out "Malena Style" for a solid week. I am always envious of her multi-colored hair. She's a sexy, fiddling Rainbow Brite that one! He heeeeeeeee
So, we'll keep you posted on our Soap making, corset wearing, party going, singing and playing extravaganzas and we'll demote Christmas for Halloween! Yeah! Mwaaaa ha ha haaaaa! "Did you try and bite me?" ......"No biting!"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gig Tonight

A sad thing...Steve Mulligan's ( from the Tim Malloys ) brother died today in a car accident. We send Steve our heartfelt sympathies to him and to his family.

The upshot of this is that I will be playing with the Malloy's tonight at the Half Time Rec in St Paul, from 9:30 to 1:00am. If you see this in time and are free tonight, come down and have a pint for Steve, and we will play you some of the finest Wild Irish Music going.

The other Malloys , for those of you who are new to this gang , are Adam Stemple, producer for MIRROR MIRROR and , John " Big Sexy " Sjogren , who also comes along for a song or two on the cd.

Hope to see you there!

Love and music, Lorraine

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The magic of Malena

I've been getting lots of questions about readings lately , what
they are, how much they are, how long they last, ( if Miles and I
sleep in twin coffins, etc ). So, I thought I'd shed some light on the
subject for the new LaMies who don't know me very well. (First of
all, if I had a coffin as comfy as the one in 13 Nights, I'd sleep in
it. And so would you!)

This skill of reading people has always come
naturally for me. Yes, I was "born strange" as Miles likes to say, but
I have learned to make it an asset over the years.

Here's how it works, first, we set up a time where we can talk. My
reading hours are from 12-4 pm LA time M-F. Sometimes it takes a week
or two to schedule a time, but I will do my best for my LaMie's!
Readings usually last about an hour.

Then, you send me the info you want to receive guidance on. For
example, a photo of yourself (or the person in question) , a person's
name, health concerns, questions about a love interest, the past or
the future, etc. Some people only give me their name. Which is fine. I
receive info about you as soon as you ask matter what. But,
the more I know, the better I can understand the messages I get and
where they fit in your life. I pray for advice and write notes about
your situation. Then when you call, I give you the info I have

Prices are on the tarot section on my webpage, I have paypal buttons
on my site where you can pay for your reading.

That's about it. No biting the heads of chickens or dancing naked
under the full moon, just listening to the subtle energies that are
all around us...all the time. And remember, if you have questions about anything metaphysical/paranormal, ask me. That's what blogs are for!

Music and Magic,
Your Witchy

Trevor Saves The Night

Trevor, my bandmate in Folk Underground , really did save the night last night. I did the old " lock keys in car " trick and only the fact that he had a spare key to my car saved me , as my car is Impossible to break into short of breaking a window. ( Trevor used to work for my Boss as well before he went off to do acting full time, hence him still having a key to my car, if you ever get a chance to see Kung Fu Hamlet, he is the voice over genius behind that wonderful production )

( there , Trevor, told you I would Blog this, even if it isn't the title you suggested, hee-hee )

Great gig last night! Wonderful fun it was, tho I am a brain dead Zombie today, and sure do wish it was a massage day, every bone in my body hurts, but it was well worth it.

It was so fun to see everyone who came down in the flesh as it were ( those of you who were there in spirit, you rocked the house as well! ) I finally got to meet the Famous Stephenie, long time friend to my Boss, who described her as " a beautiful women who looks kind of like a Brian Froud Fairy, but more on the Witchy side" yes, I knew her the moment she walked in, and now have a new friend for life. Her fiance won my heart completely the moment I met him after the first set break. I have been doing a song called Threnody for years now, off an Anni-frid Lyngstad album from 1983 and he not only knew the song, but knew the album, year and who wrote the music, ( the lyrics were Dorothy Parker ) Possibly the only bigger fan than I , that I have ever met. Good going Stephenie!!!!! ( and hellos again to her daughter who is possibly the coolest 14 year old going! )

( if you need me to tell you who Anni-frid Lyngstad is we may have nothing more to talk about, hee-hee )

Also lovely meeting Mr. Dr. Who expert from my Boss's site, been reading your comments for years and such fun to actually meet you!

Back to the gig again, very fun music! The crowd was having a fine time and it is always such lovely fun to see people walking into a pub a little unsure and reserved and watch them unfold and come together as the night progresses. ( big dancing guy, you rocked the house! ) This is truly my kind of Pub, a sort of place where anything can, and probebly will, happen ( Callahan's Bar anyone? )

Love and friends, Lorraine