Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Notes from the Studio

Just a quick note from the studio today, before we start in again on recording. Things are Hot Hot Hot here, both the music and the weather ( I wonder if I will ever made an album in the winter? ) The music is the most beautiful music I have ever heard and , quite simply Magic. I know we haven't said a great deal about what exactly we are doing out here this week, but as soon as it gets a little farther along, we will let you in on everything.

Working with Chris is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. ( ok, I am funny in the morning , yes , we know how much fun they are , hee-hee , ) The three of us work really well together. We do my parts in the morning and early afternoon, while Nocturna slumbers in her crypt , and then she sings in the evening and long into the night, while I drift off listening to her vocals. ( no bad way to go to sleep that ) Chris works the entire time and seems to be as happy as a man can be.

It's been three days now in the studio and we have reached the Zone. Everything is funny, and you get to a place where there is no longer anything BUT the studio. I am not sure anyone would recognize the Glamour that is currently Lorraine a' Malena. You say things to eachother on a really basic level and don't think anything of it, like me to her " do you know you have been wearing my pajamas for three days now, you had better put on some deodorant" or her to me " you can see right thru that skirt, put on some darn underwear " ( I am sure that she has a few anecdotes for you as well , not to worry )

Malena records with an ice pack on her head and the headphones on to keep it in place and we have learned if tape is not rolling to get the AC on fast.

We have learned to take breaks and to keep eating.

We have learned that sleep is food.

And we now know, more than ever, that music is magic.

Love, Lorraine