Friday, August 26, 2005

Doing Readings for Miss Fabulous...

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Kitty, Karen, and Fabulous Lorraine

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

It's Just Me and Eve

Tonight while I make Mr. Gorgeous some magic brownies, I thought I'd write a few things. This is my "eat sweets for free" day. You gotta have one if you want to stick to a healthy diet.

As you have read, Lorraine and I are both avid gardeners. However, we do things a little differently. Such as: Her plants have lovely names like Heirloom Tomatoes, Asian Pears and sorrel....while mine have nerdy names like Mugwart, Skullcap and Henbane. How interesting yet predictable for Lorraine a' Malena. We do the same things but at opposite times. When I'm up doing readings she's asleep. (I'm the odd ball again for don't most people sleep at night?) Reminds me of a Future Bible Heroes Song....

Lorraine is off with Kitty and Motley Crue. Tommy, dude, you need a reading man. Hh heeeeeeeee no really...

I'm very serious about this Halloween thing people!!! Our album will be out and Lorraine will be here in LA. Let's show her a Hollywierd Style good time. I personally think we should have a week long corset convention. Why should we all be limited to only one night of freakish costumes when it could continue for days....or 13 NIGHTS.......oh that was cleaver ah?

Graveyard Mist from the Aussie Warlock

I feel loved today. I must thank the warlock dude from Australia who sent me potions. The Graveyard Mist is especially creepy and cool. Our whole house smells like a windy graveyard after a thunderstorm. What could be nicer I ask you? ........And he left OUT the smell of rotting flesh, bless his heart!
So, Mr. Warlock, if you read this, thank you very much!

Your Queen of the Damned

Trolls , Thunder and Rock

It's Thunderstorming here , one of those I Am Not Messing Around With My Rain thunderstorms , which make gardens so happy. All week I have been wanting to go out and start yelling Rain Already, would you!!!! You know, the air is heavy and it's hot and humid and FEELS like it is going to rain, but never actually does. I even got as far as putting on a Corset last night for my gig, and liking the way I looked in it and then realizing it was WAY to hot and I would sweat to Death if I wore the thing. But I NEARLY wore one of our corsets to a gig. Big step for Country Mouse, Malena ought to be proud of me, such a good influence she is!

She does live in such a different relm tho , doesn't she? I liked the part where she wrote yesterday that she met a Troll walking down the street and got, not only a Bone Necklace, but one that Matched her Bracelet that she had gotten previously from the Same Troll. Some few people could have had this Troll Jewelry Exchange happen to them Once. It takes a Malena for it to happen twice.

Last nights show was ever so much fun!!! Had a lovely dinner with Miss Kitty beforehand and she and Minion Pat spent the evening happily takeing little movies and comparing carmeras and taking pictures of the Sexy Librarian. Playing with the Tim's is always so much fun, that is a band where anything, and I do mean anything could happen at any second. I was welcomed into the bar with Johnny Screaming from the stage " Fabulous Lorriane is in the House!!! " and then they launched into one of the strangest versions of Scotland the Brave I have ever heard. ( hint, it started out Bring me a sheep oh Mother and went downhill from there ) Ah, thought I, it will be that sort of night. Big Sexy ( John Sjogren ) plays with a small fan blowing up at him, which is fine unless one is wearing a short skirt ( he rarely does ) I had to be Really careful when I sang anything and even so that was one bar that knew ALL about my pink thong. The coolest thing about playing with them, besides the fact that they are all hot players and miles better than I, ( I really have to strech to keep up ,) was they did a lot of the same songs I do with FU but in different keys. I had to think all the time and concentrate and it was good for my playing.

Tonight I am going to a Motley Crue concert with Folk UnderGround , the Hot BirdChick, her director Husband and our Band Babe ( a little Tigress who doubles as my assistant most days ) . I may or may not meet any Trolls who will give me Jewels, but there is no doubt in my mind that my life is indeed as interesting as Malena's.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back in La La Land

Yeah! Mr. Gorgeous and I are back home. I found some great stuff on Haight and Ashbury (My fav street). We also ran into Shauwn the Troll in Bezerkley and bought a bone necklace to match my bracelet. Miles is getting ready to illustrate a really wicked Demon Book. We're very excited about that. I want to be the vampire of course. I'm trying to find a way to persuade him. Hmmmmmm....

Miss Fabulous is gigging like a mad woman! I'm SO jealous. We don't get to sing together as much as we would like. So, if the owner of THE HOUSE of BLUES is reading this, give Lorraine a call. I'm sure we can fit you in. Hee hee. I'll even wear one of my corsets and be sexy.
Speaking of sexy, Lorraine and I are on a thin mission. This Halloween is going to be TOO Fabulous for words. Get it?

If you want us to come to your party, you'd better send us the invite now. We paln on hitting all the parties baby! After all, Halloween is my day as you all know. We're thinking of doing an ONLINE RELEASE PARTY where you can talk to us and watch us on our webcams. I promise to wear makeup and not wear my spongebob pajamas. We'll keep you posted.

Oh, BTW the purple T's are sold out.

Music and Kitties

Whhheee-hoooo...Gigs again. Tonight actually, I can't seem to get out of them. So , for a last minute edtion, I'll be playing with the Tim Malloy's at Kierran's in Minneapolis this evening after 9:30. With me will be the Wonderful Miss Kitty , who is in town for a couple of days, , as well as other various denizen's of the night, The Hot BirdChick, The Sexy Librarian , and some of Miss Kitty's Pal's too, I am thinking. Ought to be a fine time! Just the chance to spend some quality Kitty time is wonderful fun, combine that will a chance to play with one of my favourate bands? I am so there.......

Malena is backand is sticking to her story about how she was NOT gone for a year but only a week, I , however know differently. I seriouly think it is going to take us a month of talking to catch up on the last week, but what wonderful fun it will be!!

Music and Kitties,

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What? No Gigs?????

You know, it's kind of funny, all I did for days was talk about how I had to many gigs, how I was to tired , how much I hurt, how I could not wait for them to be over, and I woke up this morning and thought " Hmmm...Where am I playing tonight ? " and was strangely saddened , depressed and bummed when I realized that I was NOT in fact gigging anywhere, and all I could think was, how long before I can do it again....

I mentioned to the nice lady who was here canning my thousands of tomatoes ( and doing everything else around here that I can't get to , generally saving my life ) today that all I had had to do this weekend was the Renn Fest shows, and she put down her jars and said : " How Many Do You Do Again, Lorraine???? " Uh, 22 says I. Well, if that's ALL she says.....( they are only 25-30 minutes each tho...)

It gets to you , all this playing , hard to not play , if I can explain it right. Not sure I can.

I've been working on fiddle parts to the cd, which is great fun. I love that cd and it is starting to get to the point where I really NEED to finnish it, and do my fiddle parts, finish up the vocals , and get this done. I am loving what I am coming up with, and am playing nothing but Mirror Mirror ( which consists mainly at this point of basic tracks and Malena, Very roughly dumped) when I do my morning and evening Butt Reducing walks, and I can hear everything as it ought to be.

Soon...September 19th and I am there in the studio till the end.

Malena is still away in Northern California . I think she has been gone about a year now. Sigh. This is a new thing for us, and I am not at all for it. She may come home in another year.

( this year thing came from a show last Sunday with Bedlam, who also gigged all weekend, when Johnny asked how much longer we had in the show and Mark told him 10 minutes and he looked up so very wearily and said, but we have been sitting here on this bench playing for a year now....That's what it felt like playing , and that's how long she's been gone )

So that's my interesting bits for tonight. Worked, walked and ate salad.

And missed Malena.

Love and music ,

Monday, August 22, 2005

Gig Head, St Dominic's Trio and Spanking Pigs

Today I can say with certainty that I have a total and complete case of Gig-head. It's a lot like trying to walk thru sludge. Or swim in honey. Or fly in a dream. Everything is really funny too, I'm in a great mood. But I can't think to save my life. I have taken to writing down anything my Boss says to me, because I know it will fly right out in the next minute. I actually added it up and I played more hours than I slept the last three days....

I had great fun at the shows this weekend, wonderful music all around. In the evenings we played on the patio at Kierran's , outdoors in the city, very weird but wonderful fun, nice crowds and we made a lot of new friends. ( and I will say again, to one person in particular Cap'n Jack Sparrow is not a WUSS or GAY or anything but HOT and I am going to wear that Tee-shirt every time you come and see us forever more!!!! Hee-hee...You know who you are...)

The best part of the weekend was Saturday night. I was beyond tired and we were playing from 7-11 , then getting up early the next morning for the Festival shows, didn't think I was going to make it UNTIL 11 and so when the band that was playing indoors asked me to come in and sit in for a bit, as they were playing until 2, my first thought was You Must Be Kidding, I can hardly stand I am so tired, my arms are falling off, and I can no longer think, let alone get back up on Stage, you all seem really nice but sorry no can do. Then I heard them. Wow, thinks I. These guys are Hot , as in they can really play, there may be a few songs in this poor fiddler yet! They were called St. Dominic's Trio ( ) and they were four members of a larger band called the Belfast Cowboys. ( I know trio implies three, don't dwell on it ) They do Van Morrison covers all in their own style and I had SUCH a blast playing with them , really great players, and I can't wait for them to invite me back again, when, perhaps I have a brain and can actually Play properly.....I love those guys!!!!!

The Festival shows went fine, Folk UnderGround plays on a huge stage, opening for the top act, Puke and Snot ( who are wonderful ) so we have rather large crowds, wireless mics and the whole bit. People seemed really into the songs where everyone Dies, as opposed to the ones where everything is drinking or falling in and out of lust. Come to think on it , many of our songs have all three, the drinking, dying and doing it all rolled in together. But when we asked the audiences if they wanted a love song, a drinking song or a song where everyone dies, we had dead silence until we got to death, every show Sunday, not kidding.

The other band I play with , Bedlam, has a lot of just plain fun. Johnny ( Big Sexy ) Sjogren from the Tim Malloys is in that one, as well as Mark Sterling ( who I played with years ago in a band whose name I forget ) and Paul Regge . The one surreal incident , and remember how tired I am by this point Sunday , was at the end of the last show, we were doing a song called Three Wet Pigs and Paul pulls out a RUBBER PIG and plays a squeaking lead break on it by spanking it.

Surreal hit a new ceiling. IF he does it again ( and believe me this IS under discussion ) I'll take a photo of it, so you can see just how weird my life is. Yes, I am in a band where someone takes leads by SPANKING A PIG. Boy bands.....

I think it is time for Malena to come home now.

Love and Daeth and Spanking Pigs, Lorraine