Sunday, December 03, 2006

Violin Virtuosos and Bookworms

Boy! Is Lorraine busy these days or what! This weekend she had a 2 night gig with Johnny in Mankado (sp?) That girl always sets the house on fire. I got to listen in on a song over the phone. Makes me miss her! Ahhhh! Fablo and Chris Ewen are planning to record some violin parts for the Hidden Variable album very soon. (I'm bummed I won't be there) The album will be out this spring people! Wehoooooooooo!

Believe it or not, I will be modeling even MORE corsets soon.
(This is my Stern Teacher Look.) All I need is a ruler and a paddle. hee hee
I'm thinking of writing the Guinnes Book of World Records people for being the woman with the most corsets in all the world. Only Dita could match me. Maybe we should converse about the subject over dinner. I'm sure Marilyn loves mosters.

I'm doing readings again and working on my book. BTW, if you've been on my forum lately, I apologise about the spam. I delete it once a week, filthy demons. On a better note, My Mom sent me this enlightening video. Check it out! It helped my day go a little better.

Kitty meow is coming home for a short while. I can't wait to see her. My twin will finally be home.
So, that is my uneventful update. I can't wait for you to hear these new songs. Chris is a genius. We are so thankful for him.
Talk to you soon!

Hello! Lorraine here tagging onto Malena's post!

Mankato was a LOT of fun, I had never been down there before, but always wanted to. Betsy Tacy Land! We got to spend Saturday doing a walking tour of Betsy's House and Tacy's and getting to see all the places from the books, which are STILL among my favourites!

( if you have no idea what I am talking about, you are missing out on some wonderful turn of the century history! )

Here are some pics of me at Tacy's and Lisa, Me and Karrin on THE Bench....

Don't forget, if you are around, Lojo and I are playing Charlie's in Stillwater this Friday and Saturday, going to be some serious fun with lots of guests!

( welcome home Kitty! )

Love and Betsy-Tacy,