Thursday, August 30, 2007

Long time, Moats and Magic Dresses

Hello , all you,

It's been a while since our last post, very sorry for that! Sometimes, in the wacky world of music, entertainment, acting , and so on and so forth, things get a LITTLE hectic...Who knew, hee-hee?

These days I am beginning to feel like a) Prey ( for Freaky Venus Seaweed, I am sure I will wake one night and find a limb gone ) or b) Some sort of Princess in a Fairytale being held captive in a dungeon or tower ( the basement or attic , sorting thru mountains of, well, STUFF ) or c) a live in Nanny ( for the best dog that ever lived tho )

House is just fine, but Street is NOT. Half my yard seems to be gone and all of my sidewalk. When I came out today , there was a huge mound of some sort of piping piled in it. It has also been raining for a week, which makes it hard to GET to the house, no cars mind you, small boats , possibly. I am taking the optimistic view and thinking " well, I always did kind of want a moat..."

Here's one very, very nice things tho....This just came in the mail today. Yes, it is what you think it is. Mormo the Witch from Stardust's Costume! I can't believe it's so lovely, and I fell so happy to own something from such a wonderfully lovely movie. I went back and saw it AGAIN, just to see MY dress!

I got lucky when a friend told me they were up for sale, pre-Ebay , and snapped it up. Very lucky, as it turns out, all the costumes and props went WAY higher than I could afford once they hit Ebay.

( A friend of mine told me to immediately try it on , and I said, uh...And she said, but wasn't this the LARGER witch???? I had to gently tell her what size " larger " is in the movies . Might be a 10. I am sure we will hear from Malena on this )

But I love it! Every detail is Perfect, and there is dried grass from the Isle of Skye in the skirts even! I am going to buy a dressmakers dummy ( where ever one does that ) and put it in my dinning room.

And who knows..One day ,might get to wear it. ( where ,one wonders? The grocery store? Bee tending? )

Ok, that's it for now, I've missed you all so! But the Princess is going back to the Dungeon....

Love, Witches and Spiders,