Friday, October 05, 2007

More Mushrooms!!!!!

Got lucky today while walking around the yard and found the 'ol Grifola frondosa , otherwise known as Hen of the Woods. It's basically a mushroom as big as your head. Kid you not. I know, I am the LAST person to wander the yard seeking random fungi to cook up, I don't even LIKE mushrooms, except for this one. And maybe morels. But these guys are GOOD.

Here's a picture:

I made a Hen of the Woods Risotto. I can only make it pretty much once a year, these things only come near fall, at the very end of things. I like it too because it doesn't look like any other mushroom on the planet. ( I hear you can get into trouble with some of them, remember Alice?? )

Right, ok, enough with the nature. I feel some ROCK coming on and am off to get ready for my gig tonight, which will entail finding something other than my mushroom hunting wear , that is fairly clean ( Tell us, Lorraine, what does one wear for hunting mushrooms??? You are always SUCH a fashionista on stage......HA! Ask Malena, SHE is the one with the fashion sense. I am just going for CLEAN tonight, which may be harder than it sounds...)

Ought to be fun, Joe Smith from Bedlam is coming down to sit in ( largely because he wants to borrow half my PA and I am not letting him at it until he plays for us ) and I have been missing Charlie's.

Speaking of Charlie's, I should mention, Lojo Russo and I are playing a show together on Thanksgiving weekend, Friday and Saturday ( at Charlie's ) Not that we are a band, not that we much know each others music, but, hey, any excuse to hang out with her for a couple of nights, I can promise you, tho, it will be entertaining. ( and I bet the music won't be half bad either. )

Our Malena has been beyond busy these days with movie and TV sorts of actress things, you know how they are. Last I heard she was working with George Lucas, re-shooting the first three Star Wars movies, starring as Han Solo, no Princess Leia for this Girl! Give her a gun and let her at the bad guys! I think she plays an alien or two as well. ( SUCH an acting stretch, I slay myself! )

Kimberly Butler called today to say they were deep into the edit and did I have any opinions on things. ( well, maybe, I want to look like Malena. Only shorter and with red hair. She says there is only so much they can do in CGI ) We ought to have more cd and video news very soon for you, and you will be the first to hear it.

I'll leave you with more mushrooms, I don't know who this guy IS at all, but I know how he feels finding Mushrooms as Big as Your Head! ( this will be me in 40 years, Malena will be there too, in a long black dress, complete with cauldron, cooking up my mushrooms...)

Love, Music and Mushrooms,

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Houses and Dreams

Hmmph. Have you ever noticed Home-owning is one step forward , two steps back? This morning the Electric Dudes came over to hang my new chandelier ( well, not NEW, very old actually ) in the kitchen. It's very lovely and Spooky and cool and ought never be in a kitchen in any home except for mine ( and perhaps our Malena's ) and I was very excited to get rid of the horrid 70's florescent light that was there.

Well, it looks great. WAY out of place, which I love, only....Now the table and chairs don't go. Completely wrong. They must go.

I even know what I want in there. I know the PERFECT table and chair for the space. The sad thing is they currently reside in Malena's dinning room and even if she WOULD send them to me ( selfish creature ) I would need to get rid of the re-fridgerator, which might create it's own set of problems.

Again, Hmmph.

I also have a plan to ditch my claw foot bathtub ( which is currently a planter ) and put in a washer-dryer in the bathroom, saving me hauling my laundry down to the basement and having to use the most non-code Steps of Doom. May have to wait for St Pats Day to pay for it tho.

I picked up Melissa Etheride's new cd yesterday. She does a lot of things I like, some 60 second interludes every so often, and there are a couple songs I do like, and I do respect any artist to make the album they need to..One makes the cd one needs to, but, well, she's really happy, in love and having just beat cancer, really closer to the spirit side of things. All good. And yes, War is bad. Again good. I don't know, I like hungry in music. I like a bit more of an edge. I like doom, disaster, broken hearts and need.

I am glad for her tho, being so in love and happy, and am going to play it a bunch and find the things I like best on it. I love " message to myself " and " I've known you before" and all the interludes, it's a well made cd, with some great guitar work, nice cd to dream to I think. She makes some good points. I want a cover cd from her, tho, like Tori did a few years back.

Ok, high time I went off to work. I shall listen to my cd, and dream about my house. ( of course, if I am going to dream , I am SO adding a garage with a secret passage to the basement and a circular staircase to replace the Steps of Doom....)

Love, Music and Houses,