Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Corset Give-a-way!

Yes, it's that time again! I am giving away one of my ALTER EGO corsets for the holidays. I'll even autograph it for you! (giggle) So, if you aren't already on the list, get to steppin' honey! Email me your name, address and email...and just maybe you'll be sashaying about in leather for New Years!
Happy Holidays Everyone! I am off to do some traveling so I will not be posting as much. So, this is my way of saying, I'll miss you!

*The corset is one of my samples, so it will fit a 26-32 inch waist.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Gigs All Over the Place...

I have to say, yet again, that playing with Lojo is more fun than a basket of kittens, truly. She is SO very good, and I learn so much every time I play with her. And I am certain that I laugh more each and every time I play with her. Neither one of us exactly has the NAMES of the keys down real well, so that makes for some little amusement. And she, ( much like playing with Johhny and Adam ) knows many of the same songs, only in different keys and a different style. We would be halfway thru a song sometimes before I not only figured out what key she was actually in, but that it was a song I had been playing for many many years.

As I said, we had a blast.

Another fun thing with Lojo is she plays in SERIOUSLY weird tunings on her guitar. I can generally follow a guitar player by watching their hands and looking at what chord they are playing. This ever so developed technique does not work with Ms Russo.

Again, we had a blast.

Thank you so much everyone who came down and packed this little club! Both nights were wonderful fun. ( Mr. Picture Guy, I'd love to see some shots! Maybe not the videos, but yes on the pictures! ) I am honestly say I am a better player than I was two days ago. It was like an 8 hour practice over two nights, with a room full of people cheering us on.

Paul Score and I are playing at Charlie's on December 22 and 23 and also the 29, 30 and New Years Eve. ( Playing music I actually KNOW???? Sign me up! ) We haven't played in a while now and I can't wait to get back again. Tho I am sure we will have a few suprises for eachother...If you are looking for a wild, drunken, noise filled, crowded bash, well , go somewhere else for New Years. But if you want some really fun music and a bunch of friends, come and join us. We'll try playing anything once. ( yes, we now know both Danny Boy and Freebird )

What else is fun? Our Malena seems to have gotten bit by the Holiday Spirit and is busy shopping and making things, ( crafty little thing that she is, ) and lots of wrapping, I hear . I myself am still waiting for the magic of the festive season. What are you all up to? Getting into the Spirit or laying back and taking it easy? Doing different things? Filled with Magic? The only shopping I have done so far I did months ago when I bought Malena a coat she coveted when she was here last summer from an antique store here in my town, and since I have already given it to her I am not sure it counts.

Right now I am mostly looking for ward to finishing this CD. We got another " rough" from Chris today and he is most definitely going to be out here in January to do the final recording . ( brave man, Chris ) That may well be my Christmas.

Love, Gigs and Holiday Spirit,