Saturday, January 14, 2006

Malena's Brownie Workout

Hello LaMies! What a week! I had some dental work done, so I haven't been talking much. (I know, I don't believe it either) So, I'm just hanging around the house making brownies..and doing my ball workout. Quite a combo wouldn't you say?

Miles is quite the brownie Connoisseur. I love to bake so I don't mind rising to the challenge of baking the ultimate chocolate confection...
Tonight I made double chocolate brownies with whipped creme (complete with a splash of Bailey's Irish creme) then I grated some dark chocolate on top. I must say it was heavenly. You know you've got the dieting thing down when you can make brownies and only eat 1! (Ok, I ate one and a half)

I also (accidentally) learned to ski with my yoga mat. Yes, it was a "retard in a leotard" moment. There I am balancing on my ball. The video says to roll on your stomach and push out, catching yourself with your hands. Well, Miles was walking own the hall and I thought, "Hey I'll do something cool to show him how limber I am!" So, I jump on the ball..which skids on the yoga mat and swoosh! My entire body makes a penguin style body surf onto the kitchen tile while my legs are still on top of the ball. Ahhhhhh! Miles just laughed and said, "Do you need help Lover?"
I guess the "Olive Oil goil" didn't leave me in middle school after all. So much for swan dives ah? I always call Miles Basil, from Fawlty Towers...but then he calls me PEG..from Married with Children. (I think it's because of the tight pants and high heels) But I took the cake on clutzy behavior today.

The only thing more crazy was when Lorraine and I went to a water park. (She'll die that I'm sharing this with you)
At every park there is one ride the Moms stay away from. This time, it was the surf machine. Yes, they really had an indoor water surf ride. Ohhh, that was it! I had to do it. I've always wanted to surf. I did notice however, that everyone over 50 lbs. would lose some part of their suit when they fell. NOt to worry, I thought. I have my black mesh swim skirt on! And with that, off I went. I begged Lorraine to come with me but, NOOooo. NO WAY she said. Yes! It was finally my turn. The little instructor dude gives me a quick lesson on how to hold the board. (No one knew me, so what the heck!) I jumped on the board and with a quick swish, I was down the wave, or up the wave. I couldn't tell, I was just spinning. The, I feel the cold water rushing up my backside. Oh no! My butt check is in full view. I hold on to my suit for dear life. (The goth girl swin skirt was now long gone) LORRAINE is laughing so hard people are concerned for my emotional well being. In mid snort, she cackles, "It's ok, she's my friend"
Finally the board stopped and I quickly converted my suit from a g-string to a full piece again. Every old..and young man was looking at my with empathy, trying not to laugh. And just when I thought I was the biggest dork of all, I saw the girl who went after me....putting her top back on. It's always a show with LaM..always.

Bunnies and Sprouts

My friend Bill, of Bill and the Hot Birdchick Show, was over last night and showed me some pictures, and when I saw this one , I knew that I had to post it and say..." Captions, anyone??? " That is their rabbit , Cinnamin, on a brief foray into the hall of their apartment building.

I have been Sprouting today. Yes, 'tis true. Most people think of Sprouts in terms of either things they take off sandwiches , or some alfalfa they buy to make salads healthy. Not so with the Sprout People. . Sprouts are their life and they have something going on. Lentils, peas, beans , radish , broccili the list goes on. They also sell Easy Sprouters. ( but not to angry people, they have no interest in angry people so says the website. )

Now , I don't endorse things often ( corsets aside ) but you all ought to try sprouting. Soak the seends for 12 hours, rinse, the put them in a dark place ( sprout people have a list of music sprouts are most fond of as well , not amazingly they like the Greatful Dead, but I have been playing them my cd's for years and they seem to like me as well )

Then just rinse the little guys off once a day , spin off the excess water ( like a salad spinner, whirl around the kitchen, it's truly fun ) and in three days they have either turned into the alfalfa like things, or grown little tails, and are perfect for munching, salads or stir fry. The seriously most healthy thing on the planet that one can eat.

Try them. You will like them.

I am bringing Malena an Easy Sprouter and some seeds. It may change her life. And it is something to do in the winter, where ever you live.

( ok, so I might have a little to much time on my hands here in the North lately, but this is a great website, and you can't buy Sprouts like these in stores....)

Love and Sprouts,

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mirror Mirror Review Up!

Hello All! To make up for this week of silence with no blogging ( sorry about that ! ) this will be a fun filled, full of news and thrills blog today.

Here is a picture from New Years Eve that someone sent to me. They sent a few, but I liked this one as it looks like Big Sexy and I are the Anti-New Years Eve Spirit of Fun! Yup. That's mostly what I look like playing. When I try and smile, I look like some sort of Weird Creature. Or something.

I should point out too that when I started the set I was wearing a really fancy most elegant shirt made for me by our own Malena. Velvet, long swoopy sleeves, feathers all over the top...And completely impossible to play violin in! I had to get the bar to give me a tee shirt after the first song, could not play in the fancy one for the life of me. Live and learn we say....

Here is some WONDERFUL news...There is a review of MIRROR MIRROR up now over at! Tom Knapp has always run one of my favorite websites for folk and alt folk music and once again , has made me very happy. he also reviewed Get Yr Hands Off Me Booty , the last FU cd, a live one we did on the fly, full of traditional music. Who knew he even HAD one! But back to US, I love the way he puts things!!! Sums us up in a nutshell, many thanks Tom!!!!!

If you have not been by Lisa Snellings blog lately, hop on over and check out the corset fun. She will be here in a few weeks for another visit, and I suspect I will be teaching her the secrets of it all, haveing got very good at the in corset out of corset thing doing photo shoots with Malena. I may be the envy of all! Corset lessons from the Fabulous Lorraine! If this day job and music don't pan out for me....

There. That may be enough excitement for anyone. A few days ago I had meant to post something nearly as exciting, but was to astounded to actually do so......My entire post would have read:

i have seen the Sun. And it is good.

Love and Sunshine,