Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves......

Or rather, Eat, shoot and leave off and go to sleep.

Eat when you can , whatever there is.

Shoot when the light is right. Whenever that is.

And sleep when you're not doing either.

Magic. And more magic.

Spent about 36 hours in NY shooting non-stop. When you dress Malena as a Fairy and nip off to Times Square , stand in the MIDDLE of it, and I am talking a traffic island mid way across the thing, and start with the filming, you get an education in On The Front Lines production very very quickly. ( may get an Oscar for Stratigec use of an umbrella...)

Saw the most beautiful church in the world. Saw poetry in a princess gown. Met some very nice priests.

Aquired a red, sporty looking car, and managed to find our way back to a ferry that actually DID take us back to where we were going. If not at the time we thought we were going. Followed rule # 1 ( see top of blog ) and found a pizza place that would deliver to a, uh, pier, that we didn't know the name of.

Oh, and my bit? I rocked. ( what did you THINK was going to happen?????? )

The light was right tonight, as the moon was full. ( the ocean takes direction well to a point, very good when they say ACTION!!!! , It goes right to it, waves , the whole bit, but it doesn't do real well with CUT!!!!! ) ( Also, I didn't see any icebergs, but this Ocean is COLD! ) Our directors say the light will be right again in a few hours, when the sun comes up.....

I'm not hungry, or shooting, so, I will take my own advice, and be off to sleep.

Moons and Magic,

Lorraine ( and Malena )

Thursday, June 28, 2007

More on the Video

We are up in New York City itself now and having a great time. Had a couple hours off this afternoon and , oh COURSE, we went out shopping. I am not sure Chris had the best time, Shoes, Clothes, Jewels, Make up and Hats!! ( you know Malena and I !! ) But he said he didn't mind, and that the air conditioning was worth it! ( it is HOT here! )

Then we had great Indian food, I am in HEAVEN!!! And have since been playing with Photo Booth on my Mac while waiting for the sun to go down. Shooting Fairies in Times Sqare tonight. ( Shooting them DEAD???? I slay myself...)

Ok, here's Malena....

Well, my eyes are watering a lot on this trip. That damn fairy glue. More later. XOXOXOXOXOOX

We will leave you with more MacBook Photo Booth Magic...Malena as a Fairy Fish!

Love and Video,

Lorraine and Malena

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First days in New York

Out in New York we are. I think I am posting as Malena, but that is not all bad, it's like she is here too.

She is actually asleep right now, we have been shooting non-stop since we got here, uh, was it yesterday? It is hard to tell. We shot late into the night, and then re-did costume and make up and shot at dawn. ( which requires one be up long before dawn, do the math...)

It is magic tho, pure magic. We are loving every minute. Kimberly and Byrdie are amazing, genius, and magic themselves. Malena on camera is pure poetry. They have a crew who are wonderful and everyone is working so hard to make this wonderful. Chris and I haven't shot anything yet, which is ok by me, hee-hee, I am great behind the camera lines, and love it, and I am great on stage, but have never been in front of the camera. Every one assures me I will do just fine and they will make sure of it.

We are so happy, Chris, Malena and I , and can't wait for all of you to see what we are making. It's very like being in the studio recording, very intense, very focused, very hard work.

And we wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world....

More as time and brain allow....

Love and Video,

Lorraine and Malena ( and all )