Friday, June 10, 2005

Malena the Mom

Malena MOM

My daughter is having her 12th birthday today. It's a sleep over of course. I've got 8 little tweens running about, singing and giggling to high heaven. What a day!

I love being a Mom. It's so funny when a little girl comes up to me and says,
"How old are you? About 22?" Then, when I tell her how old I really am she says,
"Like.. Oh my Gosh! NO way! That's old!"

Only a 10 year old could think 32 is old. But I remember the days when I thought the same thing.Haaaaaaa

I don't understand this, "Don't tell your age" business. I love getting older and wiser. I am so SO SO much happier than I was at 22. As women, we must celebrate ourselves, not cut ourselves and each other down. We are the creators of life. It is our job to be loving examples of compassion and light. If not you, then WHO?

Lorraine is a good example of a strong woman. One day, we were checking into a hotel. We walked up to the counter and she told the customer service person what we needed. I can't tell you how differently we were treated once she opened her mouth. Due to her confidence and poise, we were treated like Queens. People take their cues from YOU on how you want to be treated. So, if you are feeling like no one listens to you, look at your body language. It's a big indicator of how you feel inside. One of our favorite saying is from Ghostbusters when Bill Murray says,
"If someone asks you if you are a God, say YES!"

So, get out there and work it girls! Show the world what beautiful, bright, amazing, empowered beings you are! Don't be shy, time is a wasten'!

Love you all

Momma Malena

Monday, June 06, 2005

More Rants on Fashion....

Last Thursday , after I dropped my Boss at the airport, before my plane was to leave for LA, I had about three hours to kill, and so, went off to the MAUL of Americia. One of the stores I stopped at was Hot Topic, as I do love the Tee shirts and thought I might get a couple of cool ones for the road. I picked out several, and as they looked small-ish got them in XL, the highest they went up to . ( tho the men's shirts went to xxxl ) It was a sad thing when I tried them on as they were WAY to small. I took one out to Malena and nicely enough, it did fit her. Snuggly.

In fairnes to Hot Topic I must say when I asked them why they had only small shirts they said that they had PLUS sizes available on the web site.

Plus sizes?

Says I, you mean sizes larger than 8? Yesssss, says they...Plus sizes.


In another wierdly enough event, when I got off the plane coming home from LA last night and was waiting for my luggage there was a report on CNN about a law they had just passed in Argentina saying stores must off as many larger sizes as smaller, to combat the wave of anorexia that is currently all over the country. A Law was passed.

Sigh again I say.

The store we visited the other day in LA said they did order as many "larger" sizes as smaller but they sold out first thing and then they could not get any more. What doe sthis tell you ??? Where will this stop? What is going on? Being overwieght is a serious problem in this country but this undersizing and emphisis on being a stick and not a normal women is doing as much damage to women as being overwieght is. MALENA has had the same expierence that Adrianna mentioned in the comments section of going into a store and being told " We have nothing for YOU " They are size 8!

Tonight a small 10 year old girl who happens to live with us , showed up in a cool shirt I bought her at Hot Topic some time ago. She is in every way a normal sized 10 year old. Not large, not small. Normal. And TEN. What size is that shirt, I ask her and we look.

She wears a Large.

Here's love and light and sanity to beautiful normal women everywhere,

PS for those wondering, the Garden has exploded and is growing like weeds, which are also thriving quite nicely. Perhpas everyone ought to have a Garden Fop come over and work magic on plants.....