Friday, February 10, 2006

Spiderific Divas

I just Hhhhaaaaddd to post this webbed photo of our friend Nora. She airbrushed the shirt and the tights herself. Oh, yes! We have another craft diva in our midst. (Many I assume.)

As a child, I made all kinds of things on the sewing machine. I made my dolls everything from beds to houses to corsets...and little thigh high boots! Yes, even back in 1978 I was a goth. When my daughter was born, I made all her baby dresses. (Our dog Stanzi wears them now.)Now I know we are such a crafty bunch, I'll post more of my designs, etc. You should too everyone. There's plenty of room on my forum for crafty patterns and how to discussions. Now, I'm off to finish that black and white pin-striped mermaid skirt!
Hey Nora, let me in on your airbrush secret. I can always steal Miles' out of the studio. Mwwwwwwwww aaaa ha ha haaaa!
Your Domestic Dead Diva

Thursday, February 09, 2006

finito bella ragazza!

Well, the Lorraine doll of the LaM twins is done. Here's a few photos. Notice the kitty cat and the violin and the purple embroidered corset!

Oh and the sandals.
UBER CUTENESS DarhhhhlinGGgggg!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

LaM's sewing frenzy

I saw a beautiful Doll on the Dolls and Daggers site named Thorn. (Link on the blog) SHe was sooo me. Since I couldn't buy her, I thought, Hey I'll make her! And off I went to the craft store. (Malena's backyard Shed)

So, this little thing I'm holding is Lorraine's Doll Corset. Cute huh? I made it out of leather. It has 6 panels just like the real thing. She is going to love it. What a could be cuter for Lorraine's B day/V day than Lorrraine a Malena Dolls?! I'll post the doll photos when I'm finished with them.
Yeah! Girly heaven. She may only get one at a time at this rate. I have plans to mass produce them someday, but for now they're very.. shall we say, exclusive? He hee
SORRY DEVA. You know I'm not good at keeping things from you. We are as usual, doing the same thing.

Looking for Gemma

Good Morning All!

First things first...Gemma, and Gemma's friends, this is going out to you specially: We have some gig changes. I know we invited you to come back and sing this weekend ( remember Gemma, everyone? ) but the Charlie's Gig with Lorraine and Paul is now going to be on February 17th and 18th 7:30 to 11:30. AND it will be Lorraine, Paul AND John " Big Sexy " Sjogren, playing under the name " Blarney Rubble and Bam-Bam. ( no, I am not kidding ) and we would still love it if Gemma came down and sang. Drop me a note if you see this.....

Now for THIS weekend, the 10th and 11th, Paul and I will be playing at the Liffy in St Paul, from 9-1. ( my sprained finger WILL be better ) Both gigs will in fact, be part of my week long Birthday celebration tho the actual day is the 15th.

( 29, not that any of you are about to ask )

Ok, moving right along, I had a wonderful time with Miss Kitty this week. She is truly a very special magic person. I wish she hadn't left but the lure of LA proved to strong. ( I know how she feels, hee-hee , I nearly de-camped for Malena's myself ) Kitty is going to come out to BaltiCon with us, hurrah, so you will all get to meet her as well.

Kitty helped me quite a bit with the Thing I am making for Malena for Valentines Day. Yes, an actual Craft Thing. Wonders will never cease. Next time I am going out and buying her chocolate. Cheaper and even if I drive for DAYS to get it , it will take less time. The sewing machine is NOT my friend. I'd tell you what it is but that would spoil things I guess, she can tell you how much she LOVES and ADORES it after the fact. The only thing I will say is that even seams are overrated.

Tomorrow the Evil Lisa Snellings ( no, I don't KNOW she is evil, but it's a good bet she is planning Somthing ) decends upon us for a visit. She has requested coffee and a hot glue gun and a hairdryer.

Life, is not dull.

Love and Stiches,

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Two Headed She-Beast

Isn't she wonderful? Turns out, two headed snakes are a reality. YES! can't wait to get one. They are all over google. Kinda reminds me of LaM. We're slick, we're sexy, we hunt independently, we like black and white....ok, it's a stretch...but hey!

I had two ball pythons a few years ago. But the little lovers couldn't take the move, so I had to give them to a neighbor kid. LUCKY buzzard. I had a HUGE spider too. Her name was Cruella. She would dance around her cage when I sang opera music. The higher notes the better. Defledermaus was my favorite Opera I ever sang. It's about a chamber maid who dresses up in her mistress' gown. The man of the house hits on her and she REALLLLLLLLLLY lets him have it. It's sooo Malena! Yes, we were born strange. As weird as Miles is, he doesn't like spiders! WT? So sadly, I no longer have a pet spider either. (I have her framed on the wall though.) Two pigdogs are a good replacement though. When Stanzi dies, we should keep her skull for our collection. (Ewww Am I kidding?) Hmmmmmmmmm.

Lorraine is having a fabulous time with Kitty this week. (Yes I AM jealous)But I love them, so it's ok. I'm here working on our t-shirts. Here's the first pick.

You like... my LaMies?