Thursday, July 13, 2006

CONvergence Photos 4 U baby!

Yeah! I found a way to download my photos before I got home.
Here's a few to tie you over.

Happy LaM!!

Here's a photo of me and Mr. Gorgeous. As you can see, he's happy to see me!

Connie's Space Lounge is my favorite place to hang out.
Here's Lorraine going through the space tunnel. She looked beautiful in her snowflake outfit.

Here's Jonny Hardcore and Me doing the vogue pose. With a name like that, how could we be tame?

After the Sunday night show, we took some photos with our friends. Here's the LaMie Boys.
...and the LaMie girls.

The most surprising of all fans was a cute little man who spotted us on our way out the door. (Yes, he really did bite my neck) TWICE! I thought that was my job!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And we are back....

Hello again! We have missed you! Now, where exactly did we leave things???? Ah, leaving Boston and going to CONvergence...

The concert on Friday was wonderful, despite the fact that we were brain dead Zombies, had never done a show with Paul before, and only learned many of the songs in the hour before the show, we had a great time and the crowd seemed well pleased with things. We played for an hour and a half, and got to do Richard Thompsom's Dimming of the Day, one of our favourate songs ever. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree ended the night, and it doesn't get any hotter than that.

Sunday's concert with Adam was magic as well. We played close to two hours and Malena went WILD WILD WILD!!!!!! I'll let her describe it in detail, but I am here to say there has NEVER EVER been anything that hot on stage , anywhere in the world, EVER!!!!!!!! When she turns it on, she turns it ON! We did Adam and Eve live for the first time, and Casablanca Moon and oh gods, I will leave it to those who were there to remind me of what the heck else went on. I do remember Adam and Malena going so far off into the Zone of Left Feild that I had to hold my head and leave the stage, who would think I would ever be the straight man in this act??????

We didn't play Saturday but had a great time going around to parties with Bill and the Hot BirdChick, Hans, ( Sherpa the Bodygaurd ), Jody the Sexy Librarian, her friends the baby doctor and equaly sexty librarian, Laura ( not only HOT HOT HOT but extreemly cool artist ) Paul ( yeah you rock ) Score , and most likely more people I am forgetting , and oh yes Miles Teves, whom Malena calls Mr Gorgoeus , who was the artist Guest of Honor......Big thumbs up for the Space Lounge!!!!! If anything proves I have learned wisdom in my life it would be proof of it that when asked the question " Would you like some Sour Apple Flavoured Vodka mixed with Kool air and Pixi Sticks " I said , uh, no , thank you tho......

Many many thanks to Tim Wick, Jody, Matt the Sound Guy from GOD, and Windy for a WONDERFUL Con. You made us feel SO SO SO loved!!!!!

Malena and I have spent the time since the Con working on House, and let me tell you , the women doesn't mess around! Yesterday we shopped for six hours and then came home and did crafts until three in the morning. We made soap , decorated towels, painted glasses, beaded lampshades... Malena then, little Witchy that she is, made candle arrangements, and two HUGE live plant arrangements on pedestal things for my bathroom. I had to talk her out of buying a WaterGarden Kit and lanscaping the yard, kid you not! Pictures SOON, promise!

One thing I have decided about house is that I really really need lightswitch and electricial outlet covers. I have one outlet that has a really lovely Victorian looking cover plate and I thought , I want every switch and outlet in the house to have a really cool cover, every one diffferent, but really cool. I think that would make my little nest perfect. There are a LOT of outlets and switches so if anyone knows where to get such cool things, I am now collecting them and replaceing them as I aquire them.

( also any artistic person who comes over has to paint me a glass, I bought a huge set and the paints, so be warned! Laura, you are first! )

Ye gads, what else? How do you sum up the last ten days in a few easy lines, while of course, worn out , tired and head still whirling from it all???? I want to talk more about the recording with Chris Ewen, but I think I will save that for a bit, until my head comes down from the clouds. What a perfect time it has been, recording, performing and working on House with my best friend.

It , quite simply, doesn't get any better than this. Ever.

Love, magic and lightswitch covers,