Monday, August 20, 2007

Bar Sinister

There are few places in the world where I feel under dressed. Bar Sinister in Hollywood is one of those places. Saturday night, my friend Byrdie and I went all out Goth. Miles said, "don't worry Honey, even WITH your Malificent Horns you'll still be under dressed!" Right he was and I LOVED it! I was the Holly Homemaker of the crowd. Can you imagine? The pooper of the night was they would let us in with our cameras. What is this Gothland Security? We arrived a little late (big surprise) and didn't have much time to hang out. Although I did meet the sweetest drag queen ever.

Anyway, after the club closed, we were invited to an after hours party by two cool dudes whose names escape me. Now, usually I say no to these things, but Byrdie was in town! So, I said what the hell! and started walking.

There were about 10 of us, walking down Hollywood Boulevard at 2 in the morning. A yuppie guy said, "Oh my gawd, look at those goth freaks!" Well, I couldn't help myself. I HAD to stand up for my people, so I said,
"And believe me darling, we think you look just as strange!"
He immediately backed off and his girlfriend complimented me on my D&G shoes. Who would be stupid enough to insult Malificent? We had a blast. The after hours party was filled with cool people with FABULOUS fashion sense. Check out the chic in the stripes! She lives in Chicago. I offered her and this model named Anna corset modeling jobs. They were so beautiful. These photos don't do them justice.

Byrdie was the queen though. You all know how I love dressing people up. More fun stories to come!
Latex, Leather and Lace,
Malena and the Byrdie girl