Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blissful Domesticity

Today was filled with baking and wrapping. My daughter's school Christmas party is tomorrow. Each child was supposed to make one food item and one dessert, then share it with the class. My Baby Bean asked if we could make creme brulee' and added, "but we don't have to torch it Mom". I guess that IS my child. hh heeee
We settled for raspberry chocolate cheesecake. If you call that settling. It is a little easier to make. We even put it in little cupcake tins. Here it is almost 10 pm, and I'm still baking. So far I've got fruit salad and baked mac-n-cheez.

Being a mom makes the holidays worth living. It's always fun to shop for your child. Everyone else is stressful, but kids are easy. I've found some of the cutest fairies on Ebay. And if you're into chocolate, LEGACY chocolates are the best. Hey! Soon, I will be sharing quick and easy gift ideas for the holiday season. I know it's not Halloween, but we have to do it. So, we might as well make it as painless as possible. Here's to cheesecake for 45......... 12 year old.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fly, fly Miss Fabulous

Well, Miss Fabulous is off on her plane. We had a wonderful time. I'm so glad we had our webcam meeting. They are always so fun. Balticon is getting closer and closer. I had no idea so many of our LaMies were coming. WEhooooooooooooo! Party time.

Lorraine and I are busy learning new songs and brushing up on old ones. She in the guitar and me on the violin. What a pair we make, ah? A brilliant violinist becomes a guitarist and a opera singer starts playing violin. Anything for LaM. We love it so.

The weather is a real demon in Minneapolis so be sure to post a note for Miss Fab. Poor thing, traveling in the snow. We sunny cali girls forget how cold 5 BELOW zero really is.

We'll be back together for more fun in one week. Stay tuned.


Monday, December 12, 2005

"she lives in a museum..."

thanks everyone for such a wonderful witchy wacky good time tonight. Now you can all say you've been to the TEVES museum. Well, at least the front room. So, Lorraine and I are off to make some music and post some corset photos. We had soo much fun. We love our LaMies!

Webcam Tonight Without Fail!

Good Morning All!

Very sorry I am a day late here, I did MEAN to get up early yesterday and post the most Fabulous account of these adventures, but somehow when one enters Malena World, early morning rising goes right out the window. Along with a few bats and some white whispy Things.

And while we are saying we are sorry, I know we also meant to webcam last night . We will try and do better on this for you. As in actually doing it when we SAY we are going to. We thought we would hop on tonight to make up for it, and then have a proper Party for the Holidays when I am back in a couple of weeks, whenever it might work best for everyone.

But if you would like to chat tonight and or webcam we will start at 5:30 pm West Coast Time, which is 7:30 pm Central time and 8:30 East COast time. We are therealmalena on Yahoo, send us a message, or drop an e-mail or leave a comment with your yahoo name and we will add you to our buddies list , and invite you to our little swaray this evening.

OK, onto the newsy bits. The gig was so very much fun to play. I had a few reservations on the whole thing (largly stemming from the fact that I don't Play guitar and had only a week to learn the songs ) but I will follow that girl anywhere, as she does me. And it went just fine. They had a great time. We had a great time. My fingers are still sore. And I now know I can play guitar if need be. A good nights work all around.

Watching Malena shoot for Alter Ego was also very fun. Zero to 60 in .5 seconds, the girl is amazing. I am now also very good at the whole corset on corset off thing. As handy a skill as the guitar , I am thinking.

Santa Barbara yesterday was magic. We wandered around most of the day and then went down to the boardwalk, and all the boats in the neighbourhood came by in a flotilla , covered with Xmas lights, followed by fireworks. My kind of Xmas.

I think I felt the Holiday Spirit.

Yes, I do think I did.

It felt JUST like Halloween.

Love and lights, see you tonight!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Snazzy Evening Mrs. Teves

Well, Lorraine got a healthy dose of Malena living tonight. First we went to a fancy little swaray in the hills. We thought we would be singing a FEW songs and be home by 9. Well, THAT DIDN'T happen! Lorraine turned on her charm and the audience started singing along. We slipped in a few LaM songs when no one was looking. Wellll Tango is hard to miss but hey! We had a blast. I think we sang every Christmas song known to man at least twice. I doubt they will ever hear a more seductive version of Winter Wonderland. Lorraine was phenomenal on the guitar. No one believed she learned the songs 4 days before the gig, not to mention she is really a violinist.

So, to make a gig story short, we played off and on all night. We got home at around 10 just in time for the Alter Ego shoot. Lorraine played photo assistant. WOW! What a difference! We were finished in half the time. Lorraine always finds it funny watching me work. One minute I'm slouching saying "Oh dude...." then the camera turns on a BAM! It's the wanna be Wonder Woman standing up straight and looking sassy. I still feel like the same dork though.

Now we're winding down to the smell of fresh baked brownies. My bean and her friend are our junior bakers. To bad I'll have to wait until tomorrow to eat one.

Well, I guess Nocturna should retire. Mr. Gorgeous is taking LaM to Santa Barbara tomorrow. I simply must show her the territory ahead store (Miles fav) and Scavenge (my fav store for fishnets). One can never have too many variations of fish nets. I ripped a hole in a pair and wore them as a shirt at CONvergence this year.

Not to worry, Rainbow Brite will be up and the crack on dawn to tell you about her adventures in Hollyweird. I'll be morphing out of my bat like form to return to the living shortly after that....around, say 1?