Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Way!

I just hopped onto the Weather site.

I am sad.

Too sad to go on.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


This can't be happening......

If you want me, I will be on a Tropical Island. Until August. When there is some chance of Spring.

Love and Snow. Yet again.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Day of Birds

I don't know where you live, but as it is Spring, finally, here, I imagine that it is also Spring where you live. I hope you day was as fine as ours turned out. Tho I have to say, it started at 40 degrees, and cloudy with a fog as thick as pea soup. (it was pointed out to me, however, that "Thick as Pea Soup" referred to the olden days in London, when the fog would mix with the coal, and be yellow, in short SMOG, and that this was just a grey fog)

Malena says she has new NEVERWHERE photos to post soon, and will do so shortly, but for now, here is me with my little Red Bellied Friend:

I got to help the Birdchick and her Merry Band of Birders today. Mostly, the biggest help I provided was nipping up to the Coffee Place and bringing back a large Box of Coffee, midway thru the chilly morning. A popular move that.

They know that my favourite Bird is the Red Bellied Woodpecker, which has a red HEAD but no red BELLY, not sure why, those wacky Birders....In the picture you can see just how fond this one is of me holding it pre-release after banding. The release did not take long, trust me, those beaks are SHARP.

I have so much fun being with the Band of Birders, I know next to nothing about Birding (tho the Birdchick is constantly teaching me these skills) and it is a lot of fun to be with people who are at the top of their game in a field I like, and know not much of. I learn so much, and am always glad when they come.

(no, I am not sure what they are doing or WHY they are banding, but the Birdchick will)

You can nip over to the Birdchick's blog for the full and complete story I am sure. We also did some cool Bee Things, as it is now Time for Bees again. We are doing three new hives this year, and I will be sure and take pics for that. Nothing like being Covered in Bees for a truly memorable day!

What else? Hans, our Sherpa Guide, shingled my little House, and if I ever find my charger, I will take pics, next, Laura is going to paint me a fairy mural on it. I want to do so much in the garden this year.....How does one find TIME for everything, I ask you??????

Still no word from the Nice Lady on my essays, hee-hee, guess they lacked Literary Merit! Won't stop me from writing them tho.....

Love and Birds,