Friday, July 08, 2005


Tired Idiot

The links are not working well for us tonight...
Is it the exhaustion or our lack of computer knowledge? Probably a little of both.


Here's the website for Kierans...That hot, happening Irish Pub we'll be partying at Saturday Night!

Country Advantages

Country Advantages

I have been rather blessed this trip in the wildlife department. I have (for the first time) seen bats, bunnies, and fireflies. I have also been so lucky as to eat fresh Sorel, a wonderfully lemon tasting lettuce. (Now I know FOR CERTAIN there is a God) Oh and Currants! Bill Steitler, the playwrite and husband of the birdchick, made us the best currant creme brulee' any city slicker could hope for. Oh yes, the country is a magic place. Tonight while driving home, we took more graveyard and tree angel photos. Of course, we've been taking photos of EVERYTHING but haven't had time to download them. WHen I get back to LA La land, I will be sure to post every stinking on of them. Speaking of stinking, I've never had so much fun being foul and unkept. Due to the intense tutoring sessions I've received from Adam, our brilliantly foul mouthed producer, Lorraine has decided to call me "Ssassy Pants". Mr. Gorgeous would be proud.

Speaking of foul mouthed Irish bands, we are having a broo-ha tomorrow night at Kierran's Pub in Minneapolis from 10-12 pm. Adam and Big Johnny have been kind enough to let me sit in and sing with them. I sang,
"Tango Till Their Sore" and "The Fox" the other night. BLAST! oh yes it was.....and we didn't mind kissing postcards for any and all. I learned that trick while modeling in Milan. Bella Modela!
However, lately I haven't been wearing lipstick. Can you believe it?

I would go on and on about how much I love the songs, but you know that already......everyone does. I can't have a conversation without mentioning the CD. So now Lorraine and I are off to sleep. We usually giggle until our ribs are sore...and then sleep..for a few hours at least. Tomorrow is my last day in the studio. :(

Music and Magic and sour cherries,



Yes, I seem to have some LINK issues. Uh-hmmm...Will deal with it later.

Goodnight all!

Breakfast in Bed and Batman

It was certainly a fine idea to talk our fine talk about blogging our cd recording but once again here we are , trying to stay awake until, uh, dark at least....I had quite a few things to talk about and mention to everyone , but I swear that they are all gone but for this single thing I am recalling from my e-mail and the studio and work:

The wonderful Miss Kitty's Totally Cool Cat Batman caught his first Mouse! Batman might well be the coolest Kitty ever. More ont this as it develops.

Well, we have been taking fashion to new heights this week. Yes, studio wear, the glamour, the twinkles, the skirts, the...Smell. Actually when asked the other night if we wanted to come down to the club and sit in for a bit , we were all for it until we noticed exactly what we had on, and people, I am telling you , sloppy pants and tank tops, we would have BEEN there, this was, well, much worse. What goes thru ones mind early in the morning , getting up after way to little sleep , I never did think we could GET that tired, moderately fashion aware girls that we are. ( we were wa y to brain dead to go out anyway )

One thing I recall that was wonderful fun, was Convergence last weekend. What wonderful people and what a great time we did have!!!!!! Jody Wurl, who puts the Ooh-la-la back in Librarian , took care of us and helped us figure out what happened when, and Folk UnderGround , with Malena sitting in had a GREAT show.The other highlight for me was getting to hear Ten Seconds of Harmony seriously wonderful fun! We are going to link them up with our sight as soon as Malena gets back and if any of you 10 Second Dudes are reading this, stop by for some comments! You have the sort of wit that will feel RIGHT at home here! I'd hoped to invite them up for the last song to do a mosh pit ( little secret fantasy of mine ) but we had to end and didn't get to. My new goal and purpose in life is , yes, the Mosh Pit of Harmony Doom!!!!! We had some great fun later in the night running arund to the Parties with Eric Breece ( from 10 Seconds of Harmony and by way of being an old bandmate of mine, kid you not ) and his camera, and Paul from FU , as well as Jody, Sharon ( hot bridchick ) and Jody's friend ( WISH I could remember her name, another HOT librarian ) who were all wearing corsets, ( as was Malena of course )

( re-reading that sentence, I ought to clarify a little. Eric and Paul were NOT wearng corsets )

We have been tracking non-stop, and are almost done with all of Malena's bits, we ought to finish tomorrow, fingers crossed. We got all the tracks from Chris Ewen
and they are really really lovely. He is a musicial god and has made us an Underwater Haunted House that is the most beautiful and ghostly thing I have ever heard. He also added a Theramin track. Yes, that makes TWO theramin tracks, with TWO different players on one little Gothic Folk CD.

I've learned a lot these past two weeks, and once I have actual time next week, after I catch up on everything that has been waiting nicely, I will be able to tell you more about every little thing. ( who knows, I may get my brain back even... ) but for now, I'll leave with a few little bits of Wisdom I have picked up...

Never under estimate the power of Pastry in making an album.

Boys will tell you about really WEIRD things on the internet. Roll with it.

Never assume caffine will be THE answer for more than four or five days.

If you really sing out, like you never have before, you may find you have a really wonderful voice in there.

Bathing is overrated.

If you make your nocturnal vampire of a bandmate turkey sausages and pick her cherries off the tree and bring them to her as breakfast in bed, she will get up and come with you to the studio. Eventually.

Love and Music and Pastry,

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Luscious Fairy Skirts

Luscious Fairy Skirts

I just wanted to thank Mistress Mousie for the skirts. I love dancing around in it. I can't wait to wear it on stage. Yeah!I look like something out of Legend when I wear it. Thank you thank you. We will take photos and post them as soon as we stop singing. Hee hee

CONvergence 2005


Man do the CONvergence people know how to party. I have never seen such a witty talented bunch of people all in one place. After the concert, we decided to check out the parties. I quickly learned I was not alone in my Gothdom. Everyone was so decked out. Yeah! We saw Klingons, storm troopers, super heroes, wenches, pirates and really weird people who weren't wearing costumes. I always knew I was not alone in my geekdom. Hee hee. If my high school friends could see me now they would say, "She hasn't changed a bit."

Oh yes, my friends I love all things Star Trek AND Star Wars, not to mention Zena and Wonder Woman! There is something about CON's that make you want to dress up and be crazy. Maybe next year I'll wear my Vampira Costume, or lack there of.......Oh, I like dreamen', cause dreamen can make you mine...............

Every day something cool happens and Lorraine and I say,
"Now THAT is a Bloggable event!"
But, then we come home and have just enough time to sleep and get to the studio the next morning. Music first, you know. Of course, do not be fooled by our tight schedule, we are having a rip roaring good time. Adam, our producer and Leo, our engineer keep us in stitches. Mr. Gorgeous has taught me a joke or two, so I'm keeping up. All I can say is, THANK GOD for editing. Hee hee. I'm sure you would rather hear me sing that laugh so hard I snort! Well, who knows.........LaMies come in all life forms. Speaking of Fans, Hans is a life saver. Hans is our honorary roadie. As they say,
The bands make it rock and the roadies make it roll.
Hans is always there to help us to the car and find my lyrics. I can sing it, but I can't organize it to save my life. So, thanks to all our friends. It takes a team of pro's to get a project of this size off the ground. I can't thank you enough. Hans works with the Tim Malloy's too. They played last night and let me sit in for a song or two. Minneapolis has a happening music scene. It was refreshing NOT seeing any milk toast tweens singing wanna-be R&B. No Sir! Just get down guitars and rock and roll madness baby! Thank you and happy birthday Johnny!

We're taking photos of everything! Lorraine showed me this great little church with a graveyard and a tree that's carved into 3 angels. It's been a "Practical Magic" day. This place is full of magic and enchantment. Lorraine is the country mouse and I'm the city mouse. I can't wait for all of you to see the CD booklet. Lorraine and I want to put in all our magic into the pages so we can share our world with you.

With love, leather and latex butterflies,