Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moonflowers and Morning Glories

Here is a picture of me and some ears, since all posts should have pictures and I don't have anything else I can think of to post.....

Oh, regarding the " why Malena says I will never see Moonflowers " remark, it's a joke. She is up all night and I tend to fall asleep early. And I tell her she will never see Morning Glories, as I am up early and they are long done by the time our Little Creature of the Night leaves her crypt.

The Gardens are proceeding nicely, Gretchen , the Belly Dancing Landscaper to Rock Stars, is coming over tomorrow to help me out some more, and we have big plans. ( all of which I am sure will involve huge amounts of hard labor , this is not Delicate Lady gardening here folks! ) My hill behind my house is filled with Purple Wildflowers, Flocks I believe ( I know I spelled that wrong, but that's how it SOUNDS ) And the veggies are doing all that can be expected of them. Malena is planting a Bird of Paradise of me, as I love them, but can't have them here. ( see? THAT'S how to garden, get your friends to plant things you like and go visit them, hee-hee )

Alas, I could not decide which Kitty was the most perfect of all, ( well we KNOW that, our own touring Miss Kitty who we are missing missing missing ) and they are too far for me to nip out and visit, and I got a letter from the Breeder who said someone was coming to look at the one I didn't want and she needed to know my choice NOW.


I am letting fate decide for me. I told her to let them choose and I would take the other. Ah, the fickle hand of fate, who can say?????

Here is a picture of what Malena would look like if she could turn into an actual Vampire Bat and was feeding at one of the Hot Birdchick's hummingbird feeders..

Love, Flowers and Bats in the Night,

Hello DarlinGs! It's 12:45 and I have just finished working on my script for the night. I have a film crew coming Friday. They liked our haunted house. As soon as I am able, I'll share more on that.
Here at the TeVeS house we've had lots of BAT activity. But first, I must share (for the people who haven't heard this a million times already) one of my fondest memories....

A couple of years ago, I was out seeing Lorraine in the country. Her friend and assistant Christy was outside with us when we saw a bat fly by. Ohhh! I was soo excited. Christy then demonstrated how to get a bat's attention with ease. She promptly threw a large rock in the air. Sure enough, the bat chased it down to the ground as if it were food. Well, I was ecstatic, but all I could find was a brick. What the hell, as long as I didn't hurt the little up in the air I threw it went and bam! the winged creature dove straight down to the ground. But when I went to look at it, it has disappeared. Hmmm! Just my luck. I wanted to look at the little lover up close. Maybe it was a ghost bat. LOL I wouldn't be surprised. I have a few ghosts here at the house every once in a while. Anyway, that was one of the funnest trips for me.

Lorraine actually convinced me to take my shoes off and sit on a blanket in the park...for a moment. However once I sat down, I was on a quest to obliterate the ants that decided to invade our magic carpet. Lorraine thought it was soooo funny how I couldn't relax. I sometimes have to remind her to wear shoes. We live in such different places, each with it's glittering virtues.

Off the subject, doesn't Lorraine look great with her red hair? Deva indeed.

So, about Hollywood Bats....

Miles got to hang out with the guy who build the bat mobiles, George Barris. He even got to sit in the original bat mobile from the TV show (that I am too young to remember, sadly). All the gadgets worked and it was made of a solid metal frame from an American motor company concept car. (No I don't know which company. I'm a girl) So here's a pic of Miles in automobile Ecstasy.

Lorraine and I have been looking for a nice dead bat for a while now. I told her if her boss sees anymore and one dies, send it over to me. Better yet, a local taxidermist! There were a few on ebay, but they were a little crunchy looking. Taxidermy is an art. When my spider Cruella #1 died, I took her to a taxidermy place. I had this HUGE spider in my hand and I said, "Hey! Can you mount this on a tree branch or something? The dude was very grossed out at first. He said he'd never done a spider before. I told him to fill a syringe with formaldehyde and give it a go. In fact, I wanted to fill up my dead furry friend. (I assure you he had never met a girl like me.) So up the needle went into the underbelly of my poor dead friend, and just like that her little legs puffed up and looked alive again. We positioned her on a branch, posing as if she was about to eat someone. It was so great. I had her hanging on my wall for quite a while. Then, she started looking mangy and I had to put her to rest. So, if any of you see any cute dead things, let me know. Monstrous Bugs are always less scary when they're dead. We have lots of the mounted on the wall. Although I did hold a MASSIVE black scorpion once. But that's another story. How many fashionistas do you know who like dead things and bugs. "When you're strange..." (I'm singing the Doors)

Go to my blog to read the interview Kitty and I did for Entertainment World. It explains the inner workings of Malena the dork.

Bats and Bugs

Malena the Moonflower

P.S. There's a corset give away coming up. (this one is too small in the bust for me. If you're a B cup or so, fill out this form with your info, if you're not already a member of our cool weirdo fanclub. If you really want to be in the club, not just send us naked pictures of youself. (TRUE!
We get at least 20 "porn" emails a day on the fanclub account. ) Hmmmm....Nasty Girls must think we're sexy. We're starting to resemble Motley Crue. I guess I could post that photo of me in my spongebob jammies with that piece of pizza crust up my nose. Hey! It was a dare! Naaaa. That will stay in the family. Yet another story for another blog. Lorraine a' Malena is just full of fun tonight, ah hosers?