Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Venus In Furs.......

Home now from New York, and a bumpy ride it was! Thunderstorms, plane issues, missed flights and lost luggage.....( the luggage has since turned up! )

New York, by contrast was wonderful, magic, exciting, and more fun than I can ever say. I learned SO much about the whole film process, and working with Kimberly, Byrdie, Ashley was pure joy from start to finish. They have such great eyes, and ideas, and will go as long and hard as they need to , to make something very, very good. I can't wait for you all to see this!

This is a quick post now, but remind me to tell the tale of Chris's Homeless Pants. They were a work of art they were.


Meet my new friend, a 12 week old Bengal Kitty. I'll do some better pictures for you, when she settles down a bit, she's kind of shy still. When my Boss saw her he said I should name her Venus, as that was where she looked like she was from. A total alien she is. Very rare too, as she is Blue and not brown. Her last name is Seaweed, courtesy of Kimberly , who was kidding, but it seems to fit. ( another story for you when I have some time, ah, yes, the ocean is FULL of seaweed )

Venus Seaweed. Who knew?

Love and Kitties,