Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Space Tents and William Shatner

I am listening to a cd with a huge bunch of MP3's that Malena's husband , Mr Miles Teves, whom she refers to as Mr Gorgeous , made for me, full of wonderful, varied and cool bits of music, been loving it all the day now, and just as I decided that I had to come by and write some Blog, Rocket Man , as done by William Shatner started playing.

This raises a lot of nagging questions....Both about why I am still here writing and listening to it and just what he was thinking about......

Finally ,the part of the world that I live in is NOT roasting like some sort of super oven. I feared greatly for life and limb in the garden and tried to water, but everything was getting a little sad and brown looking, but we did get a front and some rain and now all is forgiven. Sharon the Hot Birdchick, ( whom I would put a link to except after our last link expierence I am not trying THAT again for a while, ) is going to come and start stealing green tomotos by the bushel, the girl is crazed for them, fried green tomatoes.

I loved the picture Malena posted of her and I at CONvergence! Yes, she is sitting on the floor in front of me, but what you can't really tell is that we were in a Space Chair AND in some sort of Space Lounge Bubble. They had little Star Pillows in there and the 8 year old who was in there must have thought he hit the grownup jackpot when we started throwing them around at anyone and everyone. I am loving Cons and can't wait until next years Baltic Con where we are playing ( the con chair , Nora, just wrote me and said we were a bad influence saying she kept reading our Blog and was now buying Alter Ego Corsets on Ebay, this bodes well for the Con I say ! )

I wish that we could post some MP3's of the cd, but it just isn't ready enough yet, all we have are Really rough dumps and it would be hard to get a picture of what they are going to sound like. But just as soon as ever can be, we will get something up. I am going back in the studio soon to do my bits and them we mix, and as soon as it is mastered, you will all hear it first here, promise.

Have decided to wear the wonderful skirt from Miss Mousey with a black corset and fishnets on Halloween this year. I will be out in LA with Malena and have it all planned out. You will also be hearing a lot about my diet and workout program these next few months in order to make this vision a good one, hee-hee.....

Love and Space Tents and Fishnets,