Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Interview With Maddy Gaiman

(Photo of Maddy and Her Father at Last years Beowulf Premiere by Cat Mihos. We think.)

I managed to catch up with Miss Maddy Gaiman, (one of the key people behind the success of CORALINE), post-premiere at her home in Los Angeles. Miss Gaiman was kind enough to invite me to her fabulous mansion, and we chatted poolside, about the whirlwind that is her fabulous life...

FL: Maddy, nice to meet you! So, tell us how you're feeling after your star studded red carpet adventures at the Premiere of Coraline? Was it everything you ever dreamed it would be?

MADDY: Oh thanks I'm so happy to be here. let me tell you, fabulous lorraine, it was everything I dreamed of AND MORE! One of the most memorable moments of my life! so much fun fo sho.

FL: You've read the book and seen the movie, tell us, in a few words how you felt seeing it for the first time? What were you wearing? Did you have popcorn AND Candy, or just a drink?

MADDY: well i LOVED it! I believe the first time I saw it I was all decked out in a long sleeved blue shirt, with some beautiful jeans. the paparazzi just couldn't keep the cameras away. and to top it all off i was eating SOUR JACKS! they are not quite as good as sour patch kids, but they got the job done.

FL: Obviously, you were hanging with the stars of the film, Teri Hatcher, Dakota, Henry Sellick, and, um, who was it that wrote the book? We've seen the pictures, tell us, are they all as cool as they seem? As cool as you?

MADDY: is that even a question? of course they weren't as cool as me SILLY :D i mean who really is? other than you of course. *snickers to herself* I must admit though, everyone was pretty darn cool and i was totally psyched to meet them!!!!!!!!!yay!!

FL: Your Father must be very proud of you, has he said anything about a new car, maid service or a raise in your allowance?

MADDY: let's just put it this way, the private jet will be here soon.

FL: Let's talk about your DRESS! Who made it? WHERE did you get those shoes? Was that gold glitter dust on your eyes? You have been referred to looking like a "A Greek Goddess" that night, where do you get your FABULOUS fashion sense from?

MADDY: truth be told, i got it at good ol' Bloomingdale's. And YES it was gold glitter dust.. courtesy of Catherine "kitty" Mihos thanks for noticing:) and my fashion sense? why, from my father of course. I admire his out-there style, he always seems to surprise us all with his breath-taking ensembles.

FL: Your Father has been quoted as saying "I owe all my success to my fabulous daughter Maddy, and my two favorite assistants" Of all his assistants, who are your favorite two assistants, and how have they contributed to your success?

MADDY: Hmm. Umm....that's a toughie. I guessss...KITTY AND QUICHE! they are basically "the bomb". HOLLA!

FL: And finally, Maddy, I think what everyone wants to know is: What's next?

MADDY: I'm going to take over the world. bye!

Thank you Maddy Gaiman for taking time out of your hectic day to talk to us, here at The Fabulous Lorraine Blog. We hope to hear more from you soon!

Love and Maddy,

Friday, February 06, 2009

Kitty is the BEST!




And really, really, cool.

Kitty has done the best photo blog EVER from the Premiere last night!

So, I think tonight, we will just link to her, and keep chatting amongst ourselves as we wait for people to get back from Coraline and tell us what they thought.

This opening night is way more exciting for me that I had thought, tonight. I am really excited to hear what everyone says! I'm not even going anywhere, but just knowing everyone gets to finally see it tonight, makes me really happy inside.

Love and Coraline,

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bee Movies?

Tonight is the Premiere of Coraline, as most of you probably suspect already and I think we do need to do a shout out to Boss and to everyone who made this movie happen.

I don't talk much about Boss, as this isn't the Boss Blog, but the Fabulous Lorraine blog, but I have to say to him, "Darn, I'm proud of you." He's been working so hard the last couple of weeks, the kind of hard that would have broke most people. I'm not sure what I will get back tomorrow, I am envisioning some sort of Puddle of Goo, but whatever it is, I'm glad it is coming.

Coraline tonight in Portland! Tomorrow, all over the country. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I know, however, how you are going to feel, as you see, I have seen it. Twice. Your eyes will shine, your heart will be happy, and you will believe in Magic.

And then you will go and see it again.

Kitty has Portland Pics up already!! Including one of one of the most beautiful young ladies going!

Enough of movie premieres. Clearly there are more important things we need to speak on, like ME for instance and just how did I spend my day, for the most part?


I know, a little early? But it's never to early to start planning, and it WAS over 30 degrees for the first time in over a month, I believe. Felt like spring! No one, of course, wore a coat, and everyone who could worked outside. The lines at the car wash LOOKED like lines at a drive in movie premiere, (you can't wash cars under about 30 degrees) and people kind of danced as they walked along.

I, cleaned the chaos that was Bee World in the Garage.

It looked a lot like Nightmare on Bee Street, dead bees everywhere, dust, cobwebs, old frames everywhere, bits of hives, half combed bits, old wax.....Nothing was in it's proper place, with frame spacers, hive tools, smokers, and bits of tinder lying everywhere, along with dirty socks, old shoes, and water bottles.

And honey. Lots of honey. Lovely, sticky honey. All over everything.

Clearly a job for Bee Assistant.

Who clearly had NO idea how to go about this. Had to go into see Merry Housekeeper five or six times and ask "What gets up honey?" What do you dust with?" "How do you wash the floor?"

Finally she gave me a bucket with soapy water and a rag and told me to go off and play by myself, she had work to do.

Did my best, now at least when the Birdchick comes out next week to order our new Bees, we can see what we are working with and what we need.

It's never too early to get excited about Bees, I say.

Love, Movies, and Bees,

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shoes and Magic, With Dog, Venus and Mim....

We're going to get everyone in on the action tonight! Here's the mending Cabel with the Coraline Nike Shes. AND the picture frames that showed up from Kitty today, for my B'day!!!! Now those are some frames I can work with. May just hang them up....

Here's a close up. Lovely, yes? I will wear them at my Birthday concert on the 13th, at Charlie's in Stillwater, 7:30 to 11:30, webcasting live (just in case anyone forgot or anything!) And now for some Magic.....

Magic AND Venus, see the Claw of Doom? It's one of Magic's favorite games. I think Venus and Mim have fun too. Do we know how to party or what?????

Here he is playing on his cat tree. Can you see his new Underworld 3 poster in the background? (that is a movie I need to see again, before I comment. If you loved the first two, see it. But don't see it first.)

I love this guy. He is so ready for fun, every time I come in, and he so wants to be a part of things. I was looking at pictures of ALC's today (Asian Leopard Cats) and he does have that same tiny head, and rounder body. NExt we have us some Venus by the coffee table sans fish tank. (I will get another fish, perhaps indeed many, but I need some time to grieve yet for , uh, Fish. He was with me two years, swimming. Eating. Swiming. We had some good times he and I.)

And another so you can see her leanness....

And finally, Mim lurking across the room........

Lear and Mab will have to wait for another night to get their page time, this ought to be enough for anyone...

Love and Shoes,

Bits of Things....

Morning, Fiends!

HA! I am awake early, long before the West Coast can be up, tho I am certain the East Coast is, and we are WELL along in the UK, tho it doesn't concern me much, as London seems to be somewhat shut down, due to snow. Might be Spring before they get dug out.

Still on my first cup of tea, so not sure how very interesting I will be, but as it may well be nighttime before I get back to you, we ought to have something up besides, "Ack, no fun gig!"

Only a few more days before this Movie is out into the world!!Not sure that means the work will be done, but it will certainly lighten up a bit, and I get a Boss back for a week, which both the Dog and I will like.

Speaking of Dog, he is doing very well, but thinks he is REALLY well and ought to be allowed to run and play as much as he likes, which isn't the case at all. He is up to 3-4 walks to the end of the drive and back every days. On leash. (Driveway is about a city block long, maybe a little less)

Benglas are not exactly liking these strange hours I have been keeping, but things are good, we're going to have some new pics of them soon, I think, they will feel better if they get some page time. They seem to think it's been a little too Doggish over here lately. Magic is still peeing on the futon, but not as much, hopefully he is getting used to the idea that he likes me soon.

Venus doesn't seem to like her food anymore. She never has much liked anything, and is a lean kitty, but I think she is getting too thin. (Something I worry about myself all the time, hee-hee) There is dry food out all the time, different kinds, and once a week tuna, which she does like, I split a can between the five of them, and cook chicken, or steak sometimes for them, but she just isn't into it. Commercial grocery store canned food she doesn't like, and it makes Mim really sick.

I need to explore some higher quality canned food Marilyn, The Cat Coach, says.

If I could make myself do it, I would put a little Pond in the kitchen and stock it and she could have Sushi....

Right. With that lovely thought, I am getting to work!

Love and awake,