Thursday, March 01, 2007

Soundtracks and Shootings

Good News for LaM!!!!! Mike Watt of Happy Cloud Pictures just finished a film called, Abattoir. Which is good news both for him, and for us.Some months ago Mike asked if he could use some of our music from MIRROR MIRROR in the film and soon you will be able to hear Dark Sonnet playing through the credits at the end. We are very happy to have our favorite song ending a film about Vampyres. What could be better, really? Congrads to Mike!!!!

Over the years, I have come to the realization that I am a night person. (Thank God my film is shooting at night this weekend) It is after all the full moon! To bad tough b**** cops aren't usually were-creatures. I'll have to save my fabulous fangs for a Kitty photo shoot. Yes, she and Rainbow Brite are going to be partying with Hera WITHOUT me! Can you believe it? The gall of those girls! hee hee !!!!!!

Other than a full plate of work, I'm just trying to get buff for our video shoot in April. In addition to being nocturnal, I am also quite a carnivore. Not by choice of course. How sad is it to be allergic to soy products? That blows being a vegan out of the water now doesn't it? For two years now, I have been eating salad, trail mix and meat. After the video shoot, we ARE DEFINITELY going to get some chocolates. Just a few, say 12 each? mwuuuuuaaa ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Fablo has gotten her hair done RED . FIRE engine red. In my high school days, I colored my hair every shade of what I call, the BRUISE pallet. Now, I just stick to my natural black. That way I don't have to do anything but wash and wear. Black hair does NOT color easily. Miss Fabulous just sent me a photo booth pic and her hair is gorgeous! I begged her to go bleached blonde, but I think red looks just as rockstar and is easier to maintain.

Yes, our little folk fiddler is looking rather urban these days. She tells me a story about when she returned from LA to play a gig with Lojo. Lojo said how movie glam she looked and Lorraine said, "I'm in a band with a glamorous movie star. What do you expect?"

Glamorous Movie Star???? I'll be lucky if I get my hair straightened and ready for the camera. I always think about the character as a real person. I couldn't give a *&^* less if I'm glamorous or not. I'm always telling Miles, "I want to be the homeless person, the retarded girl, the crazy mental patient."He looks at me and says, "With that body and that face, it will never happen honey! You'll be fighting against dominatrix, hooker and bad girl roles for at least another 15 years."

Leave it to Miles to say it like it is huh?

I am off for my weekend shoot on the movie, and I will leave you with the Photo Booth shot of our little Red Fiddler! ( now go and take some real shots , Fabulous Red, at your gig tonight!!!!! )

Movies, Magic and RED,

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nothing to do!!!!!

I took this photo with my photo booth thingie in celebration today. I woke up, bounded out of bed and thought" ok, what do I have to do today " and stopped. I have nothing to do today. Nothing I HAVE to do. It's still storming. I have no car. It's Sunday so no work, I have no gig. Yesterday Mary the Housekeeper and I cleaned the HECK out of House, so that's done. Nothing.

When was the last time THIS happened??? I have no idea.

I even came downstaires and flipped on the TV, more out of curiousity than anything else, and found that USA is running a marathon of my favourite TV show ( Law and Order SVU, oddly enough ) all day long. And the Oscars are on tonight, which I am watching to see Melissa Etheridge perform and get her Oscar .

A whole day. Wow. I say, Wow.

There are , of course, a lot of things I am going to do, shovel, practice, write, HOT TUB , re-do my clothes closet, finally get the craft room in order, take a long walk in the snow and such. But the point is I don't HAVE to. Ahhhh......

Had to share with you all, as this is not something that happens to me.

And , oh, uh, Sue? You are stranded in Minneapolis in the middle of a blizzard with a shut down airport and sold out hotel and you don't call me? One of the finest Personal Assistants living? Personal Assistants are really good at this sort of thing. Walk in the Park as a matter of fact. We can handle that situation before breakfast without blinking. Heck, even in the middle of a blizzard without a car I could have got you out here to House and you could have been hanging by the fire or in the hot tub... ( I am not any better with steaks tho than the Sheraton ) At least I could have got you a room next door at the 4 star French Hotel, at the same rate.

Silly girl.

Love, Lounging and snow,