Thursday, June 01, 2006

Photos are in!

Thanks to Mimi Ko, Kitty and all our Fans...We have Balticon Photos! Check out the photo page and share the madness. If any of you would like to share YOUR con photos, email them to:

AND last but definitely not least CONGRATULATIONS to Mistress Mousey! All fans who want to contribute to the baby basket, email me at:

Ta ta for now!
Love you LaMies!
Malena the coughing, hacking blues singer

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some Parts of the Weekend

Ok, so I promised you all a post this morning, and I will try and get this poor Zombie Brain going enough to actually tell you some of the best bits, and we can keep going as our brains come back.

( Did that make sense???)

First off, the very best bit was getting a chance to meet all of you who came down! Thank you all for all of your help, every time I turned around another of you had jumped on the volunteer bandwagon and was doing something to make things run smoothly and everything go perfectly! Rayvn and Vandaluna were everywhere as Con Chair and her Trusty Sidekick and the weekend was so very much fun.

We need to welcome Glen to our group too, if he is out there reading this. We adopted him as our Bodygaurd-Assistant-Thing and he saved out lives telling us where to go when, and getting us there and making sure we had everything we needed. AND he wore kilts. A utili-kilt for daywear and full dress kilt for the concert. Oh yes!

I should also say we would have been LOST without our tour manager Kitty ( as useuel ) she worked so hard selling things for us and keeping us together and calm, not to mention putting up with things like " It's six in the morning and Lorraine a' Malena are awake and starving and ordering room service"

And Paul and Jody and Dan Guy and Kristina..........Ok, I could go on thanking everyone for everything forever. Must move on. For the moment.

Those of you who who were there know that our Malena managed to catch a horrible cold, and nearly lost her voice. We kept her in bed with tea all day on Sunday and she managed to sing the concert, tho the Greg Brown-Tom Waits voice was pretty interesting. ( of course, Malena at half voice is STILL a better singer than anyone on the planet ) She wrote me this morning that her cold has turned into full blown flu, so we may not be hearing from her for a couple of days. ( feel better , Dearie! )

Ok, the concert, let's see what I can remember about that....Adam and I started the show with the Norwegian Dance From Hungry #1, a fiddle tune I wrote years ago, which would have been great had I remembered to connect the tuner to the DI, fortunately the vocal Mic was a really good one ( OH! The tech crew was AMAZING, I have never worked with better! ) and I think it piicked up. Then Malena came out ( picture crowd going wild ) and we did Tango Till They're Sore .

Hmm, onto the Tea Song, first Neil Gaiman Song I ever got from him, and then Something to Talk About. Marilyn, You Drive Me Crazy ( Greg Brown ) I know You By Heart ( Eva Cassidy, which Malena, sneaky thing, dedicated to me and made me cry ) Personal Thing, I'm a Vampire ( Future Bible Heros ) One Night in Boston ( an Adam Stemple Song , have I mentioned lately how very BRILLIANT a guitarist he is???? We cannot play without him and hope we never have to )

We did the Fox, and Dark Sonnet and Sonnet in the Dark ( from the first Flash Girls cd, one we recorded for Mirror Mirror but left off due to space ) and ended up with Lenord Cohen's I'm Your Man. ( what am I forgetting? )

After the concert was one of my favorite times of the weekend, we went out and signed cd's , tee-shirts, ( and one arm ) and got to talk to everyone and meet people. I have never felt so loved and appreciated, thank you all SO much for taking the time to let us know how much you enjoyed our music, truly, I was nearly in tears, it meant so much to us.....

The afters party , known commonly as the Goddess Corset Party , was a wonderful chance to unwind and just hang out. Of course, Paul ( Mr Score from my Irish Band ) and I set up and kept playing. Malena tried a couple of songs, but she just didn't have enough voice left to sing anymore , but Paul and I had a blast.

I remember one delightful fan who kept smiling and listening and told me" I hate myself, but I am already Blogging this in my head! " ( well??? WHERE is it???????? I want to read what EVERYONE is writing, let us know! )

Malena can go into greater details on the What We Wore, but I can tell you she wore a black evening gown with a Japanese Drag Queen Coat, and I a little Skull Skirt and the best HAT ever. ( I have never worn a HAT before ) and I wore my Desire Boots from the Fiddlers Green Auction, ( knee high red patent leather Doc Martens , hung all over with gold chains, made by Maureen )

I think I will stop for now, there is so much more, but this has gone on as long as my poor brain can think this morning. Malena and I got to fly together for the first part of our long trip home, ( after being driven to the airport by the most kind Dan Guy , don't ask about evil carrots ) and had an hour in Detroit together. I mention this only because , tired and not looking forward to parting, I managed to HURT myself on the escalator , it caught my leg just wrong, and I was bleeding all over, not serious, but bloody I tell you.

We got some napkins and as I waited to board my flight, Malena dabbed at the blood , she then, the little Vampire, folded them up and told me " I'll just save this for a snack later "

And that, I told her, was the end of our journey, and the Bloggable Moment that would end my first post.

Love and Zombie Brains,

Monday, May 29, 2006

Home again.....

We are home again, and not so much Vampire un-dead Creatures of the night as Zombies........All was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had SO much fun, and I promise you a proper post in the morning, but for now, I am going to pet the cats and go off to sleep.

( not something we got a lot of in the last three days! )

( all worth it )

Love and Sleep,