Monday, June 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Lorraine and I are getting back into the groove of being home. That really was a rocken' diva deva powered weekend. A cyber toast to many more!

Neither of us had time to stop when we touched down either. I spend two days showing off L.A. at universal studios. Thank God for the water misters is all I have to say for this black clad goth-tress.

Lorraine gigged all weekend with Lojo Russo. (The bad ass singer on I'll Tell Me Ma from the Mirror Mirror album.) Lojo! CD, tour info please. As co-founder of the LaMies I need to know! Lorraine and I ask the green pixies to channel us in a little Lojo when on stage. The chic's on fire. Fablo is cooking up some future plans I hear...Shhhhh!

Convergence is coming up. That means more spectacles of leather and spandex for the LaMies. Poor Lorraine. I tell ya. She puts up with a LOT of hollywood glam. I say..."Yeah it's comfortable as long and you don't breath deep and you don't sit down" Mortisha hobble dresses I say! Well...That is, unless we're hanging out or working. Then the produce dude at Ralph's says to me, "Do you have an older hot sister who wears a lot of makeup and dresses all goth?" And I say, yes! Her name is Malena. (true story) That was the day I ate a chocolate sucker Lorraine sent me and it ended up stuck to my sleeve all day. No glamour that day. Couldn't hunt it down with a lazer powered rocketlauncher. We geminis are one or the other. I am Malenaus Dorkus mostly...I am nerd..Hear me roar! (as she signs the V with her outstretched hand.) Where was I.....

Yes LaMie glam. Our Goth Bo Peep Danth has offered to help upload video. Yeah baby.
Only three weeks or so till our next adventure. Man when all this touring is over, we'll have a slew of photos and clips. It's "Backstage with Lorraine a' Malena" Ehhhhhhhhh!

Ohhhh. BTW, Here's a hot new tidbit for Thingie and LaMie fandome. American Scary is almost finished. Yes! Finally all the classic (and modern) horror hosts interviewed on one tape. I hear my mug will be popping up a few times...
13 Nights was a fun couple of days.
Check out the trailer here: American Scary
This film is created by John Hudgens. Very cool dude. Go to the site.

So, I think that's about it. More LaM adventures coming soon.