Monday, June 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Lorraine and I are getting back into the groove of being home. That really was a rocken' diva deva powered weekend. A cyber toast to many more!

Neither of us had time to stop when we touched down either. I spend two days showing off L.A. at universal studios. Thank God for the water misters is all I have to say for this black clad goth-tress.

Lorraine gigged all weekend with Lojo Russo. (The bad ass singer on I'll Tell Me Ma from the Mirror Mirror album.) Lojo! CD, tour info please. As co-founder of the LaMies I need to know! Lorraine and I ask the green pixies to channel us in a little Lojo when on stage. The chic's on fire. Fablo is cooking up some future plans I hear...Shhhhh!

Convergence is coming up. That means more spectacles of leather and spandex for the LaMies. Poor Lorraine. I tell ya. She puts up with a LOT of hollywood glam. I say..."Yeah it's comfortable as long and you don't breath deep and you don't sit down" Mortisha hobble dresses I say! Well...That is, unless we're hanging out or working. Then the produce dude at Ralph's says to me, "Do you have an older hot sister who wears a lot of makeup and dresses all goth?" And I say, yes! Her name is Malena. (true story) That was the day I ate a chocolate sucker Lorraine sent me and it ended up stuck to my sleeve all day. No glamour that day. Couldn't hunt it down with a lazer powered rocketlauncher. We geminis are one or the other. I am Malenaus Dorkus mostly...I am nerd..Hear me roar! (as she signs the V with her outstretched hand.) Where was I.....

Yes LaMie glam. Our Goth Bo Peep Danth has offered to help upload video. Yeah baby.
Only three weeks or so till our next adventure. Man when all this touring is over, we'll have a slew of photos and clips. It's "Backstage with Lorraine a' Malena" Ehhhhhhhhh!

Ohhhh. BTW, Here's a hot new tidbit for Thingie and LaMie fandome. American Scary is almost finished. Yes! Finally all the classic (and modern) horror hosts interviewed on one tape. I hear my mug will be popping up a few times...
13 Nights was a fun couple of days.
Check out the trailer here: American Scary
This film is created by John Hudgens. Very cool dude. Go to the site.

So, I think that's about it. More LaM adventures coming soon.



At 6:27 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

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At 6:27 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Next con I have to add a crook and a little black sheep to my goth loli outfit. ^_^

I'm so tempted to show up at CONvergence but I can't, alas. Too many cons, too little time.

At 12:06 PM , Blogger scored4life said...

Greetings All! I am finally back home and now I can rest for a little...nope! Back at work. As much fun as it was, it's good to be back. I must say that even thought they were both science related, the convention was a heck of a lot more fun than the conference. Scientists can be such boring people! (On a positive note, the field of gene therapy is on the cusp of some great advancements.)

Right, well I have to get back to the work thing (as soon as I can remember how to do it again) but I really must emphasize wow wonderful you all are and I'm glad I was able to meet many of you.

L & M, you are both wonderfully fabulous as always! I'm looking forward to playing with you again in a few weeks.

P.S. I'm glad to hear the gigs went well this weekend Lorraine. I'm still a little bitter about not getting to see Lojo, but them's the breaks!

At 2:20 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Video! Cool beans!
(Yes, I'm really 44.)

Let's hear it for Danth the Wonder Guyth!

And, dear Ms. Marvelous, you seem to be feeling better, which is definitely a GOOD thing. :)

At 10:49 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

lol... 'Malenaus Dorkus'... I think at some point each of us can attest to a slew of moments that fall under that description... at your worst I am sure you pull it off with extreme style.

Ah, Paul, one of the completely unexpected wonders of the con for me! Nice to see you here!!... I have been enjoying the Folk Underground cd IMMENSELY. and your playing was simply amazing to experience in person.

Yeah for Danth... as wonderful as I knew he would be and much much more... not to mention a giver of great roomy-recommendations (Glen). Your super-gothloli-lovliness needs to be better documented... hehehe... I got some cute pics of your outfit that will have to go up on display soon! Cheers to your wife for lending you to a group of batty (bad pun... sorry)ladies for a weekend.. she must be a kind and generous woman.

Oh oh the envy I have for those able to make it to Convergence!! especially now that I know what I will be missing... but I wish you all the best there anyway! and LaM, may you bring the house down.

At 1:44 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

I wish I could attend CONvergence. I arrived home safely on Sunday evening (I stayed with Ravyn for a while after the con). The ride home was pleasant and I made the best time yet between MD and FL. 14 hours. Okay, one point in a stretch before Atlanta I was doing 105 mph. ::sheepish grin::

Nice pic, Malena, and SO very glad your better you dorky goth diva you! ;-). Ravyn will be shipping your DVD. Sorry we didn't get it out earlier but we really didn't have much time and we had to pic up a couple items we wanted to include in the mailing.

Rubius...please email me at vanda at knology dot net with your mailing address. I have your signed comic book and would really like to return it to you before I decide I really can't part with it or it gets damaged. ;-)

At 3:56 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

Hey Vanda. Can you send me the tape from my Magic 101 lecture? Thank you Dan for doing the camera work.

At 6:08 PM , Blogger ravyn said...

Malena - i have the tape. Do you want the mini DV tape, or would you like me to record it to VHS for you?

At 8:33 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

Hey Malena, watched your American Scary trailer... Surprising...Count Gore de Vol was in it. He was at Balticon. He was Captain 20 from when I was a child. I spoke to him for a little bit asking if he remembered coming to the theatre near my house. If I'm not mistaken, he interviewed Neil at Balticon.

I love the old scary movies. The creature from the black lagoon was filmed near where I live in Florida. Vampires and The Shining scared me most as a child. I slept with the covers pulled up around my if that would help. Heh.

At 11:27 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Now I have been listening to a mix of LaM and Flash Girls at work for a while now... and I just had a very strange experience while reading.

I was re-reading 'The High Cost of Living' and (aside from running across a panel framed in my favourite of the lovely magnets I got from kitty) I came across Foxglove's lyrics for what she calls 'tracks'... "If somewhere in the dark I am alone will you come to me, bringing me your light..." on lucky page 13 of the second book.... and I heard Lorraine and Malena's voices singing it which only seemed odd to me once I realized that it was from a Flash Girls CD and I thought 'oh, it was my silly imagination... I must have been thinking of Lorraine and Emma,' but it nagged at me.
and it nagged at me...
oh how it nagged...
and then I replayed it in my head and clearly heard Malena...
and no wonder... duh... I heard it at the concert (during which my fevered brain certainly did not recollect song titles)... and I sigh in contentment as LaM's voices echo it in my mind.

and I remember thinking long before the concert that that song would be a perfect match for you two.

Thanks for doing that and painting it into my eardrums.

(now only the question remains... which came first.. the song or the lyric in the book? since they both seem to be copyright 1993)

At 6:48 PM , Blogger ivenotime said...

Glad to hear you all are safe and sound Michelle! When you have time and are up to it, it would be great to see pics of Allistair. Hope the birth went smoothly for you and you're feeling good. Dan and Mimi, great pictures - It was a fun fun time. Dan, you showed me your MP3 player (I think that's what it was) at the party - what model/brand is it? Malena, I read the Magic 101 notes, wish I could have gotten there to hear it in person, very interesting and inspiring. Lorraine, hope your gigs went wonderfully - I really think you should move across the pond and liven things up here. really. Nora, hope you and your hubby are both recuperating after a weekend of hard work and months of planning. Laura, glad you and Alchemy made it back safe and sound too, hmmm,tho a bit quickly... Kristina, are you still on cloud nine?? You are such a treasure. I need to listen to my new cd (flash girls), haven't unpacked it yet. Oh yes, and Kitty - my daughters LOVED the goodies - thanks so much for helping me select them - the scarves were a hit and they especially loved your necklaces. Scored points for cool mom. Hey Paul, it was great meeting you and Jodi, glad your conference went well. I have been running around like a madwomen, still haven't unpacked, and doesn't look like there will be much chance for that for a few days yet. I will have to try to check the video out later - ahh, wouldn't it be fun if we could all make it to convergence?

At 9:02 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Ivenotime... very glad to see you... missed your presence nine... cloud nine??? lol I am still miles above that level... no touching down any time soon.

Malena and her magic have solved an equation for me. where once I thought a hole had been made... a new piece of me has been found.

and part of the solution has been this blog... so positive.. so uplifting. thank you all.

At 7:10 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

ivenotime :: My media player is a Creative Zen Vision. It plays a variety of audio and video formats, has a built in FM tuner, a CF slot so I can back my pics up onto it when I'm photographing, and the usual PIM stuff. Bigger screen and more space than a video iPod.

At 8:25 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

Glad to see you on the blog Sue! Danth always has the coolest gadjets.I'm getting a baby package together for Mousey. When she gets back on the blog we can ask her what she needs. Allistair is going to Gothed out! I'm dyeing a baby onesie black and red and sewing on little skulls. I'll be sure to take a photo of it for you.

Paul is a geneticist btw. I can barely spell it, let alone do it. We love Paul. This time I will be able to sing Black Horse and a Cherry Tree with my regular voice. My Antonia too. Can't wait.

Kristina! I owe you an email.Your friend was too emotionally expensive anyway. You deserve better!

Ariandalen..Did I hear birthday? Hmmm I must know these things.

And...we all need to keep Apple Blossom (Rebecca) in our prayers. She needs to manifest herself some career magic. LaMies unite!

We rock, don't we?
Love you all to pieces!
Madame M

At 11:43 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Actually, even though I knew that your voice was tired, black horse and a cherry tree was one of my very favourites of the evening... I really like the song and to hear you sing it (and you were so into it) was just phenomenal... I was very surprised and extremely delighted!... I sure hope I get to hear you belt that one out like I know you can!

BEST WISHES to Rebecca... LaMie power behind you all the way. You know you are worth a million dollars... and so do we.

At 2:23 AM , Blogger K said...

You sang Black Horse and the Cherry Tree? Ohhh I wish I had been there. (I like KT Tunstall...)

Whoo hoo!

At 4:21 AM , Blogger vandaluna said...

Oooh...the baby basket!! I think Ravyn is sending our schtufzig todayski. I LOVE giving gifties and can never wait to give them. The childling has a birthday month (next month the Cancer gurl that she is) not a birth_day_!

Rubius only deserves the bestest people for friends! I tell ya, I don't think I've met anyone sweeter!! And she is so cool! Sent ya package yestiddy, schweedie! great-grandmother used to say "god doesn't close a door that he doesn't open a window". New opportunities will always come. You will fine employment goodness! They have to hire you!! You are a LaMmie and therefore of the coolest and bestest nature! Who could resist hiring you?

My pechupkin (she hates it when I call her pet names) got all top scores on her state standardized test and her report card, btw. Proud mommy!! She is quite shy and it isn't easy to get to know her, but I wish you all got a chance to meet the her that she is at Balticon. Of course I didn't raise a performing monkey and she feels no need to please people. Funny childling.

At 1:45 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Sue: (and anybody else that's curious) Mistress Mousey has a photo of herself with Master Allistair as her userpic on her profile page on Live Journal. He's a cutie! Not that anyone here has any doubts. ;)

Malena: I didn't mention a birthday. I mentioned my age, but my birthday is a little more than 6 months away. ;)

I got to talk to a geneticist each time I was pregnant due to my age. Was interesting. :)

At 9:28 PM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

Drive-by post to try out the new user-pic - for those without easy LiveJournal access (it's the same as my default pic there). Also, the boy has created a LiveJournal account for Allistair, though if you ask him he'll swear Allistair is undoing his swaddling and getting to the computer when we're not looking. There are a few photos up there. :)

At 12:20 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

As far as Sonnet in the Dark goes and Death, I sure can't remember which came first, truly. My Boss gave me a bunch of lyrics and I wrote music to a lot of them for that first Flash Girls cd.

You all want a Birthday Bash this month, eh? WWeeeelllll......I believe our Malena's is coming up on the 19th of June!!!!!!! ( now the cat's out of the bag, hee-hee )

At 4:51 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Best of luck on the house-hunting L.


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