Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Off to see the TEVES family

In the land of Jelly Beans and sourdough there lives a sweet little TEVES family. On every wall there hangs artwork from every stage of Miles career...from his first dinosaur painting at age 6 to his darkness bust at age 19,,, and so on. Mr. TEVES is very much like his son Miles. They have the same handwriting and the same angelic disposition. Mrs. TEVES and I use the same vocabulary (everything is CUTE and DARLING)and we both love craft fairs. We get along like two peas in a pod. How picturesque! For me, going home with Miles for the holidays is like getting out of a time machine set for the idelic 1950's. (Or what I imagined that time to be) Instead of being glued to the computer and a tight corset, we start out day with oatmeal pancakes and good conversation then move on to big tasks like walking around San Fransisco and visiting with friends. I so look forward to this time of year with the TEVES family. They are what every girl wants to marry into...kindness, acceptance and silliness.

While Lorraine is skiing and being good, I will be longing for chocolate as I walk past the Ghirardelli factory. he hee. I have instructed Lorraine to call me when she opens her present. In fact, she should take a picture of it and post it on the blog. I will do the same if you don't mind seeing me half asleep in my spongebob jammies. We want to see all of your holiday cheer this season, so be sure to take lots of photos for us. And if I don't post for a while, it's because I've O.D'd on garlic in little italy and wore the wrong shoes while walking in San Fran.

Happy Holidays EVERYONE! LaM loves you!!!
...God I love the sound of that. We've been married for a while now and the name still rings in my head like heaven's bells.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Trying to Catch Up....

Hello All,

This has been such a busy week, even for me and my Oh No I'm Not DOING The Holiday This Year vow, it all just seems to catch you up and whirl you away in, suck you up and leave you wondering just how you got here.

I am getting a lovely box for Malena ready to send off. Looks more like Halloween than Christmas, go figure. I would tell you all what is in it, but I suspect our little Corset Queen checks in here from time to time and she has been trying for weeks to figure out her present, hee-hee. ( Ok, I'll give you a hint, it's mostly about BUGS. The perfect thing. No one ever has enough bugs. )

I have sent off a Basket of Goodies to my Grandmother, which seemed like a Good Thing to do . Am now looking for a river to go over, and some woods to go thru , to make the experience complete. In the last month she has had hip surgery, pneumonia, a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. Apparently, she is fine now. I should be so tough at 80....

It looks as tho The Hot Birdchick, her husband and the Sexy Librarian will be coming over for Chirstmas day for something called Naked Christmas. I am assured it has much more to do with Pajamas and Pie and bad movies than it does with actual Nakedness. Fingers crossed.

I may be playing on New Years Eve, with the Malloys, but that has yet to be confirmed. If I'm not playing I plan on staying safe at home with 7 cats and a DVD player. I am not sure which to hope for , to tell the truth, both sound like great ideas.

We will have to have another chat sometime between Christmas and New Years. All of you school folk are off school, the working folk not working to hard, and the family types are probably going to need a family break. These chats get more exciting each time, and uh, go places I never would have expected.

I have a little thing in my head all about holidays and family and friends, but it is going to have to wait, as this is still work time, and there is a lot of it. I am trying to be good and not eat to many Goodies. The ski trails are open, hurrah and I am about to go off for my first Ski of the Year.

( And remember, I live in a state with no HILLS. This is calorie burning, butt busting, knock down drag out ski on the flatlands in the below zero weather. The sort of thing we do for fun in the winter here. For a complete day, I may talk someone into taking me ice fishing. That's where one sits in the cold over a hole in the ice and tries to catch a frozen fish. )

Ah winter.....

Love and Snow, Lorraine