Friday, March 24, 2006

Back on the Road Again

I am off now for the airport soon, and then when I land off to a gig, which starts 20 minutes after I land, what a rock star! I am playing with the Tim Malloys at Kieran's in Minneapolis tonight, always a fine time, but, somehow, I really don't want to leave today.

It's always hard to leave, as much as I want to get home to my cats and my work and my family, but some leavings are harder than others. The sun is shinning today, my nocturnal creature of a best friend is still sleeping peacefully ( which is going to change shortly, I need a ride here ! ) and there is still so much music to do!

We had a lot of fun, shooting with Kitty, and shopping on Santee Alley, making practice tapes , web confrencing with you all , and cooking strange muffins. It's seems to be strawberry season here and if you drive down the right twisty roads there are people selling strawberries as big as your hand and as sweet as sunshine.

Soon I will the sad-about-leaving feeling will change into the anticipation-of-going-home feeling and I will start to think about how fun playing the club will be, and how nice it will be to get woken by excited cats 15 times during the night and how much I need to get done back in the frozen north....

But that hasn't happened yet and for the moment, at least, I wish it all wasn't Now, tho it is a weird feeling to miss Here and miss There, equaly as much , at the same time.

Enough pre-tea morning rambleing!

What is, is, is the lesson here, and I am off to rock tonight.

After I wake the sleeping dead.

Love and Travel and Missing Friends Everywhere,

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Peacock Rock

Hey LaMies! Webcam party from my house tomorrow at 6 pm (LA time), 9 pm east coast. Now, having said that I can get down to the good stuff. Kitty, our manager/merchandising genius/photographer did some great pics of us last night. I've convinced Lorraine and Kitty to let you have a peak. I think they turned out ROCK STAR fabulous. ..Like a mix between Nikki Six, Heart, and Prince. Oh yeah! Lorraine was such a good sport. Check out miss Fabulous in all her peacock splendor.

I did her/our make-up. Doing makeup on someone else is always fun. I can do mine in 10 minutes. The 3 Gaiman assistants had a blast last night. (I am an honorary "GA" because I'm undead. Hee hee)

We went to Santi Alley in the Fashion District today for LaM merch. If you've always wanted Fablo hair, you WILL have it at Balticon...and on the webstore. We found great colored extensions attached to a barrette, some cross rhinestone bobby pins, fishnet gloves, and all sorts of Glam Goth Goodies. You're gonna love it. Our perfume came while Lorraine was here as well. We'll have two that smells like Fablo and one that smells like DEATH..oops, I mean me. NOTICE the bracelets I'm wearing! They will be available very soon on the site. Semi-precious stones with metaphysical explanations and all! ONLY $12.00!!!!!! (We'll also have the necklace and earrings to match) Kitty doesn't mess around. Check her out with her bad self!!

We're feeling Diva-rific today. Kitty and Lorraine look so beautiful.

I'll try to model some merch tomorrow at the webcam party. Lots of spooky cool things happening at the TEVES house this week. More photos to follow..hey, we've have 1, and I mean 1 hour of sleep in the last 28 hours. We're dead. Lorraine is asleep already. See and talk to you all tomorrow. Wehooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Madame M

Monday, March 20, 2006

Photo Op with Kitty and Mimi

Hey! Did we show you this photo?
How about this one?

Okay, now it's Lorraine's turn to share some words of ahhhh..wisdom.

Lorraine here....St Pats. Gig. Long Gig. Good. Next day. Gig. Shorter. Very good. Brain Come back soon??????? Got on plane. Where am I now? Nice here. There's a nice girl in a corset and fishnets who says she will pluck my eyebrows and sing to me.

Love and goodnight,
( what the heck was my name again???? )

Sunday, March 19, 2006

First Night Celebration for LaM

Well, here it is 12:30 and I'm getting revved up. We are picking out our clothes for the photo shoot Tuesday. Lorraine is sitting on her bed as I show her outfits. She is saying things like, "Ahhh, for you right?" and I say,
"No babe. The conservative one's yours." and she replies with fear..."That's conservative?"

Hey, a little lip service never hurt anyone right? So, how about a little virtual fashion show for our Lamies? Yes?

Annnnnndd coming down the runway is the fabulous Lorrarrraine GAAAAARLAND! Ladies and gentleman. In her Hollywood geisha kimono and corseted capris. Are the capris or pants? Who really knows. She's so short...oh, just to me. I'm an amazon.
She is wearing the pants (outfit) tonight.

This is my little frock. I like the skirts and the heels. Lorraine likes to wear school girl skirts when she plays but I said, "Babe, you can't sit like a BOY on stage if you're wearing a skirt.!!!" So, she's going to try wearing pants. she can sit and fiddle in privacy so to speak. She's trying to get used to the idea of me making her into a peacock tomorrow. Begaaauck! (via MAC cosmetics.) I wish I had fancy hair extensions too. You see, I'm trying to convince Lorraine of my haute couture plans before she rests up and gets her brain back enough to disagree. So far all she's said is, "Just pluck my eyebrows and you can turn me into anything you want" Hey, she could wake up as a mermaid, a small piece of sponge named Bob, or a rock chic gone wrong...who knows now that Kevin Aucion is dead. Did I spell that right?, anyway, he was a make-up GOD! I am all alone in the make-up world now. Hey, channeling is an option. I am a psychic by day.

Oh, the top photo is of my favorite things. The skull clown doll is a music box that plays, "Funeral March of the Marionettes"
Lorraine gave it to me. The photo of the two little girls is me and my sister. I'm the fat baby in the photo. The pearls are from Fablo too. The clock is my great grandmothers. So, now you get a little slice of Malena's House.

Lorraine is still laying down. sometimes she says things like, "ok" and "Wow" and "Yeah, that sounds good"
I will be in her shoes tomorrow as she shares her own version of the events of the evening...come morning. Oh LaMies, this trip is starting out with a bang. I'm off to get more clothes. (Lorraine now knows how a mannequin feels at Nordstroms)

Shake whatcha momma gave ya!

Tomorrow Miss fabulous is going to be here. I wrote her an email tonight telling her to pack her sassy pants and a revealing shirt for our photo shoot. Lorraine is so good to humor me in these glamorous endeavors. She assisted me on my last alter ego shoot and found that modeling is more than just "standing there and looking pretty". You have to turn your head a certain way, suck in your gut, stick our your butt (hey I'm starting to sound like a rap song), stand up straight, don't blink and above all else...Look relaxed. As you saw from the last sexy photo, she's getting the hang of it. Sexy thing yo! I tried to add a photo, but blogger is possessed by natzi demons. Tomorrow I will add it....If she will let me.

Hey! It's 2:30 am, no wonder why I am so awake. I'm trying to get on a day schedule for Fablo, but no luck so far.

Oh yes, it will be a week of grueling fun for Miss Fabulous. Mwaaaaa ha haha. Singing, dancing, shopping, modeling...hey sounds like real life fun to me. And the web cam How about wednesday? I'll have to check with Lorraine but we WILL find a time that suites us all. Hey! I'll wear the gladiator helmet and Fablo can wear the Mummy hat. Nnnaaa. The matrix coat with a patent leather corset and thigh highs. Now we're talkin'. Lorraine said guys were paying her something like $20 a song keep her on stage. To bad my green panties didn't make it in time. Then she could have given them a safe moon. I wrote, "shake your $ maker" on the butt with a sharpie. We'll have to take a photo for our LaMies. Although, I doubt either of us will be wearing them at the time. To bad!

On another note, I just have to say...SHERPA, aka Hans the bodyguard is a great catch. Yes, we need to hook the dude up. He's so cuddly..hence the nickname SHERPA!So if you're a sane and single girl between the ages of 21 and 35 and you see him with the Malloy's, go up and give him a BIG kiss. Tell him Malena sent cha. I'm sending him a Nocturna t-shirt this week with Fablo. Vogue it out baby! Yeah!

The LaM undies will arrive next week. So, look for them on the site. Then you can pull your pants down at our concert and say, "Whose the diva now?!" just kidding, but hey I'll bet Sharon the hot bird chick would do it. Right? Man, if I had half her confidence, I'd mow right over Madonna. (Just might do that anyway. She's getting old) I kid, I Kid!

We sure love all you LaMies. Thanks for staying loyal and visiting with us crazy people.