Thursday, April 21, 2005

Night before LA...

Chocolate. She is talking about chocolate. If you ever want something from me, send Mangos. If you want somethig from Malena, send Chocolate. They actually go great together, and if we are together, we will feast.

I am off to LA in the morning for more practice and fun with Malena. This is a good thing. We are going to see our friend Kitticat and take some more wonderful photos, go to see Tori in concert and do a little gardening. And Shopping. I have been promised Shopping.

Chris Ewen, from the Future Bible Heros has once again, for me at any rate, agreed to help with the cd booklet. I am quite sure that I would not want to do one with out him, he has done the Flash Girls and Folk UnderGround and has a most wonderful sense of cool. He is also going to be playing on several tracks on the cd.

Just spoke to Lojo tonight about schedules and music and such, andI want to send special love to Dana Jean Wolter from Shakesperes Love Child , who is the coolest ever, and whose love and support mean ever so much to us!!!!! ( you SO rock , girl!!! )

All is coming together. This is going to be magic. It's us isn't it? Count on it.....

Music and magic and magos and chocolate ,


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Malena's quote of the Day!

when your feeling down and icky.......just eat something dark and sticky!