Tuesday, August 02, 2005

lonesome witch seeks musical enchantment

Well, Miss Fabulous is sure ready to rock....and ROCK she will! Here's the problem...........I'm not there! I'm in L.A. doing readings on the radio and making potions. Which is great don't get me wrong, but I can't wait to sing with everyone. Singing is my creative outlet and I love it. LOVE IT!!!!!

Lorraine and I have been working hard on our "diet". A diet for an actress in LA means no sugar, bread, rice, pasta, alcohol, or chocolate. Now, that basically takes out all the good stuff except blackberries. But hey, NOTHING tastes as good as being healthy. And it would be nice to fit into my rubber pants and NOT look like a tire, hee hee

Halloween is coming up you know. We must celebrate together, even if it's online. Halloween is like Christmas here at the TEVES residence..and we try to keep it creepy all year long. Our CD should be out by then too. Yeah! Lorraine is coming out for the big day. I'm going to dress her up and take her out. We're going to dress up as Lorraine a' Malena. It's a stretch but I think we can pull it off. Hopefully by then I won't look so much like Delta Burke.

T_SHIRTS! You simply must check out our new promo shirts. These hot little numbers won't last long. They will only be available until the CD comes out. So, show your love and buy a few. I've even added a Nocturna Shirt for all the people who want to be sexy. And just for the record, I DO look that in real life, but only if I lay down and don't run. Gravity is a bummer on the bum you know. hee hee

So, I will be sure to post some photos from our upcoming trip. I promised myself I would wear a swimming suit in public without a floor length sarong....in the daytime! Wow, that's a heavy order for this nocturnal beast. But I'll be with the Fabulous Lorraine and she makes me do all kinds of wild and crazy things..........

Monday, August 01, 2005

Gigs and Lovely Shirts in the Garden of Heat

I have been booking myself into a Gigging fool, these next few weeks are going to be quite crazy and if I am sane at the end of it I ought to be one Hot Fiddler. Here's the schedule so far, for those interested....

August 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th at the Half Time Rec in St Paul with Folk UnderGround

( on August 4th we will be joined by Johnny " Big Sexy " Sjogren from the Tim Malloy's and on August 6th we will be joined by our very own MALENA!!!!! )

Augut 12th again at the Half Time Rec with Folk UnderGround

August 13th and 14th ( Daytime ) at the MN Renn Fest with Folk UnderGround and Bedlam

August 18th , 19th and 20th at Kieran's in Minneapolis with Folk UnderGround

August 20th and 21st ( Daytime ) at the MN Renn fest with Folk UnderGround and Bedlam

And weekends at the MN Renn fest until the end of September.

Notice that is not a typo for the 20th, ugh, we play until 2:00am Friday night, I do 11 shows at the festival all day Saturday , then go and play until 2:00am again at the bar , then back to the Festival by 9:00am Sunday for another 11 shows.....I will also be working on the cd as much as possible and working at my regular job, ( which can sometimes keep me fairly busy )

If it weren't for the magic that is Red Bull I might be seriously worried, hee-hee!

The diet and workout goes well, and I am thinking that much playing is going to be counting for somthing as well. I need to nip over to Malena's forum and website and re-read everything she has to say about weight loss and stress relief, she is very wise that one....

Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but it looks as tho the cd will be coming out in Mid-October. We will be taking pre-orders soon, I am thinking, and today Malena and I were talking about offering some very special advance promo Tee Shirts , we don't have many, but they are so lovely. I wanted to send everyone one , just because they are so very lovely, and Malena pointed out that would be very costly, so we are seeing if we can't offer them at just enought to cover costs, to our very first fans and friends. She has designed a wonderful shirt with one of Dr. Dan's Graveyard shots and I fell in LOVE with it last night. ( Actually she has done about three of them and they are all wonderful ). We will think this thru , but I believe we will shortly be adding a pay pal button for one of a kind advance cd shirts!

OK, so 90 degrees or not I am now going to the garden of Heated Doom to pick Things for dinner tonight. ( that sounded much more spooky than , " Picking Veggies now " )

Love and Much Music, Lorraine