Friday, October 06, 2006

Malena and Stanzi Dolls!

What's going on for Halloween

This is one of the pieces Miles is putting in Creature Features Show.
Ohhhhh isn't it darling? I just love it. I think I'll use it as my hang tag for my clothing line. Me and my little Pig_Dog. Hee heeeeeeeee!

Hey! Did I mention it's the full moon? Well, I think it was yesterday but..who cares. Go out and make your needs known to the universe! It's like that song by Sting that Vanessa Williams covered, Sister Moon. Yeah, this GSL likes R&B too...and seething angry Manson-esque ballads, according to our new (SECRET) music project.

And for all you dark vampire myspace people out there, my Bean's friend Brandon found us this site:Spooky Webstuff

Embrace the night....or it will devour you!
Your Sweet Snow White (wink nudge)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bunny Hop

Last Night I went to the Invicta Celebrity Charity Event at the Playboy Mansion. Let me tell ya..everything you dreamed it would be, it is. Yes, there WERE naked girls in the pool..and a few old dudes too. EEEK! My favorite Bunnies were the ones wearing bodypaint.
What nerve they must have. (As usual, I was WAY over dressed in my roman gown and fur stole. But I guess it's becoming a Malena trademark!) I don't have the guts for bodypaint. It would take gallons to go over these curves honey.
I have NEVER seen so many perfect female bodies in all my life. And of course, I HAD to ask the girls if they starved to look like that. 90% said they ate whatever they wanted and were naturally that way. AH! I was so jealous, eating my celery and club soda.

Oh, and all the girlies were so Skipper Barbies! They were all very nice and were happy to take some photos.

I found an antique emerald ring I wanted SOOO bad from Verrago. It was ONLY $60,000 dollars. Ha! Can you imagine me calling Miles and saying, "Hi Lover! If you sell your car I can buy this ring. Why not!) It was very hard for me to leave it there. Yes, I do love all things sparkly and furry. Miles is convinced I was a crow in another life. And speaking of birds, I met the sweetest little white one in the PB Zoo. As you can see, he liked sparkly things too!

I also met a charming criminal defense attorney.

We had a nice little visit about murder beefs. I think we scared off a few people. he heee But hey, he agrees with me! There ARE some people who deserve to child molesters. But sadly I do not have a criminal mind, so I'll leave catching the bad guys to the pros.

This wonderful broker from Texas SAVED me from lots of very drunk half naked old men. THANK YOU! All I can say is, Thank God I didn't choose to wear the leather, huh?

I couldn't help but notice this wonderful rock star dude. He had NATURAL lower fangs.
So, obviously we had a lot to talk about.

After making the rounds and taking photos, I had to take a rest.

This myspace specialist didn't seem to mind.

Over all it was an absolute blast. If you're ever invited, GO GO GO! Is it shocking?? YES! Especially for a little TEVES housewife like me. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But, it's like a train wreck, you gotta look.
More photos on the way.

(the only chic who wore clothes)