Saturday, August 26, 2006

LaMie Pals and Corsets

I'm sure by now you have all exchanged email addresses, birthdays and what not. Thanks to Mistress Mousey, Thingie Gift Exchange "Coordinator", we have a few ideas to get you started. You can look at the article here:
(the link button is having issues.)

Lorraine and I send each other little things all the time. This week, I sent her some skull leggings, only to find out she bought me the same pair but in black. I love getting your cards and gifts everyone. Thank you so much. Hey, WE LOVE YOU TOO! really really....

We've been thinking of ways to show off our merch and give our fans a few surprises at the same time. So, every month (or so) we will be sending out a LaMie gift package to one of you. This month's winner is..........
Rebecca Wise

These are just little things to show how much we love our group of friends. These gift packages could include Swag from Hollywood parties, fashion shows, LaM merch, stuff from Malena's closet, stuff from Lorraine's gigs, etc. etc.

I'm having a blast btw. I found so much cool skull stuff the other day. I could have bought it all. I hear Fablo may be coming out here in the next month or so..YEAH! Maybe we could plan a webcam party! Until then, I will be sliding in and out of these corsets till they're all photographed. There ARE worse jobs, I agree. Kitty is a great photographer.
I Miss you all!!

Oh..and Lenny, you're autographed photo is on the way! Let us know when you get it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Lojo and Boo Blog

Ok, I know I just posted this as a comment, but Lojo is simply too cool for just a comment, she needs her own entry, that women does ,so here you go....Go and say Hi, from me and Malena and the LaMmies.....

I am too tired after working and houseing all day to say much, but our rock n roll friend Lojo Russo has her own blog now and could use some friends, her music is magic and she taught me everything I know about performing, she has pics of me up on her blog , if you want to go and say hi to a traveling girl and hear some mighty fine music...

( she rides around with a Skeleton Beannie Baby all over the country, whom she talks to and writes songs to, she is one of us, trust me)

Love and Boo,

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bed Blogging from House

Ah. Bed Blogging. Malena was right, this is truly the way to go, between Work and House and all these Gigs, I am beyond tired by this time of night, no Nocturna here! I'll be asleep as soon as I hit Publish Post and before it goes up.

The coffee Table Fish tank is now up and running, complete with fish! Two Koi, two Fantails and one Midnight Black one named Malena! It's lovely and every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. I even have a fake correl reef AND a log with a skeleton hand.

Here are a couple of pics I like, both are from what Malena calls the " Romance Room", a lovely French table and Victorian chair, and then, my favourite, a late 1800's Victoria ball and stick chaise, which sits beside my Lovsac. That's me, like noone else. Nothing exactly goes together, but it all just seems kind of cool. MANY many thanks for the lightswitch covers, they are wonderful and working out so nicely! It was funny, today arrangeing things, I had the thought that I don't know where anything GOES, and I am the one who gets to decide. Wonderful fun.....

The gigs last weekend were fun. Hot, and long, but I think I made a lot of people really happy, if only for a bit, and that, it seems to me, is why one should do them.

I can't wait to do it all again this coming weekend.

I can't wait until they are done so I can get back and see Malena, little bed bogging creature of the night that she is.


Blogging from bed,