Saturday, May 13, 2006

On the Road Soon....

So, it is coming up quickly, our BaltiCon, less than two weeks. We are really excited about getting to perform and getting to meet everyone, this is going to be a LOT of fun. I am sorry for those of you who can't get there, but you will be there in spirit and we will be doing complete reports and hopefully, get some video or tape of all the music for you.

So, what exactly are we doing there and with whom, you ask?

Well , for one thing, a concert, backed by the Tim Malloy's and our own producer, Adam Stemple. This is going to happen at 8:00pm Sunday night, I have been told, and we have the songs together, and the outfits picked out. Adam is an amazing guitarist, and also an author in his own right, having published, on his own " Singer of Souls" and with Jane Yolen " Pay the Piper" both are wonderful books, buy them and get them signed by Adam, is the best advice I can give you here today. He is also married , for many years now, to one of my longest and bestest friends, Betsy, she will also be coming to the Con, go up and introduce yourselves to her, I promise you , it will not be a dull expierence.

We are doing what is listed as a Children't Concert on Saturday at some point, which ought to be fun. Paul Score will be playing that with us, and we will be doing an all accoustic set for "kids" of all ages. Mostly it will be just us, some tunes and a whole bunch of bubbles and fun, acting silly. Yes, you're all invited.

There is a party on Sunday night too, starting around 10:00pm, which is being called a " Corset Party" but you do not HAVE to wear a corset, the only rule for it I am laying down is you MUST be wearing SOMETHING. We are not into naked. Paul and Malena and I , with Adam if he is around and the spirit moves him, will be playing some tunes , tho not doing a formal show. Just the sort of thing the musicisions DO at parties, and I for one, am really looking forward to it. There is a lot of stuff that we won't have time for at the concert, and it will be great to be able to kick back and mess around.

We are doing some other panel type things as well, and we will let you know as soon as we hear what and when they are.

Kitty and Malena, the Merch Queens , have been working for months on things for our table in the dealers room. We will have tee shirts, on sale for the very first time, and all sorts of other Goodies, including Nocturna Underwear! Yes, folks, be the first to own these little darlings. ( Anyone not coming, don't worry, all will be offered on the site very very soon! We would never leave you out!) We will of course sign anything, at any time. ( Remember that No Naked Rule tho , hee-hee ) Please feel free to come up and introduce yourselves at any time, we SO want to meet you all! We are not scary, really...

( ok, so maybe we ARE , but you lot have nothing to fear! )

Muic and magic, Lorraine a' Malena

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Lojo, Lorraine and Big Sexy Show!

Hello all, for those of you in the Midwest, here is some great news about a weekend of concerts in Stillwater, MN , with some old friends, and for those of you outside the Twin Cities, some info about a mightly fine singer/songwriter (and our own Johnny Sjogren) you might like to know....

On Friday, June 2nd, from 7:30pm to 11:30pm we have, from the Bad Boys of Irish Music, John, " Big Sexy" Sjogren coming down to Charlies Pub at the Historic Water Street Inn, for a concert with the Fabulous Lorraine, It's the Lorraine and Johnny Show, (Sometimes known as " Blarney Rubble " sorry!) and yes, anything can and will happen this night.
Get ready for some WHISKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on Saturday June 3rd Lojo Russo is coming home for a concert with the Fabulous Lorraine! We will be playing at Charlies Pub from 7:30pm to 11:30pm. Lojo has been away on tour for some time now, and we can't wait to have her all to ourselves again! For those of you who don't know Lojo she is a wonderful, quirky, strange, lovely, very very talented , singer, songwriter, comeadian little darling, who from time to time has more colours in her hair than I do. In other words, just like us. Spread the word, folks!

So that is Frinday night June 2nd, Johnny and Lorraine!

And on Saturday , June 3rd , Lojo and Lorraine!

Two great nights of music, heck, it is a hotel, get a room! Stay all weekend!

Ok, so you ask, where is PAUL SCORE in all of this? Has she ditched him for a Hot Women and a Guitar Playing Hard Whiskey Drinking Dude???? No, no, not to worry. Mr Score has ditched ME for the weekend, to go to , of all things, a Genetics Conference. What a day job! He should get serious!

Love and Music, Lorraine

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

As I Roved Out.....

Hello all, and I hope your May's are all going well. This is sometimes my favorite month of the year, Spring is here, even for those of us here in the North, maybe even those of you in Canada, and Things start growing again, little flowers bloom, trees get leaves, peas come up, and even if I am way way to busy these days to get out and enjoy it, I can look from time to time and get a feeling of " Oh, it's just all to lovely ".

Lots of Adventures happen in May. All you have to do is listen to any Folk/Celtic/Irish song going and over half of the songs, I guarantee you, will begin " As I roved out on a May Morning , on a May Morning quite Early " These people had some adventures I am telling you! I have been out early on many a May morning and I have never met a " Golden Youth" or a " Shy Lassie washing her feet" or a " Withered Old Women who turned out to be a Wicked old Witch ( or a fairy, horse or cursed princess ) or even " A band of Rovers " ( or Gypsies, Lords, Ladies , or Fey Folk )

( Of course, the other thing people do in these songs is DRINK. They drink Lots. I wonder , from time to time if the EARLY in these songs is not late at night, and not early after sleeping all night, and getting up refreshed, if you see what I mean. I can see drinking all night and having some wild stuff happen to you on your way home, at least in your mind, as you stumble from the pub homeward with or with out your horse, as it were. )

Or not. Who can say?

I went ( Roved ) out this morning , ( On a May Morning Quite Early ) for a walk, and I admit that some breathing room , stress relief and fitness were what I started out thinking about, but as I walked ( think roved ) it was in my mind that this WAS May, and anything, literally , anything could happen....

Of course, I didn't see the young girl doing her wash by the waterside, or the two lovers crying, or the mother singing to her fatherless child. Nor did I get drunk, make love, fall asleep and wake up in the fairy realm, or save my country, a cursed thing, or Farmer John's cow even but.....

There's always tomorrow, we have quite a bit of May left.

Love and Roving,

Sunday, May 07, 2006

At the Getty

For all you LaMies who don't live in LA, here's a few pics of the famous Getty Museum. Miles and I had a lovely time looking at art today. My favorite painter is:
William Bouguereau. I love how he painted in such a way that you couldn't see the brush strokes. I love how realistic and illuminated he made the skin look.

Ahhhh...And the Italian Furniture. The 16-early 1700's decor was divine.
Well, sadly there are no funny stories to report. Just a fine sunny day of romance and art. I didn't fall off the ledge and break my leg, and I didn't squish any bugs. (Guess I have been temporarily relieved of my cricket-nazi title) hee hee. Hey, I do love the songs they make. That should count for something! Oh, BTW, Here's a spider photo for you. Cruella is doing well. If only she were a vegan....

Malena and Cruella