Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wehooooooo! Lorraine will be here tomorrow. That means party time for Malena. Yes, I agree the baby kitty Misty is very very cute. What furry creature isn't? We love ani-mules here. I'm getting excited about this christmas party. It's an excuse to dress up. I love to dress up you know. Everywhere we go, I have to do a piggytail picture with Lorraine's hair. We love our little rainbow brite!

I think we're doing the webcam party on Sunday. More details tomorrow. I pick up Lorraine at 11 am. We'll be making bath bombs, soaps, and potions this weekend. I might even be tempted to eat a little chocolate. (Hey, Kitty AND Lorraine are coming over) What could be a better excuse?
We'll let you join in the party of course...filled with Music and Magic as usual.
I guess I won't wear my robe and slippers to the airport. Maybe I'll upgrade to Miles sweats and t shirt....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Misty the Wonder Cat

My " In basket " is often a strange and varied thing, but I am not sure how to file this one.....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cold, Cats and Friends

When I woke up early this morning to take Small Girl to school, it was 14 degrees below zero. That, for those of you who live anywhere but here and don't know, is really really cold. It is so cold it doesn't feel cold. For those of you in LA , where it will hit 80 today, that is 94 degrees COLDER than you.

I am really really glad that I am going to LA on Friday. I mean, I was glad before , but the stakes just went a little higher. ( Note to Corset Girl: may not be leaving after all )

I had so much fun getting to hang out with Kelli and Lisa this weekend. I have known Kelli since she was in college and she is truly one of the Slinkyest people I have ever known. Like water. Or Sky. She is at

Lisa Snellings, besides being one of my favourite artists going, has one of the wickest senses of humour going. Evil sisters incarnate we were. I haven't laughed so much in ages, ( or eaten that much chocolate, Dreamhaven is evil too ) it's been a while since we got to spend any time together and just hang out, and I think we will have to make it a regular thing. I wore my spider apron and cooked for her. She has promised to make me something dead. True friends I am thinking.

Sorry, Ravyn, about the lack of pictures, tho I see Lisa has posted a couple on her site, by the time we remembered it was 6 AM and we were going to the airport. Noone needs to see what that looked like.

And now this...

Every so often one of my cats goes a bit strange. ( read: REALLY strange ) She sees somthing in toliet paper that the rest of us miss. She sees it is evil, haunted, fey and without a doubt , after us. She sees it as prey. She will save us from it. I never actually see her doing this, nor do I know what sets her off, but every so often I will wake up, and there, from end to end of the house, are bits of the toilet paper, shredded, dead, and rendered harmless. A sleeping white cat in the hallway....

One never knows in this world, ( remember the Price story?? ) and I guess I am just glad that my Kitty is watching out.

Love and Cold, Lorraine

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Girls and Guitars

I am having great fun this weekend getting to spend time with both Kelli Bickman and the lovely Lisa Snellings, two people I never get to see enough of. I'll get Malena ( another person I never get to see enough of, hee-hee ) to post the links to their sites, if you don't already know their work, you need to.

Lisa will be at Baltic Con with us, and says that she will be coming to the Goddess Corset Party, in a corset of course. Her first , I believe. This is going to be some serious fun. I myself have serious doubts about ME coming in a corset. Malena and Kitty are on the Fast/diet from Health and Heavan , and getting slim and beautiful, while my poor diet has degenerated into the Anti-fast . ( IE I eat everything in site! ) Arggghh! Winter is just NOT a time for eating right and getting out. It's the eat comfort food and sleep time.

I am going to spend the rest of today working on the Songs for this Strange Party Malena has booked us at. She has talked me into Xmas Music, and a lot of other stuff too. It's me on the guitar which is a LITTLE scary. I have played guitar in public exactly once, and was meant to do three songs, but abandoned it after one and read an essay instead. I can certainly play the thing, but it's not like getting up with my violin, which for me is easy.

Fortunately for all concerned at this gig , our Malena can SING. Really sing. Which means all I have to do is back her up. Nice , easy gentle backing up on the guitar with hot, sultry, sexy ,siren vocals belting out over the top. I can do this. I am sure I can do this.

( No, I am not sure if I am trying to convince you or myself of this , hee-hee )

The only other thing I now need to do for it is figure out what the heck I am wearing. Again, fortunately for all concerned, Malena owns any number of evening gowns and will look STUNNING, so all I have to do , again, is back her up.

( oh I am funny today, it's that Lisa Snellings women's influence, I am sure of it )

Love and guitars,