Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Malena!!!!!!

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Ok, ok, so TODAY is our Malena's 26th Birthday! For some bizarre reason I thought her Birthday was on Thursday. Not sure why, but I thought I had two more days to come up with a really amazing Blog for her, but alas, she has informed me no no no, it is TODAY.

So here goes....It's time you knew the Truth....

Malena was born in 1124 ( at least that's as far back as we have records ) in a small cave on top of a very high mountain. Born to WHAT the record does not show, but we do know that from an early age, she could not abide the Sunlight , Evil or Mushrooms. ( contrary to popular Myth, her kind CAN go out in the Sunlight, they just don't LIKE it. )

The records of her early years are sporadic and incomplete, but we do know that she spent some time in England at the Court of Kind Henry the 8th and it was said that having seen her once , and that from across the room, no women ever satisfied him again. ( hence all those darn Wives )

Malena sings. She may have in fact been the first singer. It is suggested the stars appeared in the sky for the first time, upon hearing her sing for the first time, tho that may , in fact be Wimsey and a Folktale. Some scholars believe that the Sirens Song that lured so many to their deaths outside of Greece was Malena singing to Mermaids, it is known they love music and were great friends of hers. Ulysses's is the only known mortal to have escaped alive, which he did by stopping his ears with wax.

Speaking of which, it is generally not known, but true , that Beethoven , the great composer, was having nothing but trouble one night, and went for a walk to clear his head, under the full moon one evening, and met with her. It is said that the next day, tho deaf from that night on, he began the greatest of all periods of his career.

Not much is remembered of her travels until the early 20th century when she landed in New Orleans, having followed an alligator shape shifter named Maurice. It was there she met up with the legendary ( if not semi-mythical ) duo, Pansy Smith and Violet Jones. They are in fact, the only two musicians known to have encountered her and not only lived to tell the tale, but go onto greatness. Before they disappeared.

It is popularly accepted that Malena can move between the worlds and is as comfortable in Fairy ( or any other realm, who are we, as mortals , to say ? )as she is in this one.

Malena is currently enjoying " life" as a singer and actress, growing strange herbs in garden at night, and smiling secret smiles when asked where it is she lives by day. I can tell you this, it is a crypt, in a dark and secret place, filled with her friends, most of which are bats, and one of which...

Is me.

Happy Birthday Malena!!!!!!!