Thursday, January 31, 2008

Madame Malena Mim: Supermodel Kitty!

Here's some shots of Malena's namesake following in her footsteps yet again, as a supermodel Kitty...My Boss took these this morning, and they are so truly lovely, that I had to drop everything and post them...

Love and Mimsy,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Starring Madame Malena Mim as Herself!

All about Mim tonight we are....Let's start with a picture I got today from the wonderful family who raised her so far.....

It was Take Your Kitten to Work Day, today, so here is some cuteness from that adventure...Coconut adores her and washed her and purred. Would that Venus was as happy...

Of course, not quite sure how Mim felt about this impromptu bath....

Here's Kelli haveing some Kitten Time....

And yet more cuteness....

And, uh, THIS just came to me. Do you think someone is envious of her namesake????? Or is this what she turns into on full moons??? Who knew????

(she slays me. Literaly.)

Love and Kitties,

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Weekend in Photos

Kimberly sent me a LOT of photos , so here you go....

Let's start with the Graveyard, as they are always the most fun, the older the better I say. Sadly, it was daytime and not at night, under a full moon , with Things creeping from their Graves....

Here is Washington Irving's grave. He was the only one we knew in Sleepy Hollow, the rest of the graves are random dead.

Kimberly, amazing photographer that she is, shot this picture of the inside of the old church ( which, a sign says, has been there and continually holding services for 300 years, except during the revolution ) I love the way the outside got into the shot, pretty darn cool I say.

Here is a truly glamorous shot of me and Kimberly in the , uh, parking lot, at Macbeth.

And here is me working on my dramatic acting skills, stabbing Kim's daughter Caitlen , ala Macbeth.

I call these next ones " My Big Head in the Sea, Big Head in the Woods and Big Head in the City "

This last one is my favorite , it looks like we are Very Afraid of something.

I hope you enjoyed this little My Weekend in Photos. Tomorrow , the Star of the photo essay ( the first of many , I am thinking ) is Madame Malena Mim!

Love and Pictures,

Monday, January 28, 2008

All Mimsy Were the Borogoves....

Meet " Madame Malena Mim !! " She's finally here, and more sweet and lovely than I had ever thought a Kitty could be. She doesn't seem to want to be more than a foot away from me. Freaky Venus isn't sure yet, but I think will come around. We are camera-less until Wednesday, so better pics are coming, but here is a photo booth shot for now... ( Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...)

She acts Bengal-like, but is also more Cat-like than Venus ever was. Madame Mim was raised in a family, and Venus in a cat cage. She talks while she eats, which is really funny. Venus growled a bit, and is now using the new litter box, just to show who is who and what is what. Madame Malena Mim reminds me of our Malena, she is beautiful and sweet and loving and then all of a sudden, WHAM! She grows fangs and claws and jumps on your head! ( The quality of mercy is not strained )

This weekend in New York was wonderful fun! Macbeth was well over worth going out for. My only regret is I only got to see it once, ought to have got tickets for the day and evening shows. It was easily the best Macbeth I have ever seen, and I have seen a LOT. Magic, pure magic. I have nothing bad to say about it. Casting, acting, costumes, blood, magic, all wonderful. If you can get there, go. I don't want to say too much, if you can see it you will know . Every director has a different image of what the play should be, and this is so very different than any other . I will say, the most sucessful Macbeths are the ones that understand that there is as much comedy in a tragedy, as there is tragedy, and the line is very, very fine. ( The Plays the thing...)

The Porter was , by FAR , the best Porter scene ever. ( I actually saw a production some years ago where they CUT the porter scene. Gads, I say, gads. These guys, tho, got it. ) And the Witches , hmm, for lack of elagant words, and not wanting, again, to give away anything, blew me away! I loved the way they saw this play. Very like how I see it and I will never forget it.( A hit, a very palpable hit )

On Sunday Kimberly and I spent the day in a graveyard in Sleepy Hollow, we went to Washington Irvings grave and left a penny ( not sure why, but there were others there and it seemed right. ) She has promised to send me some pictures, she, being a photographer, took some wonderful ones. . ( If you see me tomorrow, you will find me a grave man...)

This must needs be short tonight. Madame Malena Mim is curled up beside me and Freaky Venus Seaweed keeps trying to attack thru the pillow block I have set up so I can write. Poor Madame Malena Mim has had a day of it. It was funny when I picked her up, I heard her long before I saw her, everyone did, she let us know how she felt about the plane, leaving home, and cat carriers in general. ( Lord, what fools these mortals be )

I am glad she is here tho. And soon ( one prays ) Venus will be too.

Eye of newt and toe of frog....