Saturday, June 21, 2008

Part 2 coming up!

Hello all,

One more night of live recording....One, More. Night.

Last night was a whole lot of fun, tho I don't know if we got anything we could use, it makes one a little weird when you keep thinking how perfect it has to be, but once we forgot about THAT we had fun.

There was a group of Decidedly NOT People Like Us in there for a B'day gathering when we got there to st up, I wasn't worried as I was sure they would move on, but they got a little drunker, and demanding we sing Happy B'day for their friend (Hey, before start time, and no tip? Now way...) They weren't even nice about it. Some of the people who came to see us were getting worried and talking about leaving, as this group was no fun, and I said, sit tight, I have a Plan.


You never saw people bail so fast! I was so proud. Then I told everyone who was there to see us that I made that up, and we got the last laugh!

One more night, where I will try and remember not to talk over the intros to the songs, and try and pace the show a little better, and ost of all,

Try to Rock.

Wish you were here! THEN it would be a party! More tales of Adventure With Dan Guy tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

Love Lorraine

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wonder Woman and Cthulhu

What a beautiful day it has been. HOT too. Some areas on LA hit 100 degrees today. I'm getting used to it, the heat. I'd like to thank all of you for your beautiful birthday wishes, paintings and poems. I got a beautiful one from Michael Zulli today. His work is so ethereal and magic. Here's a cute drawing from Nathalie that I think need to be a Salem greeting card titled,

"Malena, The vigilante witch"

NOTICE the BOXING glove! Love it!

I have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow, I'm going out with my friends. David's twin brother Daniel is getting married Saturday and I am the hair and makeup girl. I made her hairpiece tonight with pearls and roses. I love to do such things. On Sunday, I'm going shooting at an indoor range in Calabasas. Wehoooooooooo! Then it's martial arts training with Mr. Lau. LOVE THAT! Miles bought me THE Wonder Woman cape, Cthulhu earrings (yes ebay is the place), some spidery things, a vampira tank top and gladiatrix flat boots. I feel loved. Can't wait to be in shape for Halloween and wear it. I have the whole outfit except the hotpants and the bustier...which will be custom made in spandex of course.

Tonight is the full moon, so at 12 midnight my time, (yes 5 mintues away) I will be out praying in the courtyard. Say your prayers tonight and make your needs known to the universe. I know prayer works. I see it everyday with so many clients and friends. I will be thinking of all of you tonight. Thank you for all your love and support all these years. Lorraine and I have the best blog going thanks to all of you.

Love and Magic,


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Day Before Dan Guy Came....

It is probably best that today was not considerably exciting, as Dan Guy is coming tomorrow, and Cabal has Dog School and that ought to be enough excitement for anyone.

I took my bow to a new place for re-hairing (No, I do NOT need to hear from you Mr Score on how I have been meaning to do this for months, and have had two weeks since the last gig to take care of this, and am only now two days before the big show getting around to getting it done...)

The New Guy was extremely critical, and spent forever looking at my bow. Discussing it at great length the entire time, before he moved on, un-asked, to the state of my bridge, pick up and violin in general, not finding much he approved of him. Hmmph. Artists.

Obviously, I adore him. Man who can talk like that to me knows his stuff.

Spooky Daughter came and cleaned. Now, I am not adverse to cleaning my own house, I am just not very good at it. And there's that whole time thing. For some reason, she is amazing with Kitchens and Bathrooms. Like an art or a passion. The rest of the house looks good, but the Kitchen and Bathrooms...I am currently lying in the kitchen on the floor typing this, simply because it feels so good to be in there. (I can't blog from the bathroom, that would be weird, unless you were in the tub.)

And I sure don't want to give anything away here, but tomorrow IS the Birthday of a certain little dark haired Vampire friend of ours.....She is going to be mad at me when I tell her that her present form me is not ready yet, and won't be for a week, but I think I found something she is REALLY going to love. She will call me: BUZZARD!!! Which is what she says when I do things I should not that she loves....I would tell you all about it, but she IS the other half of this blog, and will likely be reading this, but let me be the first to say...


Love and such things,

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Day the Circus Came to Town!

Took the Dog to the Circus tonight.

Bet you didn't see that one coming. If I'd been thinking ahead, I would have brought all four of the Bengals, and with me and my new RED hair, we could have BEEN the circus.

It went like this, tonight's Canine Good Citizen/Outdoor Adventure class met at the Rec Park. We go somewhere new every week, hence the "Adventure" bit. And, gosh darn, if the Circus wasn't in town!

As you might expect, this provided an entire level of "Working With Distractions."

Hey, does your dog chase cats? Walk him past the EIGHT tigers in open sided cages! Does your dog think he is the biggest thing going? The elephants can help! Having a problem with a Dog meeting new people...?????

We have clowns.

Dogs HATE clowns. Sometimes Dogs are not so dumb. Clowns are scary.

Cabal did really well. The other Dog Owners despair when they see his most excellent leash walking and sit/stay skills. I point out that this is his fifth time in Dog School. It's like he is in third grade, but repeated first and second twice.

It's fun, tho. And tonight we got to go to the Circus.

Today was much work, tho I did get the evil cable/phone/Internet company to lower my bill by $50. It's not easy You have to keep calling, over and over, and end up saying things like "Well, gee wiz, if I leave you for Company X for phone and Internet my bill drops $50, are we saying farewell, or are you re-doing my package?"

(which sounds vaguely naughty, somehow)

Venus and Mim did NOT like me staying away last night. Took out two lamps and a nice box filled with dried flowery bits. I actually kind of like my house with dried flowery bits scattered from end to end, so this is good, and lamps are over-rated. I only mention this because they are sitting on the couch with me, one on either side, WATCHING as I type, and if I do a whole blog about taking the dog to the Circus and don't mention them, I am afraid of what they might do next.

Love and critters,