Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hard Core TEVES fan

Miles got a cool fan letter the other day. This dude had one of Miles' demons tattooed on his back. WOW! Now, that is a serious fan, ah? We love him! I must say, before I met Mr. Gorgeous I was thinking of the same thing. However, it would be silly to tattoo a photo of myself (Nocturna) on myself. BUT! Anyone else who wants the Queen of the Damned on their back is more than welcome. Mwaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Lorraine will be out twice in December. We're so excited! That means making potions, scarves, and doing full moon rituals (which consist of giggling in the courtyard dressed in velvet gowns while sipping Orangina and eating chocolate) But, hey if you do anything enough times, it becomes ritual. I guess that means I'm the sex magic diva too...

Speaking of foul mouthed salacious behavior, we are going to be webcamming on the 30th. Lorraine and I will figure out a time. Let us know if you have any requests.
I hear Bird Chick and Paul from FU will be joining us. That guarantees it will get out of hand. I'm the sweet shy one out of this bunch you know. Scary thought isn't it? AND in order for me to crowd surf at Balticon, we need lots of people to show up. Yes, I do have lots of padding but I don't want to use it. I need to save it for the corsets.
Music and Demonic crowd surfing,

Gigs of Thanksgiving

This has been a really wonderful week. Thanksgiving was fine, actually Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday night, the club was packed. I hadn't thought of that , I went in thinking it would be mellow , kind of a rehersal, but , no , wall to wall people.

The rest of the nights have been every bit as fun, we are having a blast, Johnny, Mullie and I. We have been calling ourselves " Fabulous Lorraine and Her Little Irish Leprechauns " I could do this more often. I can't remember when I have had more fun in a band.

( no, I meant EXCEPT for Malena, of course!!!!! )

One girl offered us $30 for every Johnny Cash song we could play, and went off to the ATM to make good on it. ( for $30 a song, my CAT will go up and pull out some Johnny Cash )

Someone else came up and gave me a 4-leaf clover and told me he loved my music.

Another girl said she had a bet on and if she could go up and strum the guitar for a moment, she would win two shots. ( she won them, but I am unsure she NEEDED them, hee-hee )

Fitz from Keirran's, Paul from FU and a harmonica player whose name I can never remember all sat in at various times.

The music has been very very cool. Johnny on guitar, and Mullie alternating between guitar and bass. I have learned I like playing Beatles songs. ( Let It Be is maigc. I never knew that before ) I have learned Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson go over great in Irish Bars. I have learned that U2 is a blast to play accousticly.

Tonight is the last night, which from a sleeping point of view is a Really Really Good Thing. I keep waking up early in the morning, even when I don't get to sleep before 4 or so, but even tho I am pretty tired, I will miss this gig. Hope it happens again soon.

What else? I am pretty brain dead gig head zombie-ish tonight and I have to leave for the club very shortly...Oh, I hadn't actually known myself that Malena could both wear white and go out in the sun, as we see from her picture, she never does that around ME, makes me wonder what else the girl can do.

I think I'll stick around and find out.

Love and music,

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I am thankful

This year has past so quickly for me. Lorraine and I accomplished a lot in 12 months. We met, formed a band, decided on songs, hired musicians and artists and became best friends ALL over the phone...Basically. (We have been blessed to see each other about once a month. Yeah!)
As I was saying, I have a lot to be thankful for. For this one day I won't worry about how countries are being fed "democracy" at gun point, how Arnold is planning to pull the plug on school funding, how hurricane victims are suffering with no food, how governments are being overthrown by men who were once allies, and so on and so forth. Today, I will think of how I can make a positive effect on this planet by my words and deeds. All I have to give is my talents and my values. I always hope they will influence someone in a positive way.

It has been so fun to write back and forth to all of you. Blogging has made it apparent to me there are many like minded people in the world who WANT to share their light with us. We thank you for that. This project has been so revitalization for me. I am constantly thinking of new things to make and do. Books, CD's, etc. Lorraine is the grounded one out of the two of us. I say,
"Hey, let's do a video in the graveyard where we turn into banshees and float into the night sky!" Then she says,
"Well, in order to make that happen we need X, Y, and Z. Let's start with X Malena."
And together we get it done.

There are no puffed up egos in this band. That's why we get a lot done in a short time. Everyone works together, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. The studio was seamless, and from what I hear that is a rarity. h eeeeh heee

So, while you're all gorging yourselves with turkey and cheesecake, remember how good you've really got it. Stop to tell everyone you love how special they are to you and how you couldn't live without them. Then, eat some leftovers, type us a message and tell us how it all went.

I love you all

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I am gigging on Thanksgiving. It's actualy been one of my favourate times to play. By 9:30 at night, everyone is tired of eating, tired of family or trying to figure out WHAT they are going to do with the six cousin's from the next state over.

Party Time.

And it's the Tim Malloys. I have been sitting in lately for whichever Malloys can't make it, sometimes it is Mully and sometimes it is Adam. This week Adam is off for a Holiday and it will be me and Big Sexy and Mullie.

( holding my own in THAT boy band is a challange, at least I look better in a mini skirt than they do! )

And the music is a LOT of fun. I love playing songs I have never heard and trying to figure them out on the fly. I love it when it works.

It's sometimes even funner when it doesn't.

I love not knowing what will happen.

I'd love it if you showed up.

Half Time Rec, Wednesday thru Saturday this week, with the Tim Malloys.

Love and Saw Art,

Monday, November 21, 2005

Le petite Nocturna

Ok, I don't remember who asked me to dig up a baby Malena photo, but here you go. I was in 4th grade I think. Don't you love the high fashion hair-do? I still have those cheeks too.

Plain Malena Jane

Our friend was over at the house yesterday putting a light in my closet. That meant we had to move everything out of Lorraine's bedroom/my studio. Between the trips of moving clothes, He said, "Malena, are all your clothes this..well, spooky?"
I thought that was really cute. I didn't realise how odd my wardrobe looked to the outside person. (The reason I needed a light is because all my clothes are variations of black) I like to call it, "The bruise pallette" All shades of red, purple, blue, black and green.
I can't wait for Balticon so I can wear all this stuff. I wore a "casual little number" to an audition the other day and the PA said,
"Ah, you might want to dress up a little when you meet so and so." I said, "Like this?"
I guess my dark purple snake skin dress wasn't it. Nooooooo! He ehe
From now on, I am going to wear black pants and a waiters shirt..and flats. Most actors are short. I must seem like a Russ Meyers girl to them. And that's really not what I want to portray, now is it. He ehee I'm more of a spiritual vampire looking creature who can act...and sing!

Lorraine will be gigging on thanksgiving. I on the other hand will be cooking for Miles and all our industry friends. Maybe I should make carrots wrapped in lettuce with a celery puree'! I'm always working on my figure too, but I say,
Let's get crazy for just one day! Brownies and cheesecake for all! I'll have to take photos of me in my black satin apron. So, eat, drink and be merry everyone. It's only one day!