Thursday, January 24, 2008

La Befana and best friends

I feel very loved today! Lorraine sent me a box of her prized canned fruits and veggies she grew from the garden mixed with some beautiful oddities. My favorite was the roman coin.

It made me shiver every time I held it in my hand. I imagined all the hands it passed through 2000 years ago and how our society mirrors Rome. I can feel things when I touch them. Just like I can see into a person's soul when I look at a photo. (Comes in handy when doing readings)

To make the week even sweeter, I received an Italian candy witch from Nathalie in celebration of "La Befana", a holiday in Italy where people give each other candy filled WITCHES and sweets. Sign me up! Thank you Nathalie!

I feel so blessed to have such true friends. And btw,

Lorraine's Birthday is on February 15th. She is having a cele-birthday-athon. More details soon. I hear she is doing lots of gigs with Paul, The Tim Malloys and Lojo Russo. WOW! I won't be able to attend, as I am working on a project here in La la land.

I have 3 big wop tee do parties this weekend. I'd better get to my dressing room and find some gowns. One night is corsets and leather pants, the next is a demure tea length gown (I'm most nervous about pulling off "demure")and the next is full on witchy Malena (which is no problem, I'll just leave my fangs home). Photos to follow, of course!

Thank you all for being such good friends to us! We love you!

The Batty Busy Malena

P.S. Here is a photo of the actual coin so you can see the size.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I know a serect.....

And I want you to know about it too!

Kelli Bickman , a ( currently ) red-haired artist from New York ; whose work has been shown in galleries world wide ; a multi award winning photographer, painter and filmmaker AND ( ah-hem! ) a good friend of mine, now has an Ebay store. She is selling both paintings and signed , very rare , posters , signed by none other than my Boss.

( for the two of you out there who might not know who THAT is, he is Neil Gaiman, a writer of some renown. Tho he does not, sadly, have red hair like Kelli and myself )

I was just over there, at Kelli's store, and I cannot believe what these paintings and posters are going for. You need to see these, and get some bids in, before people discover it and the prices go sky high. Matter of time. And not much of it.

What I love best , I think, about Kelli's work that one can dream in it. You can look at her paintings forever , and never see all there is. You can get lost in them and not care, really, if you come back out or not. Every painting is a story, and she is a storyteller, like the storytellers who once sat around the fires at night, and explained what the moon was and most importantly, why it was. She will wrap you in her work and you will be happy.

Kelli is a painter like my Boss is a writer. Like Malena is a singer. Like the sun is a pretty nifty star to have around. She is also kind of a Dork, in the same way Malena and I are. ( and anyone who tells you that is a bad thing, is NOT a one of US ! )

You will love her. She will love you. Go, now, and make friends...

Love and paintings,