Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bound in Corsets of LOVE

I was introduced to Alter Ego Corsets when Miles bought me one for Christmas, one for Valentines, and so on and so forth. Then I started ordering a few for Lorraine. (Alter Ego has great prices so you can afford to go a little psycho.) As many of you know, I am a HUGE corset fan. What girl wouldn't adore a piece of clothing that pushes up the bosoms and slims the hips, right? I have many corsets, but Alter Ego takes designing VERY seriously. The outside is made of fine lambskin leather and the inside is lined in comfy cotton. Every seam is finished beautifully and they're steel boned! They've even sewn in a see through window for your business card.

So, I took it upon myself to write Karolyn at Alter Ego and tell her how I adored their fashion line. And of course, I told her about our band. One thing led to another and now...................................

Alter Ego is our Official Band Corsetier! Yeah! Wehoooo. Yea baby! Uuuu Hu u hu u hu! We will look more fabulous than ever at our first photo shoot this week. So, thank you Karolyn. We will enjoy every moment of being bound in your leather corsets while singing to the world. If your are into corsets, be sure to check the Alter Ego store. The link is on our front page. Let the Dress up Day begin!

12 More Hours....

I am back from Texas now. STILL tired from being in Texas. Had a great time at the Tim Malloy's and Boiled in Lead Thursday night on St Pat's Day , those boys can rock! All very fun, saw lots of people , did much dancing, came home and slept for nearly 20 hours.

Still tired.

But excited. Very very excited. 12 hours until Malena gets here and we Finally meet for the first time. Her plane gets in at 6:00 am this mornng. Sleep? I think not. Our familes are bearing up well during this, tho we are getting the " You will see her in a few hours, why are you on the phone AGAIN! "

Lots to talk about. Mostly it goes like this:

ME: I am SO excited!

HER: I am way to excited!

ME: This is so cool!

HER: This is so cool!

ME: What are you briging?

HER: Everything!

ME: I am so excited!

And so it goes....More and more corsets are showing up here at the house. Malena is , apparently , a very corset minded person, and has landed us a featured designer endorsement deal with Alter Ego Corsets, which is very fun. They send them to us now and she assures me we are going to look Wonderful. She has also said she will teach me how to wear them, get into them, and out of them again. Ah, leather....No more cowboy clothes for this girl! ( tho we SO need a picture of Malena in a corset and the pink cowboy hat, yes? )

I am SO excited.....

Love, Lorraine, soon to be Lorraine AND Malena

Rock Star Packing Issues

THe Fabulous Lorraine and I are so excited about this trip. In about 16 hours, we will finally see each other.......for the first time. I'm busy packing and it's not the first time I've needed a bus to transport my closet.

Oh yes!
I am bringing Feathers, Leathers, and Laces too.
Ribbons and Rhinestones and lots of things to do
Sexy shoes for the studio to finish us off right
And in the end Neil will say,
Oh, What a sight!"

We playing two mini concerts and we're doing three photo shoots. Trust me, her house will never be the same again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Zombie Lorraine

My Boss blogs quite a bit and every so often he would come in very grumpy and explain he had just typed the most wonderful entry , full of facts and fascinating bits of things , only to have it vanish due to some sort of computer weirdness , taking the work of the past hour with it.

I don't think I was ever properly sympathetic. Now I know. Ah, my yesterday's entry, so full of wit, wisdom and most likely the finest thing anyone has ever written...Gone , gone it was....

I am running out of interesting things to say about Texas. Actually, I am a Zombie. Life gigging on the road has narrowed to Eat , Show , Eat, Sleep , Eat, Show, and Sleep again, but never for long enough. And I am to the point where I don't much care which of them is coming up next. I have learned that Teleprompters are hypnotic, and not to watch them during the speeches. Waking up from some sort of trance , to find yourself on stage dressed as a cowboy in front of a thousand people is un-nerving, to say the least.

I did find SPA yesterday afternoon. Ah, spa. I walked in to find the hot tub and started talking to the front desk. Never walk into a spa as Zombie Girl, they could have sold me anything. Sign me up, says I, for what says they, What ever says I, it all looks good.

I had my hot tub.

I got my toes painted Blood Red. Always wanted blood red toes.

I signed up for massage .

I had my first facial, by some sort of Facial Goddess named Tilley. Tilley was great, she had wonderful taste in music , meaning she liked all the same bands that I did and we had a great time together and I learned many things I did not know about what goes on regarding your face . I got to experience The Mask and felt more like Alien Malena than Zombie Lorraine. Tilley got to hear much more than maybe she wanted to about Lorraine a' Malena and at one point said " You two must be nervous and excited beyond belief to have done all this and know you are going to meet for the first time in just a few days "

Yes. Yes , I said, that would about cover it.

I spoke to Malena a while ago, and she has apparently gone on some sort of Corset Frenzy. " I just ordered you another corset" says she . " But you ordered one for me yesterday , and if I am not mistaken, the day before as well" quoth I. " Well, yes " she informs me " you are going to look REALLY great "

Hard to pin that girl down.

Tomorrow I do the show one more time and fly home. It's the first time in years I haven't had a gig on St Pats Day, so I am going to dance the night away at First Avenue, with the Tim Malloys and Boiled in Lead. In my cowboy clothes, I think. ( no, I do not need some sort of Country and Western intervention, I can stop any time I want to...)

For now, it’s the point in the day where we do the show one more time, and then eat, then I go back to the Mustard Room for one more night, where I am hoping my band mate, the one with the Red or Magenta Skin and Long Dark hair ( uh, that's YOU , Malena, don't leave me alone my last night in Texas!!! I really really need you!!! I know your best friend has turned into a Zombie, but these things happen. I never said a word when you turned into an Alien...) will call up and tell me more about these corsets, and the fun we are going to have next week, or even just sing me to sleep, once again.

Happy St Patrick’s Day , everyone!


Monday, March 14, 2005

Red Girls, Texas and Corsets

Painted Red? Tomorrow Magenta? Yesterday a Mummy? That girl does lead an interesting life. I suppose my little " well I had a 6:30 am call this morning , where I sound checked and then got dressed in my purple cowgirl clothes , AND my pink hat and then sat around a fake campfire and played for 900 builders " isn't going to sound quite as exciting.....Malena, my dear, wash that red paint off, get your mind back on our music and call me tonight!!!

( tho I do love the idea of pictures at this point....I will post cowgirl pics when I get back to town on Thursday, and you can post, uh, Red Girl shots and Mummy shots , the world has truly never seen a band like this before! )

The show has been going well, and last night I heard the sweetest words ever when the stage manager said " ditch the costumes and just play your own music for the reception " It was full on Folk UnderGround madness and everyone concerned had a Great time!

I agree with Malena completely on this size issue, WHO are these people making clothes for ???? How can she be considered large??? Did anyone watch 13 Nights of Fright??? This is NOT an Extra Large women here!


One thing I have been looking forward to with our band and our blog is answering queries and questions and comments from fans, and for the first time now , we have one. I'll take this one , Malena, and you can comment as you see fit....

Dear Sweetie, ,( where ever you are when this arrives. ) Thanks for the "link" to your Lorraine a Malena website. Gotcha. You look good and I spent some time reading the website and it is newsy. But, Girl, what's this with corsets? I remember a child of 8 who once saw a girdle of mine and who stated that she would never wear one of "those" Corsets, my, my, my. I can see that you are having fun with your talent. But WHAT is with the Corsets ???? Love, Grandma

( there is no way this is going to go over well, you know....)

Hi Grandma,

Hmm, I'll try and explain. Corsets nowadays are a little different. They are made of Leather, generally Black Leather, and not cotton, and Malena and I wear them as clothes, and not underwear. Mostly without anything under them too. You know, for photos, on stage, doing the housework....

I hope this answers your questions and doesn't effect my chances for a Birthday Present this year.

Love, Lorriane

And love and Light from Texas, says Lorraine to anyone , everyone, and in particular, to you , Malena you, who is coming to visit in just 6 days!!!!

She Devil loven'

Huge green rooms? Fake Campfire? Ah! I want to be there with you Qwitchie. I told you they'd love ya! Them cowboys ain't never seen a fine young lady like yerself, purple hair an' all. Who-eeee doggie! Bet ya look mighty fine! Mm Mmmm, I'd be proud ta take ya to meet Ma en' em.

I am getting ready to be painted red from head to toe. I get to be a Frazzetta girl this week...and a honorary flash girl next week. Oh yes, my life is a cartoon. I'm so thankful! hee hee

Miles and I went shopping yesterday. We found a fabulous spider neckace and a ring to add to my collection. NECROMANCE on Melrose is the place to buy creepy jewels. I will take you there in April when we see Tori.

I had a great conversation with the owner of a goth shop. We agreed that american sizes SUCK! Clothing is NOT made for women anymore. The fashion industry is controlled by a bunch of "happy" middle aged men who are in denial about what a real woman looks like. Don't they know they'd make more $$ if they cut garments for women with curves. Most of us have them no? I swear women's clothing is made for coke addicts and little boys. I understand my 6 foot tall frame is not average, but neither is a size 2! There is something wrong with the world when I have to squeeze into an XL when I weigh 142 pounds. All I can say is, thank God for Alter Ego corsets.
Well, that's my morning rant. I'll talk to you soon. Have a good day ROCK STAR Qwitchie!

Love you!
Malena Medium Red tomorrow, Malena Magenta

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cowgirl Quiche

Sexy 'lil Wrassler???? Methinks Mummy Malena has been Plastered to long ...Ok, Malena, many thanks for the song. Very cute and when I stop laughing I will finish writing this post. Can't wait until I lose it in front of the Cowboy Builders , when I begin to sing the Builder version of Home on the Range and have visions of corsets dancing in my head. Or visions of the Mummy coming on out with us to our little fake campfire. ( yes, we do have one )

Anyway..I imagine that Malena and I will frequently be talking about clothes and corsets and outfits and how much fabulously funky fun we are having playing dress up. ( I want to be a mummy too!!! ) but I don't imagine that it will ever go quite like this again. Her a Mummy and me, well....

" This morning I am wearing black cowboy boots, a long tan leather skirt, a mutli shaded peach shirt shot thru with silver and sateen, all topped with a pink cowboy hat "

( NOTE: my hat is NOT a gentle shade of pink, but full on screaming demon of Mother of God pink, and it actually goes quite nicely with my Black , Blonde , Burgandy and Purple hair...which , yes, I am wearing in pony tails )

I was doing ok with this until Amy the stage manager came in and lost it. " Oh Dear God. Oh My God" says she. When she could speak again. Once she got off the floor where she had been laughing. " I mean, no, you look fine, really, it's just that it's not, not , not, YOU..." Sigh. Have to agree. ( I want to be a mummy too )

The boys, Paul and Trevor, I should note, look great. Better than great. HOT. Texas may be getting to me....

I have always wanted a huge stage set up like this with tons of equipment and people running around doing who knows what and and someone taking care of every detail for you, with state of the art sound , dressing rooms with your name on them , green rooms with food and HUGE video sceens. Got it now. All of it.

And I got one word for what it feels like to finally see yourself up on the huge video screens while dressed as Annie Oakley gone bad.

Surreal. Very very surreal.

I can dream of being a Mummy and Malena, my dear, hows about you start thinking of dressin up in some of this cowboy gear? We'll show 'em sexy lil wrasslers!

Love and laughter from Cowboy town,


PS Promise, this only lasts a week and then we will return to our regularly scheduled nightmares....

Plastered Malena

And just when you thought my reality couldn't get any weirder, it just did. I spent all day yesterday covered in plaster.
Miles is doing a life cast of my body for this movie he's working on. So, while Lorraine is singing country for hundreds of corporate cowboys, I am transforming into "Mummy Malena". Now I know what it feels like to wear heavy armour. Heavy baby!
It was actually quite fun. I can't wait for him to cast my face. (That's when you get straws stuck up your nose so you can breath as your entire head is slowly mummified in plaster) It will be goodbye reality! Sounds fun. I can only say that because Mr. Gorgeous is the artist holding all the cards. It wouldn't be fun otherwise, just embarrassing.

I miss you Qwitchie! I can't wait for our new corsets to come from ALTER EGO. They make the best stuff. (It takes a true magician to bind up our bustlines.)

Oh give me a home, where the corsets roam
where Qwitchie and Witchy play
where seldom is heard a discouraging word
and the stores are not crowded all day..............

Keep yer' chin up ya sexy lil wrassler!

Malena the Mummy