Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Week I FInally Lost My Mind...( what was left of it )

Madness, pure madness. That, my dearlings, would be my life right now.

Last weekend went pretty much how I had thought , with some interesting twists. Did the show Saturday day shows, froze most of the day. I forget , here in the frozen tundra, fall comes when it comes and when it comes, IT IS HERE. One day, summer, next day, FALL. I mean cold, and leaves and colour, the whole bit.

Fall came Saturday. Didn't know that Saturday morning. Dressed for summer. Did show. Froze at show.

Left the show, wearing all that I possesed and drove three hours NORTH, to a wedding. Set up, played after dark, outdoors , until midnight, with the Tim Malloys. Nice wedding, nice people, like weddings, like the money. Very. Very. Cold. Big Sexy brought along his leather duster, which goes to the ground on him, now he is a big man and a little over 6 feet. He is also like unto a God, for he leant me the duster in between sets.

May have actually saved my life.

Somewhere in that madness I begin to suspect I am becoming ill, like some sort of evil cold virius in my throat.

One the way home I am sure of it. Now , home , for the evening, as we will be arriving around 5 AM and my first show is 10 AM , is the floor, ( which we have thoughtfully made up ahead of time,) of Big Sexy's tent, out at the fest.

I add the Duster to the blankets on the floor, sleep for four hours and awake SICK like a dog. Chest and throat. I start to go up to do the show, and realize it is RAINING. Not a good sign. No violins in the rain. Sing? Oh, Gods....

Go home , where I will spend the next 2 and a half days in bed. Then back to work, all seems well now, my evil virus has most thoughtfully moved into my ears, where it will no doubt lodge happily thru my next set of shows.

Which start Friday night, at Charlies, the Fest on Saturday, then Charlies, again with Paul Saturday night , then Fest on Sunday.

Monday? I send my Boss off to the UK on his next tours and then get on a plane to LA.

Here are some nice before and after pictures of me for you........

Gods, I love rock-n-roll.

Love and Music, Lorraine

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pre- Halloween Happiness

(Yes, those ARE my new vampire teeth.) I already bragged about them on myspace, so I'll save you the rant. BTW, The Demon Hunter's Handbook, Illustrated by MY Mr. Gorgeous is available at Barnes and Noble.

This town is buzzing with whispers of secret Halloween parties and events. Halloween is a comin' LaMies. It's my favorite time of the year, especially with all the FX parties. Finally I will be able to wear some of my REAL Malena outfits. Fablo will be out here soon. Shhh! I'm taken' her out baby! I won't take no for an answer.

Because I am getting into the Halloween spirit, I will be sending out a FEW LaMie gift baskets, not jut one. I was looking through my gift drawer the other day and said to myself, "It's LaMie gift time"
In a week or so, I'll announce this month's winners.

We have some LaMie babies to show off! Mistress Mousey's "Alistair crawly" sent us a darling photo. LOOK AT THE baby! Cuteness!
AND.... Miles friend, Gino Acevedo and his partner Liz had a baby girl the other day. She'll be the youngest person at Weta. Congratulations! Miles cousin also had a baby girl. I've got some baby shopping to do. Oh honey! Twist my arm.... Man it is baby season! I'm the Fairy God Mother around here. All my daughter's friends call me that, and the young girls I read for..that I adopt. Someone is always coming to borrow a gown or shoes or jewels. The young lil' Divas always look better in my clothes than I do. AH!
My sister always says, "Thank God you didn't have a boy! You'd make him into a drag queen in less than a year." DAMN STRAIGHT I would. Where do you think I learned how to put on liquid eyeliner so well? The Queens of NYC baby! Beads, makeup, showtunes, guys that don't want to have sex with you....What's not to love?

BTW, Happy Birthday sister dear!

I'll keep you posted on the parties and the trinkets.