Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dissaproving Kitties

I am thinking of doing a book. I think it should be called " Disapproving Kitties " and should be filled with pictures of Freaky Venus Seaweed, with captions, describing her view of the world, and her general disapproval and , overwhelming desire to destroy it. Not sure where I got the idea, just came to me.....

( I slay myself!!! Kudos to Sharon Stiteler and Disapproving Rabbits , still time to order for the Holidays! )

Things are well at the Spooky House on the Hill. I won't be getting up my driveway until spring, but I have figured out the Evil Parking Rules ( more or less ) and have not had a ticket in DAYS. ( ok, so when you go home in the evening , one parks on the side of the street that is the following days date, even/odd. And only hours between 2:00am and 7:00am count. The rest of the time is a free for all. Hmmph. Don't know WHY I had trouble...)

I have been feeling a little odd lately, not sure why. Almost as if Death Rays of Doom are beaming into my head. Hopefully it will pass...

Oh, before I forget, yes, yes, you know how I feel about the HOLIDAYS and the shopping and have to do this , have to do that of it all, re-read Malena's rant if you have forgotten . ( Personally, I like to do the gift thing when the SPIRITS move me, whenever that may be.... ) I am going to wait this year, and do a few gifties for my favorite people in January . Or February. Like I have time right now???? ( and YOU would all be on my list!!!!!!! You might well be MOST of my list! We love you so, Witchy Women and I )

Where the heck was this going????

Oh. Right. Sue...Many thanks for the ...Well, I mean I really like what you sent me. It was , uh, perfect. I have never had a one of, uh, THOSE before. Now I do.

( not a clue, but I put it on my fridge and will take a picture of it. )

I saw something last night that had I a video camera in hand, I would soon be a rich women. Picture a Bengal, and a glass of Sprite ( with intriguing bubbles ) . Hours of entertainment I tell you. Who knew these Kitties could levitate ? I am talking straight up, and then DOWN headfirst INTO the glass. Of course the glass does not immediately come OFF the Kitty, tho Sprite will go everywhere....

( ok, so I don't get out as much as I ought to )

I am for home now. I have finally come to terms with the fact that if I don't clean the place , it will most likely not get done. Then I am for bed. I am having some trouble sleeping tho...I can't get over the feeling that someone is WATCHING me...

Love and Whatnots, Lorraine