Friday, June 16, 2006

Gigs, Shirts and Houses

First of all before I say ANYTHING about my wonderful new house, Paul and I are playing at Charles in Stillwater tonight and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday 7:30 to 11:30, for those of you in the Twin Cities. I know it is beyond hot here, as in 90 or so, but we promise to play nice, cool, relaxing songs tonight. So come and chill out with us!

( I slay myself! )

Second, what is second? Malena has been working behind the scenes with Dan Guy on our shopping cart, so very soon there will be merch merch merch for you to get your hands on! In the meantime, we do have LOTS of tee shirts available! They are black with Lorraine a' Malena and a silhouette of the picture on the front of the web page. Very stylish I must say. We have mens Large, X-large and XX-large and women's Large and Extra Large ( tho I use the terms for the women's shirt loosely, no, I am not going back on that rant again, but come on ! )

If you would like to order before the shopping cart goes up, simply place and order for a cd, and in the comments section, let me know what size Tee Shirt you would like, and I will send 'em on out to you.

And now, thirdly, and finally, here is a picture of the ceiling in my new house! It looks as though we are going to close on Wednesday, which as we all know is Summer Solstice. Isn't that a fine omen? ( I'd say a Good Omen, but I am done slaying myself )

Now I shall go make ice tea and HOPE that we get thunderstorms today, we could use a really big bad wild and fierce storm to cool things off. I hope your days are as fine!

Love and Storms,

Hi All! Malena here. Wow! The last few weeks have been busy busy busy. First, my sister and Miles' sister came to visit, then Kitty had a fabulous photography show. Here are a few photos of our adventures.
We went to the San Diego state fair with Miles' sister Paige. She and Miles are dare devils, riding every frightening hair splitting ride they could...I on the other hand, rode 3 rides. The slide, the ferris wheel and the "crazy" mouse (a child's roller coaster). Yes, I admit to being a roller wus. Hee hee! Got some great photos though!

We had a blast as you can see. Gotta love those haunted houses. I wanted to steal the sign and take it home with us. It WOULD fit in with the TEVES surprise to you LaMies. You're all well aware of what creature of the night we are.

Kitty's photo show was a real hit, and so was she. Lookin' all sexy she was! When people ask if we are sisters, I always say YES! I want to be like Kitty when I "grow up"!

The studio was packed all night long and visited by Rock and Roll and TV hall of famers galore. Nikki Sixx bought one of Meow's pieces...and Molly Sims did too. She was SOOOOoooo beautiful in person. (Cover Girl spokesmodel and Swimsuit Illustrated Cover Model) She was like an elf from the Lord Of the Rings only prettier. We were even visited by a Neil fan who read about the event in his blog. Here's a pic of Sean and I.

He's our newest LaMie. Welcome to our little club honey!

Lorraine and I leave to record on July 1st. I can't believe it's just around the corner. CONvergence is shortly after than on July 7-9th. And, NO I will not have the flu!! Lorraine and I have been listening the to the audio from Balticon. I am unofficially calling it the "Influenza Remix" Hee heeeee
Miles will be joining us for this CON as the Guest of Honor. With him in the audience, I'll be sure to rev it up for Mr. Gorgeous. (How much more could I rev?? I did rip off half my clothes at Balticon while singing I'm Your Man)Oops. But the crowd loved it. CONvergence is sure to be yet another whirl wind adventure thanks to LORRAINE. She's the kick ass funny one you know. She's a closet stand up comedian.

Lots of fun things going on here in Teves-topia. My birthday is Monday the 19th. I am going to be 21 again, with more walking around sense! Mwaaaaa ha ha ha. Funny how that works. Miles and a few hollywierd friends are going to the Inn at the 7th Ray. (Fairy paradise extrordinaire)

Can't wait to see our Boston and Minneapolis LaMies!

Your traveling witchy

Monday, June 12, 2006

New Bath Tub

Made an offer on the amazing Clawfoot Bath Tub today. ( which includes the rest of the house and land ) and I think all will be well and I will soon have my wonderful Witchie House on the Hill!

My head is , of course whirling and I can't much think of things except things like " where do the books go? " and " gods I hate that fridge " and " who choose these colors and how do I re-paint EVERYTHING " but I am truly happy and in love. It's going to be such fun making it all mine!

( Thanks for the info on the make your own bone chandelier , but some things are possible and some , well, I fiddle real good, but make my own bone chandelier ??? Won't happen. I will get one tho with spiders and bats and gargoyles! )

I am going back now to my whirling brain which seems to be saying over and over, " I have a House? I just bought a House?????? "

Love and Land,

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gothic Dream Homes

I can't believe a week has gone by and I have barely even read our blog, it has been quite a week here tho. Last weekend Lojo and I had SO much fun playing, I forget just how good that lady really is. Great news is that we will be playing at Charlies again on August 12th, and we will be doing some shows October thru December, more on all of those as they get closer. I am hoping at some point, to get her on stage with Malena and I, which would be a truly great time, add in Emma Bull from my Flash Girls Bandd you have , I believe ALL of my fantasies coming true at once. ( at least the ones I am publicly admiting to )

Since I see it already out there on the web , I thought I might get my own news in, yes, it's true, I am buying a house of my very own. I think I may have found the house, a lovely Victorian place with a wild back yard where I can make fairy gardens to my hearts content , and have chandeliers with skulls and spiders, not to mention FINALLY getting my collection of skeletons out of the closet (kid you not, that's where I keep them ). Malena is going to come out later in the summer and help me decorate with all the sorts of cool things we both love, she has taste that girl.

I have already picked the spot for the hot tub, very important thing, for any Gothic Dream Home and the bath tub is a CLAW FOOT BATH TUB. ( how perfect I have a bandmate I suspect has claws on her feet too. And fingers for that matter. ) It is NEAR the cemetery, but sadly, not right beside it, which was a feature I had been keeping towards the top of the list , but the wilderness backyard, tin ceilings, and TWO fireplaces more than make up for it.

No idea yet about Ghosts, but one can't have everything.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have my very own Witchie House on the Hill. Keep your fingers crossed!

Love and Dark Houses,