Friday, March 17, 2006

St Pat's Day

In answer to the question " Is it possible to play a 13 hour gig on St Patricks Day" I would say, well, yes. Tho it aint't pretty. The last six hours or so will get rather surreal, and , speaking for myself, one needs some serious Melissa Etheridge for the ride home. ( try SKIN and LUCKY )

I can tell you that the pain involved will get bad, but that it will go away after a while, and you will enter a place where there isn't anything much besides set, break , set, break.....At times you will think, food , water, food ,water.....Is that chocolate?

I can tell you that it is your audience who will give you the strenth and the energy to make it, and it is your friends, and the people who come to see YOU, ( you know who you are tonight ) and who stayed with you, that gave you the strenth to make it thru this. They are the ones who made it wonderful, and magic, and weird and wild and wonderful. Who made it possible. I thank you. All of you who where there and with us.

Driving home I had thought of a lot more to say. Now, not so much.

I think I'll call Malena and ask her to sing me to sleep, our Nocturna will be up. And I will get up tomorrow and do another gig, this one four hours.

Walk in the park , that one.

Happy St Pats to you all!

Love and weariness,

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St. Patties Everyone!

Cats and Rabbits, would reside in fancy little houses....
LA is sunny and wet. My wildflowers are sprouting! Yeah! I love LA weather.

Guess what? Lorraine will be here on Sunday. Yes, we are working on Balticon stuff for all of you. I got new samples of the Nocturna shirts today. We're planning a full on LaM party of Malena proportions. I hear Balticon is having a Masquerade. Costumes and ME go hand in hand. I'll bring the make-up and spiderwebs baby! Check out the Balticon Blog for details.
Is anyone bringing a video camera? If so, WE LOVE YOU! If not, we love you anyway. hee hee Ohh what evil plans we have brewing in our brain. Yes, that's brain, not brains. Lorraine and I even had the same dream last night. Yeah..Wouldn't you like to know! Hey, webcam conference anyone? I'll talk to Miss Fabulous about when.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd on a different note, I need a piano player! It will be a Jessica Rabbit goes Goth kind of gig. Lots of oldies and blues. NO LaM music though. That's saved for when Miss Fabulous comes to town. If anyone (in LA) wants to play backup for me, email me and I'll set up some dates. Yeah baby!

So that's about it for my jazzy blog this evening. I'm off to find Miles. He's probably out howling at the moon again...or ripping his jacket to shreds. Hey, a werewolf and a vampire? It works!

Music and Magic,

Monday, March 13, 2006

Winter Again

One of the things my Boss was grumbling about as he left last week was how Spring had come to our part of the world, and how he was going to miss it traveling.

It seems Winter is having the last laugh today. This was what I woke up to this morning and it hasn't stopped all day. They say 12 to 20 inches with more possible, it blows so hard you can hardly see anything. Good thing I had planned on satying in today and a Very good thing it's not Friday, which as you all know, is St Pats Day.

Can't wait to get back to LA! Ah, the sun, the warm.........

Now I am going to start digging out the Prius.

See you in the springtime,

Love and snow,