Friday, August 19, 2005

Traveling Malena's and Gigging Zombies

Well Zombie Brain here managed to get the gig times wrong last night and we showed up ( late! ) for the 6:00pm show and found out we didn't play until 9:00pm, so instead of looking bad we looked really really efficient. A little later than I had thought to be up, but a good gig all round, despite the bouts of hysterics that over took us from time to time. I think this band has been working to hard, is what I think. ( the boys maintain that clown noises will turn any Irish Song into a Circus Tune, it was at that point I went and got them whisky )

Tonights show, and tomorrows are from 7-11. I am sure of it. I think. At Kierran's in Minneapolis.

Malena is off to Northern California for a week or ten days, and is not currently online, she asked me to mention, so that if anyone is waiting on a Tee-shirt or any other little goodies, she will send them out just as soon as she gets home again. ( she also has no roaming plan on her cell phone, says Lorraine grumpily, so talking is out as well. I am missing her here!!!! )

A lot of people are asking about the cd and when it is coming out, we are planning to have it done and out by October 15th, earlier if all goes well. I can't get back to the studio until mid-September when my Boss goes off on his signing tour. Me recording with him leading up to this would be Not Good for anyone. It's a very intense thing , the studio, especially since it is only my bits and the Mix left to do, and I need to be able to focus on it and not worry about anything else. ( I'll still have a lot of work to do here, mind you, but it can be done early mornings and evenings ) But Malena is making great progress on the booklet, with Chris Ewen and we ought to be able to finish up very quickly once the actual recording is done, hurrah! No one wants this cd out more than we do! Believe me, I have it all in my head and am DYING to get it down on tape with Adam.

I see on my calender the wonderful Miss Kitty is coming to town next week with Motley Crue! Miss Kitty we miss you and , yes, I will brave the dangers inherent in a Crue show to come and see you . ( Crue and the MN Stae Faire.? Ye gads, and I thought gigging was stressful........)

Love and Zombies and Vampires for All, Lorraine

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Zombie Brain and Itches

Ah, now I am remembering all the joys of doing the Renn Fest. It seems to take until about Wednesday to get my energy and brain back up to speed, I was Zombie Lorraine all day yesterday, tho I did work all day and managed to make a truly wonderful stuffed marrow for dinner. So tomorrow I shall set the world on fire , and then start it all over again on Thursday evening, playing at Kierran's. ( from 6:00pm until 10:00pm, oddly enough )

I am still battleing a nasty case of Poison Ivy , tenacious stuff it is. My doctor, the intrepid Dr Dan , seems to think I got it from one of my cats and givin the locations of the ITCHY OOZING MASS OF DOOM , I would say it is from the cat that I pick up in my arms and cuddle against my chest like a baby every time he comes home from his travels. I also rub my face on him sometimes. It is mostly better except for one patch on my arm. So much for the Country Mouse....

( and yes, I have heard ALL the jokes already. Nothing like having a , uh, Chest full of poison ivy the weekend Renn Fest starts, when one has to wear a , uh, Chest displaying Bodice thing....)

Went for my Butt Reducing walk with Christy this morning already and am now off to make a discustingly healthy salad thing for lunch. I shall work all afternoon on things and then go for another Butt Reducing walk and have some of my wonderful Bison and from the garden veggie sauce stuffed Marrow , work a little more and try and stay awake until 10 tonight.

And , of course, talk for a while with Malena.

Love and Itches, Lorraine

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Home again , home again.....

In the interest of keeping my promise to post more often, no matter what, I thought, now that I am home from all these gigs, that I would hop online here and do a post about my weekend and the gigs and the magic and all of the wonderful moments, and all of the people we made so happy, and tell you every little thing about the past three days.

I may have to condense it a little as I am beyond tired, so here goes, to the best of my ability.....

Played A Lot Of Shows. A LOT of Shows.

Home now.


Goodnight all.....

Love and so much music, Lorraine