Friday, September 02, 2005

Corsets, Cooking and Kitties

Wow. My bandmate is really truly insanely wickedly magicly gorgoeus!!!!! ( And Just wait until you hear her SING! ) I am laughing to myself , as I sat down to write thinking , " Boy, I'm going to feel a Little silly coming on and talking about how well the All New Chicken Stuffed Marrow turned out , after all these lovely corset Shots complete with Swords and Jewals! " Wow. I so want to grow up and be her. Well, after Halloween , we'll be posting some of me too, AND we will have the cd out , THEN things will get exciting.

Lost three pounds this week, largely due to things like Chicken Stuffed Marrow. Tonight is the Famous All From The Garden Salad, and The Rather Ordinary Baked Chicken. Sense a theme here? If there is any chance of me looking that good in a corset tho.....

The one exciting thing that happened was the Universe sent me a wee starving kitten. It looks like a Muppet from a fairy movie made by Henson Films. It head is to big and ears all over hairy. I had been upset the day before reading in the paper that the animial shelter here had over 70 kittens, and I guess the universe said " You want to save one....Here you go " We had declared a halt to any more Kitties ( EXCEPT for Miss Kitty SHE is always welcome , hee-hee ) but this one is so tiny and looks like it could be part Maine Coon Cat and I have wanted a Maine Coon for so many years, that we have decided to be keeping it. Not sure if it is a boy or a girl, but the vet till no doubt have ways of finding these things out next week.

I am off to the Festival early in the morning, for a huge three day weekend. 33 shows in three days. Ack! My poor fingers and arms. It's a great time tho and my playing is on FIRE, recording should be amazing , the week after next. I am having great fun finding trinkets for Malena , in between shows and have been sending her a box each Monday. Last week's was the most wonderful Leather Spider Mask, we so have to get her to do a photo with it.

And the corset...

And the sword..........

Leather and Love, Lorraine

Thursday, September 01, 2005

This corset design was based on the movie Van Helsing. (Miles, aka my Mr. Gorgeous, did the concept designs for the film)

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Spammers Beware! Malena is guarding the castle.....Mwaaaa ha ha haaaaa!

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Here I am playing dress up with the sword from the Conan movie. That thing weighs a ton!

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Sheriff of Nottingham is after me.....

What a funky day this has been, all in all....In case you thougt it was all one non stop glamour and Rock Star Gigging moments from one to the next....Some days you don't feel like you have actually DONE anything, but you know you have been at it since 7:00am . It was certainly one of those days where I never did stop working and never had less than three people needing something from me at any one time.

I learned how important a locker mirror is when one is going into 6th grade.

I wrapped 1700 bookplates in Xmas paper and sent them to the UK. ( had nothing ELSE to wrap them in )

I had a serious issue with the dryer repair man who told me the dryer didn't work as it had the wrong conector thingie , and when I pointed out THEY had installed it in the first place, they told me, well they must have told us to.. ( Who are they anyway ???? )

Found out you could buy Halloween cards still yet in August, which was a good thing.

And I am sure there were many other things that happened, but it wasn't until I heard the POLICE were after me that I started to worry about things......

Apparently the Pay and Go gas station takes the PAY part very seriously. I can't believe I drove off without paying, ack!!!!! Fortunately the nice lady attendent realized I was not in fact trying to pull something over, as I drove right by her and stopped with my licence showing to wait to go out and only suggested that the police call me and suggest that I come back and pay, but talk about Embaressing!!!!!! ( since the car is in my Boss's name they called HIM, don't think there wasn't something to talk about THEN......... )


I am now making my famous ( one hopes, it's a new idea ) Chicken Stuffed Marrow for dinner and then may take a long hot bathe and go to bed.

This would be a very good night for lullabyes if ever there was one.....

Love on the Lam...( as it were )

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Taking over Sherwood Forest

Yeah! I'm done modeling for the week. We decided to get more crazy with this shoot because Halloween is coming. (I'll take any excuse I can get to dress up) So, I wore my bone dagger jewelry, my Zena crown, and one of Miles' Pirate hats. NO, not all at the same time. Although I did try it. Hee hee. If you are into LARP (Live Action Role Playing) or out of the bedroom, you'll love these new corsets.

I do have to say, I can't WAIT for the CD to come out. I can just hear people saying things like,
"Oh, she really CAN sing. I was wondering if all she did was model corsets and blog."
Lorraine will kill me for that last comment.. Oh well, I live to far away for any real flogging to occur. She'll just make me sing an extra song to her at bedtime. I'm good at lullabys you know....

Gigging in Sherwood Forest

I started writing a bunch of comments in the comment section and thought, hey, if I write them here I will have done my Blog for today, poor tired brain dead thing that I am. Not sure if I can remember all of them, but I shall try....

For the people who were wondering about Stephen Merritt....Not sure about him coming to Baltic Con, but his partner in the Future Bible Heros is Chris Ewen and Chris did the music for two of the tracks on MIRROR MIRROR, a Neil Gaiman song called the Dark Sonnet, and an old tune called With Someone Like You, that Malena learned from her Grandmother. He also found us our Wild Piper Boy, Then, and recorded the bagpipes for Isabel. I'd love to talk him into coming down.

Kitten at Baltic Con??? Hurray!!!!!! This is going to be a Party!!! Just heard from our editor friend at Tor Books, Patrick Neilsen-Hayden, that he wants to come down for this too. The music just got way way cooler! Adam and Patrick backing up Lorraine a Malena?? This show will go on all night! With a Corset Party until Dawn , so all the lovely Ladies fo the Night will have a chance to lace up and do some dancing. Or Something.

Looks like we are all BIG fans of Lisa Snellings artwork ( ) and I just got an e-mail from her asking me if I would post this...She is doing a book called Tiny Stories , 100 word short stories , and they need a few more for it, so here is the info...

( I have given up trying to actually link anymore, there is something missing in my brain I think )

The Strange Bunnies and other cool Things are from Cat Grey , check them out at We met at a World Horror Convention some years ago, I saw her work in the show and went wild , she thinks like Malena and I , that one does........

So, what else? Oh , yes, Tommy Lee's reading. Well I can't do much about that, but I will say I had a wonderful time at the concert last Friday with the beautiful Kitten. Everyone on the Crew made me feel so welcome and the fireworks afterwords were magic. We all stood right under them as they went off only a couple 100 yards away and let them rain down upon us. As far as the show went the coolest thing was all the pyro and the dancers, they made me REALLY want to get fit and take up dancing again!!!! I was not , however, inspired to pose for Tommy's Titty Cam.

Hang in there, Kitten, I can tell it's a brutal tour. You need to go out with someone like, um, ABBA or Lorraine a' Malena, hee-hee and not these Bad Boy boybands!!!! And do call Malena for some advice, she is very wise in regards to energy work and healing and such things and likes nothing more than to help out as she can.

Well, there you have it . Kitten is off on the road with Motley Crue , Malena is taking over Sherwood Forest, like some sort Nocturnal Demon of a Maid Marion no doubt, and I am a gigging fool spending my weeks trying to recover enough to do it all again.

Life is good.

Music and magic and I love you all,

Monday, August 29, 2005

You put the lime in the Coconut.......

Good Evening everyone. I just got off the phone with Lorraine. We giggled and talked about all things magical and musical. (big surprise there) Then, she asked me to do some energy work for her. I said I would start RIGHT away! Then, right before I hung up, I said,
"If you smell Coconut, it's the brownies I made" I don't know why I said it, it's just what came to mind.

Then she said,
"Malena, my cat coconut is right beside me! I guess you're already connected"

We're just like that. It's easier to do "energy work" for someone if they are receptive to the idea. I know... I'm as Adam Stemple says, "Quite MAD" but hey, everyone is if you look close enough. I just wear my excentricities where everyone can see them. He ehee
It's the quiet ones you gotta worry about, right?

I am getting ready to do my best Maid Marion/Robin Hood imitation for the Fall Alter Ego shoot. I want to be extra edgy for this one. You see, I do dark and seductive better than I do blonde and cute. But, you knew that! I'm a TEVES girl after all.
Oh, speaking of all things dark and lovely, I found the best spider site today. It's called
It's got all kinds of photos. Creepy, yet beautiful at the same time.
Nature is funny that way.

Oh, I found out what the book was called that Miles is doing. It's
Demon Hunter
Oh yeah. Illustrated to perfection too. LOTS OF artwork. More on that later. We already covered all the windows in our room.....I must at least pretend to sleep. Mwahhhhhhh ha ha haaaa

Quite Mad Malena