Thursday, August 07, 2008

Now we know.....

I went back to the Fair after work to see if I could find out what this mysterious Penguin was all about and what on earth the class it won a ribbon for could have BEEN.

Ah yes of course. It has won a ribbon for "Best Decorated Vegetable." Well, that certainly clears up a lot of nagging questions. Except for perhaps what sort of vegetable it , er, WAS.

Here is the Arrangement that got the Grand Best of All Ribbon...

Aren't two of those, that's for sure....

I met the best band today. Well, not met exactly, but the drummer, Temim, from the Shondes, dropped me a note to chat about music and Bengals, and to let me know they would be in Minneapolis September 14th. After hopping on my newly upgraded to subscriber status LastFM, and listening for a while, I wrote back and by the end of the day we were fast friends.

They are completely their own sound (my favorite kind of music) sort of a mix between post-punk, classical and Jewish music. Kind of. We are doing some cd swapping, and I can't wait to hear the rest of their music. They have an energy I can really get behind. And Fod's own gift to fiddlers on the violin.

Keep your fingers crossed, I may have found a home for Ginger and Sabrina! THANK YOU again,everyone for all your love and support in helping me. I had 5 inquiries and offers, the only problem with each of them being the travel distance.

Hopefully they will be with their new friend soon...

Love and music,

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

That's The Way To Do It!! Hurrah For The Bees!!

Let's just start right here and take the suspense right out of the way!!!!!!! Yes, that does seem to be the BLUE ribbon on OUR pot of honey!!!! I am so proud of our Bees! Not only can they MAKE honey, but they can make award winning honey!

Here is another shot of the Award Winning Honey with some other winners...

And of course, one of me with all the winners! This has been an amazing 15 months for me, having gone from have a fear of Bees bordering on Phobic, to working with them, hand feeding them, stealing their honey, and now winning a Blue Ribbon. Just goes to show you...

For a day that started like mine did...Yes, this is a good story, tho not perhaps, a ringing endorsement for adopting Bengals. Lying in bed waking up this morning, I heard Kitties in the room, and called out to them, without crawling out of the covers, as one does...

"Kitties come the bed..I'm awake...What are you doing? It....Kind of...Sounds like..You are.... taking the screen off the window and going out onto the roof!!!!!????"

Darned if the fiends hadn't managed it.

MIM: Look! I can walk the ridgepole!!!

ME: Get your furry butts back in here before you fall and break all your kitty legs leaving me with vet bills of doom!

MIM: Ok....Sorry...Right...Coming in now...

VENUS: No. You Suck. I like it out here. And I spent a lot of time taking that screen off while you were sleeping.

ME: Venus, darling, don't make me come out there...

VENUS: I believe that why???? Look, I'm a gargoyle!

And so it went...She came in (ok, was dragged in when she got close enough for me to reach her, she was right, I sure wasn't going out there for anything) and my day got busier and spiraled downward, a seemingly never ending, never trouble free project I have been working on, collapsing like a house of cards yet again, leaving me in near meltdown mode, using language that Venus herself would have been proud of.

But then I got a Blue Ribbon.

And the world went right again.

And now I am going back to the Faire.

Love and Blue Ribbons,

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bengal Rescue

My two fostered Bengal girls are ready to find homes and go out into the world. If you know anyone who wants them (they come as a set) send me an email, or contact Great Lakes Bengal Rescue...

These are two, female, spayed and (sadly) de-clawed Kitties. One Spotted, one Marbled. I have had them for three months now, and they have changed from being scared, lonely cats who hid from people in terror, to being friendly, inquisitive, social girls. They need a quiet home, and someone who will have the time and patience to gain their love and trust.

The adoption fee will be significantly less than what is quoted on the GLBR website, as we do need to keep them together, and are looking for a very special home.

(if these won't work for you, please consider any of the other wonderful Kitties waiting for a home...)

Bengals are a hybrid cat, a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and an Egyptian Mau. The are considered a domestic cats, and are in no way dangerous. They are, however, a LOT of cat. Very, very smart. They love water, and many can be taught to walk on leashes. They will make you laugh for hours at a time, and are very social, tho not in general, lap cats.

They are almost hauntingly beautiful in person.

And if you win their hearts, they will love you, totally, forever.

My thanks, truly, to my Boss, who took the photos of the Ever in Motion Kitties, with a reluctant camera, and set up the slideshow for me.

Love and Kitties,

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