Saturday, February 18, 2006

Le'range for LaM

I found the most perfect fruit today at Trader Joe's. They call it a "sweet meyer lemon" I call it a Le'range. It's a mix between an orange and a lemon. Talk about the best of both worlds. These little Le'ranges are right up there with Sorrel from Neil's garden. Hey, Miss Fabulous! When does that blessed little plant show itself? I miss eating it. Sorrel tastes like lemon and fresh spinach missed together.
It's been rainy and cold here. (Ha ha)Yes, I actually wore a jacket today. But spring IS here. The jasmine is blooming and the lemons are almost ripe on the tree I planted last fall.

Lorraine is off entertaining the masses tonight. LUCKY GIRL. I will refrain from calling her a buzzard. hee hee I am making some brownies for Miles and working on our merch for Balticon. Kitty, Nora and I are cooking up some fabulous finds. Jewelry, bags, shirts, potions, etc. etc. For those of you who are going, email me your shirt size. We want to outfit everyone in LaMie gear!!

I don't know if any of you read my "how to manifest changes" blog on my site, so I thought I'd share it with you. Here on the LaM blog, I don't write much of the "woo woo" stuff. But, Lorraine liked this one so here it is....

In January we focused on ending old patterns and starting new, more positive trends. In February, we need to focus on preparing our lives for the new. Expect what you've been focusing on to manifest. We must prepare our bodies, our minds and our spirits to be receptive to positive change. I'll put it into 3 steps for you.

1. Believe! Believe you are worthy of what you're asking for. Believe it IS possible. Believe in the unseen. Remember, spirit is by nature spontaneous. You never know HOW heaven will deliver but it does...if you believe it can. Our views of "what is" can be very limiting to our growth. Step out of your paradigm this week. Little changes bring big success.

2. Expect! Expect you WILL feel better, expect you will get a better job, etc. Believe in the end result and expect it. Accept nothing less than the most positive outcome.

3. Attract! When you believe and expect "it" will happen, you begin to attract people into your life who can help you. Energetic "magnetic" attraction. There's really nothing "magic" about it. Magic is just a word people use for miraculous things they don't understand. Have you ever noticed when you're in a bad mood on the freeway and everyone around you seems to be driving like psychos? That is a good example of magnetic attraction. We attract people around us who have aspects of our personality, our hopes and our fears. Everyone around you is a reflection of yourself. (What you love, what you hate, what you fear, what you are, who you were, what you want to be) You attract what you think about. Very simple.

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Last nights gig was just another pefectly wonderful time. The sort of gig where anything can happen, at any moment and most likely will. ( They ought to change the name to " Callhan's Crosstime Saloon" anyone remember Spider Robinson? ) It was our first time as a trio, and it will not be the last. If one is going to play pub music, this is the place to do it, and the people to do it with.

Here are a few " magic moments" from the night, sorry we can't set them to the music, which was actually quite good, if I do say so myself.

Here we have Johnny covered in girls. ( he made Paul take about 50 photos to make sure he got a "good" one.....)

And to give equal time to Paul.....

Now it's all about the ladies!

A Cowboy moment between the boyos. Clearly, it is now time to go home.

Love and Merriment in the Pub, where ever you are....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Danth Guyth Rockth

Now I am completely speechless! You will never guess what just showed up on my doorstep ( or maybe you already know, sneaky bunch you are ) , Well, it is a Dance Performance computer dance machine thingie!!!!!

From Danth Guyth!

Dan, what do I say??????

( oh, wait, I got it )


I have always wanted one ever since I heard of them a few years ago, I thought , what a wonderful form of working out, one could stomp and dance away and lose all track of time and have a whole lot of fun. What an amazing and unexpected gift, I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to try it out, wish I didn't have to gig tonight. I'd say " you shouldn't have" and you shouldn't have, but I am really so happy that you did!

Yes, there will be photos of my stomping. Perhaps I will even take it to LA next time I am out there, and try and talk Malena into stomping with me. ( no, I am pretty sure there will be no photos of that ) Thank you Dan Guy. I owe you a favor. ( a Really Big Favor for you Neverwhere fans )

It is cold here. Not chilly, not nippy but COLD. Right now it is -5 , and falling to -20 tonight, and the wind chill now is -45. For you folks in California that means it feels more than 100 degrees colder than you are now. I don't get cold in California. Ever. It is so cold here, with this wind chill, you can't dress warm enough to stay warm. Not that we are going to tromps, I am talking house to car to grocery store.


I am trying to figure out a way that we can play this show tonight remotely. We could three way call the bar, and they could leave the phone on the stage, and anyone who wanted to could pick it up and have a listen whenever they liked.

Of course, WHO is crazy enough to come down to Stillwater with the -20 temps to listen to a fool of an Irish Band??????

I'll see you there tonight. You're my kind of crowd.

Love, Dancing and Warm Fuzzy Blankets,

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Birthday Speech, of a Sort

I had the most lovely Birthday yesterday, thank you so everyone for all your wishes, I think all they came true.

The day started nicely enough with the Weather Service issuing a Winter Storm Warning. I have been complaining that the east Coast has been having all the fun, so I guess it was a case of ask and you will receive , at least on ones Birthday and then a long black velvet riding coat , that I had forgotten I had ordered, arrived..

I then saw FOUR hawks and a bald headed eagle on my way to the grocery store, ( that's some kind of raptor energy going on! ) and at the grocery store filled my Customer Cash card up ( when one does, one takes it up and they scratch off the silver to see what you have won, between $1 and $1000 ) and I won a dollar. ( wouldn't it have been a better story had I won $1000????? ) had a lovely Birthday Talk with our poor sick Creature of the Night and went off to my trainer, who as it turned out, was also sick and could not make it. ( my kind of Birthday Workout! )

Band practice , with Johnny and Paul was , as ever, lovely fun. We have a lot of new songs, and I think we will have a LOT of fun this weekend playing as a trio at Charlies. ( Friday and Saturday 7:30 to 11:30 ) They gave me a cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday. Our dart game never happened, we got to the Half Time and found out St Domminics Trio ( who are a quartet, go figure ) were playing and they didn't even wait to finish their song before they were calling out for me to go and get my fiddle.

I do love sitting in with them. They are all really really good players, they do a lot of Van Morrison tunes , and I learn so much every time I play with them. We took a lot of pictures, but sadly, none of them seemed to have turned out. I am going back next Wednesday to play with them again. Darts are over-rated.

I thought a lot about past Birthdays this year, many of them with Johnny, and with Paul these past few years, lots of gigs, learnng to ski, mostly wearing a tiara ( which is funny when one is learning to ski ) traveling to Mexico and Hawaii, being with family. I thought a lot about last year, on my Birthday.

Malena and I hadn't actually met at that point, that was still a month away, but we had been talking non-stop since the start of the year. I went back and read some of the e-mail from that time, and we had already formed the band, and were starting to get the website up and plan the CD. And our first meeting. She was already my best friend. ( a lot of people found this kind of strange, we didn't. We knew. )

She made me a dress for my Birthday, and called it a Goth Snow White Dress, there used to be a picture of me in it on the photo page. It fit perfectly, and all she had to go on were my most in-expert measuring skills. I love that dress. There were bath salts, and potions and a tarot bag and all sorts of things. She knew me well. Still does.

And now we are here.

I have so much I want to do this year, so much I want to manifest and bring into my life. I want more music, and fitness, and more people in my life, as each and everyone I meet seems to make it all richer. I want to take everything further and be everything I ever dreamed of, if that doesn't sound silly.

I can't wait to see what happens with Malena and I this year.

I hope you will be there, too.

Love, music, magic and Birthday Speeches,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Lorraine

Sister Moon, won't you be my guide..........
Yes, these are the eyes of Lo. Watching us from Dream Land.
Make sure and leave a comment for Lorraine today. She's 25, again today. he ehee
I'm still coughing up a storm. So, party on today and pretend I'm here.
I want to hear about all the fun stuff you are doing today Lo. I can't wait for you to get your LaM doll. WE LOVE FAB-Lo, We love Fab-Lo. (As the crowd gets louder and louder) Fab-u-lous Lorraine! Speach, SPEACH!

I'm your biggest fan Rainbow Brite! We love you! And you look great for 25!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lorraine a' Malena

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

I wish I had a cute picture of Malena and I to post for you, but I'm all out. Maybe she has something that would be fun for today. ( one can only hope she doesn't try and top yesterday's, silly girl! )

I am having a lovely day here, listening to Miss Kitty's V-day mix cd and opening things from Lisa ( who left yesterday and still we weep ) and Kitty. Once I get my work done I am going to settle down and sew their V-day gifties. Lisa gave me the most beautiful art ever, and Kitty an entire box to make my Crafty things with. I adore them both.

I am all about girlfriend gifties for V-day, and forget the flowers and chocolate, these ladies are getting PILLOWCASES and bathe salts, which I recently learned to make.

Malena called yesterday after she opened her V-day gifties, and apparently I can sew after all. She loved her bag with all the jewels, and didn't seem to care my seams were not, uh, matching up all over the pillowcase.

I am also making Big Sexy a Batman pillowcase. I may have a new career going on here. Once I get these done, I am going to start this tote-purse thing. Prepare to become amazed as the days go by.....

Malena has the current Plague that is going around , poor dear, we may not hear from our Nocturna today, but I send her, and each and all of you my love and hope that your day is as sweet as mine .

Love and Hearts, ( Beating and alive! Today at least )

Monday, February 13, 2006

Introducing..The Fabulous Lorraine

Claudia who? Cindy who? There's a new supermodel in town so more over Linda E.!
Our own Miss Kitty took these shots...without me! Oh the pain of separation, DarlinG! Doesn't Lorraine look great. Sexy Lady! "Ohhh, She's a brick HOuuuuussee!"
And for the grand finale.................
We have the Deva of all Divas bedroom photo, for all you Fab-Lo fans out there.

Remember, I'm her best friend/bodyguard... along with Hans. So unless you want me perching on the top of your house at 1 am waiting to devour your evil flesh, you'd better mind your manners with Miss Lo. Mmmmmmmmmuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaaa. Hey, she looks haute, I thought I'd remind you who's boss here. Someone has to keep the family jewels safe. Oh how I love to be Nocturna. Guardian of the Innocent.