Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wearing of the Green

Happy St Pats Day!!!!!!!!!

I am off for the Big Day!!!!! Nine hours of playing! Oh, my poor fingers!!!! Oh , for the Unicorn Song!!!

Now, what the heck am I going to WEAR??? Oh, for Malena!!!!!!

Have a great day, where ever you are celebrating! And remember, green beer is not a good thing. Stick to Guiness.

Love and Shamrocks,

Friday, March 16, 2007

Webcam Concert , Anyone?

Quick post before I am off for Day #2 of the St Pats Marathon! Day #1 last night was a whole lot of fun. AND I learned a lovely fact last night about Charlie's Pub......

The whole Pub is a wireless Hot Spot, with an open wireless network.

Doesn't THAT open up some possibilities??????

Dan Guy??? I think we might be talking about some things. Not for this weekend, but soon...

On the cat front, Fred is fine , apparently. The vet could not find anything wrong, and on the way home he proved to me he could , uh, in fact, well that what we thought was the problem, was, uh, not a problem. Misty the poor mangeled cat was meant to have gotten her kitty dreadlocks combed out, as my last groomer did, but instead they shaved her. Badly. But on the bright side, she seems much happier without all the knots hurting her, and is as cuddly as one could wish in a cat.

Had a nice talk with Chris about the new cd, which is very very close, and it looks like he really will be coming out to record in a couple of weeks!!!!! The Hera cd of our concert is on it's way as well, and we will be giving it a listen as soon as possible.

Send some good thoughts out for me these next couple of days! It's going to be WILD. ( Elizabeth from Dreamhaven who was there last night, says she is coming tonight and ALL day Saturday. She may be as crazy as we are! ) And send some out to Malena who is off to shoot bad guys all weekend in a schedule every bit as mad as mine is!

Love, Music and Movies,

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weird Cats and New Websites....

Playing with Hera was wonderful fun. Thank you to everyone who came down for the show. She had a great time and can't wait to come back. Which she is going to do, we have decided! Thanks also going out to our own Miss Kitty the tour manager ( sorry I forgot to tell you the PA stayed put before you hauled it all out while Hera and I were lazing around our changing room! ) and to Paul , for his help, and to Mark for recording.

We will get the mixed copy of the show in a few days, I think, and after we have had a chance to listen to it, we will decide on a Plan, either posting a song or two or doing up some cd's.

All of my pictures of the show, that you haven't seen are on another computer, so here is something completely different for you! This is Hera's cat Brjann , with a stuffed Bat hanging above him. Only in Iceland.....( I did tell Hera, however, that she no longer wins the " I have the weirdest looking pet" contest, since poor Misty got so mangled...)

Ah, wait one little moment! Here's one of Hera and I hanging on Paul. He doesn't look unhappy, now , does he????

Speaking of Paul and Lorraine, Paul and I have exciting news! We have given up trying to think of an actual band name and , with the help of Malena and the Web Elf, have set up a website! ( actually " Help" implies Paul and I actually DID something, and it was all them, all of it! And they are very, very good! ) here you go: It's still in progress and will most likely change about, but if you want to know where and when Paul and I are playing, this is the place for you.

Another addition to the schedule for St Pats Day too! Being completely crazed, we have taken ANOTHER gig. This one is at a new Pub in Minneapolis that isn't actually open yet, but received permission from the city to be open for one day. We will be playing there from Noon to 3:00pm, then off to Charlie's from 4:00PM to 1:00AM. I don't know the name of the Pub yet, but I know some of you like only the Minneapolis Gigs, so here is your head's up, I'll be adding it to the schedule as soon as I get the info , over at

I fear St Pats Day......Send me prayers and energy!!!!

Have a great time this weekend, where ever you are!!!!!

I will leave you with the Before and After photos for poor Misty. All condolences will be passed on as soon as she is talking to me again.

Weird Cats, Music and Magic,

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some more Pics and The Poor Cat

Here's a few more pics that our little Movie Star Vampire, who is wide awake yet, says I need to post, and then I am off to BED! All by the Wonderful Miss Kitty. We had a truly wonderful time tonight, and I will be a but more detailed tomorrow , but thought you might like to see a few anyway. Yes, that is my poor , sad , cat...

Love, Sleepy and Music,
Lorraine, Kitty, Hera and Malena

Pics coming soon

Hi Everyone! Here's a pic of Hera and Lorraine. Aren't they gorgeous? Like two northern goddesses. Look at that glow around them. (Thanks to Kitty's amazing photography skills.) I miss them so much.
Love you all!
"actress" Malena, singing her lines to remember.....