Monday, April 04, 2005

Go west...

It's been a week since Malena went back to her home in the West. Darn house still feels empty without her , even tho she left all sorts of fun things for me to play with...Corsets, which I can't get into on my own, make-up that looks great when SHE puts it on me but becomes possesed by devils when I try and do it, and a bunch of skirts that I have promised to bring back to her...( Right. Someday. She hopes. )

And practice tapes, lots and lots of practice tapes. The photos are a lot of fun, but the music is magic. It was really hard to go back to singing and playing over the phone, and writing via e-mails. Together is so very much better. When you hear Malena sing over the phone you think " Wow. She's great. Best I've ever heard. Amazing " When you hear her sing in person, she is much much better. Much. It's hard to think, stand, breathe...She doesn't SING about banshees wandering a graveyard, a ghost of a beautiful maiden dead to early for love, hit records down in hell, or a vampire lonely in the dead of night. She BECOMES them. Really. I could go on.... Fortunately for all concerned, if the practice tapes are any indication, this talent of hers translates just fine, thank you very much, to tape. And CD. We think it's going to be a mighty fine bit of music in a couple of months, this MIRROR, MIRROR.

This weekend I go West myself, to spend some time out in the orange groves with Malena . ( I made that up, the bit about the oranges. I have no idea if there are orange groves. One can hope ) We will have the weekend to work on more songs, make more of these little tapes and get just a little bit closer to CD time. Hurrah!!!

Been long enough apart I say and if I seem calm and cool and collected, not excited, just another, ho-hum, weekend with my bandmate....I will tell you now I KNOW how wonderful it's going to be, and I could be dizzy with it all. Very dizzy.

We've also been hard at work on a Lorraine a' Malena Store, which we will be talking more about in the weeks to come.

As well as the music.

Music, Magic and Goodnight,