Thursday, April 06, 2006

Leprechauns and Such

Ye gads what a week, I have missed you all! I wish I had some fine and interesting tales of magic and wonder for you, but it's all been work , work, work and gigs on top of that. Paul and I have been having a fine time playing at Charlie's Pub. Not sure HOW it happened, but currently our name seems to be " Living on the Edge With the Leprechauns" Hmmm, you give and audience enough whiskey and just see what they come up with....

I actually kind of like it. That or " The Leprechaun Band" They are both just silly enough, we didn't want anything stupid , like the over the top Celtic-new age thing, no Comac's Dream or Morrigan Fey or, gads, people were coming up with lots of weirder, playing in a pub duo is a lot of fun, and that's what it ought to be, one can't take it too seriously. I think we are doing a full on live CD this summer as well, which we are going to call, in yet another creative whimsical moment " Live at Charlie's "

( oh, and in response to Malena's comment about the Unicorn Song, of course I will play it for the Children's Time at Balti-con, but in a pub it is going to COST you! I have my pride.... )

Malena and Kitty I see have been the merch Queens these days! And the chat room, as soon as I figure that out , that will be some fun. I can't wait to do another big chat with Malena and I on the webcams. I think I am back out there after the 22nd.

Someone had asked about making Indian food faster, and I have a couple of tips. Buy a copy of " Indian restaurant Cooking at Home " they have a recipe for Curry Sauce where you make a huge pot of the basic sauce and then freeze it on one cup portions, it can they be used for many different things, tho they all end up tasting differently, it's easy tho just to grab a bag out of the freezer and cook with that. The other tip is make a lot. It really doesn't take so very long, and it tends to be better the next day.

On the make-up talks I don't have much, hee-hee, that's Malena's area. She did get me to start wearing the Bare Essensials things, which I do for gigs, but I can't woo-woo like she can! Anytime you see a really great photo of me wearing Stunning make-up, that would be her magic. I would say too if I was six foot tall and could I would be wearing the long gowns and glamorous things that she does and perhaps not the little school girl skirts, tho I do like them, just got a great grey plaid one with skulls on it. I am short. Short legs. ( and I like ponytails, says rainbow bright! )

Ok, that's it for this working girl, way to much to do here in the North today. My seeds came from Tomato Bob's. ( best heirloom seeds going, google them for the website ) and I am going to plant the tomatoes of Doom today . Paul and I are at Charlie's this weekend , if you are in town, and next Wednesday , I am at a new Pub in St Paul with Bedlam, more info on that as soon as Big Sexy gets it to me!

Love , Leprechauns and tomatoes,

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Thanks to the LaMies

What a talented group we have here! Kristina, one of our beloved LaMies, made these darling spider rings. Of course I said, "Send us a few honey!" Who could resist 7 legged spiders?
Danth Guyth made us our NEW info form. So, when you sign up to be in the LaMie fan club, thank Danth. He's also working on "LaMieChat" A wonderful little chat room JUST for LaMies on OUR site. LaMies UNITE! I'm excited.
Ravyn is working on her spiderweb airbrush techniques. Soon, she will have all sorts of spider-ific accessories to share with us. RIGHT Nora? Can't wait. Hey, I'll be your model. Bring some samples to Balticon and we'll take photos. (Everyone....bring a camera and get ready to party) Super model, WORK!

We're very excited for Balticon. I've even BEGGED Fablo to sing the Unicorn song with me for the children's program. Considering she plays it in the pubs ALL the time, it was a grand gesture of kindness for her to say, YES! Kind of like Tea and Corpses. Another song I will NOT LET DIE. Ha haa. I really love that song. We're going to be singing lots of Neil songs at the CONS.
Can't wait!!! I'm working on our costumes as we speak. Lorraine doesn't know she will be wearing a SHORT school girl skirt, corseted boots, and a leather corset..ok, ok..tank top. But, hey..that's what the blog is for! This way, I can embarrass her in public and still live.

Kitty and I went out last night to her art show. One of her pieces sold before the show opened! What a bigshot photographer she is! The front window of the tattoo/gallery was filled with skeletons and taxidermy. God, I wish I had my camera. I thought of Lorraine and my LaMies. You would have loved it.

And off the subject, have you seen this?
For more info go to:
Regardless if it's real or not, it's DAMN cool!

Music and Magic,