Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Adventures You Never Thought You Would Have

I have posted a lot of photos here in my time. And had a lot of photos taken in my life. On stage, or in wonderful clothes, or with the Queen of Haunted , Spooky and Way, Way too beautiful Malena. Two hour make up sessions followed by four hour photo shoots. But never, I think, in my life have I been prouder, happier and more satisfied with a photo of myself than I am with this one:

Yup. That's little old me. With Bees. Lots and Lots of Bees.

You can read all about the full Bee Adventure HERE where Sharon, the Hot Birdchick blogs all about it, and tells the tale far better than I ever could. Scroll down a bit, there are two entries. ( there were, after all, two hives )

I will say about it tho, I am not the same person. Bees can change you. Bees can make you see the scariest things you have ever carried around deep inside you, the ones that wake you in the night, sweating and in a panic, unable to go back to sleep. The ones that haunt you and make you run from any and everything.

And Bees can heal you. And wipe away your fear. And make you strong, whole and happy. And un-lock the secret place deep inside you , where you never knew you were.

Bee therapy.

Who knew?

Love and Bees,